Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fewer jobs, more wars

Fabrication, Fabrication, Fabrication

Who said the country is fundamentally sound just two days before Wall Street failed? John McCain.

Who wants to keep sending our kids and grandkids to Iraq, still spending billions of dollars on a country that has about $84 billion in it's reserves? John McCain.

Who wants you to pay taxes on your health insurance while the wealthy get a free ride? John McCain.

Who is going to stop being president when there is a crisis? John McCain.

Who is going to run Congress and Wall Street if John McCain becomes president? John McCain's friends.

Have John McCain's friends felt the hurt of the economic instability that is hurting so many average people? NO. Let's remember he said we are fundamentally sound.

Barack is just another guy next door. He understands hardship because he has lived it.

Barack is one of us. All of us. He's for us and with us.

Register to vote today..young or older. We have to say yes to the Obama/Biden ticket.

When should one be disqualified from running for our first and second offices?

Why wouldn't McCain know we were broke when he said we're fundamentally sound? Is it because he is so wealthy that he knows nothing about being poor?

Why would John McCain postpone his campaign because of the Wall Street bailout? With the bailout or not, wouldn't we still need a president coming this November?

If you want McCain to feel and know what it means to be a part of Main Street, boycott Budweiser. (I'm a MGD man myself.)

Do you know that it is your money that keeps the McCains living high and mighty?

Do you know who was the CEO at Silver State Bank? It was Alfred McCain, John McCain's son.

Silver State Bank closed by the FDIC.

Why is Sarah Palin being kept mostly in restaurants? Why is John McCain speaking for her when she is asked a question? Think about it.

Is it because McCain knows he made a big mistake in choosing Palin and he's afraid what may come out of her mouth next? That woman may be the mom next door, but not the typical mom next door.

If you are not registered to vote, miss school, work or whatever you have to do and register today. Or click here to get information on how to register to vote on line. If you are a Republican, an independent from Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, or any other state in America, vote for the Obama/Biden ticket. Do this not for you but for your children and grandchildren.

Register today, and stop drinking Budweiser. Drink some other beer from a distributor that is struggling.

Please do this for your grandchildren, my people.

Captain Aaron Hughes seems to get away with a DUI

People of Elko, Nevada, do you know that Captain Aaron Hughes of the Elko PD was drunk when arrested for trying to steal from the mines? Do you know that the sheriff was mistreated for doing his job? Do you know that this was not Captain Hughes' first time stealing from around Elko and the nearby area?

How many have been arrested by him and other police officers for DUI and stealing? Did they get special treatment like him? People of Elko, Nevada, don't let him get away with it. Hughes should be about justice, not corruption.

Do you know that in Liberia, West Africa, when a police officer was caught stealing he was put to death, no questions asked?

Monday, September 29, 2008

George W. Bush, Paulson, and fat ass cats on the hill, where is our money?

$1.2 trillion gone in six hours. Iraq has about 84 billion dollars in reserve and Afghanistan has three billion in reserve and we are picking up all of the tab. How stupid are the people who represent us? How stupid? They all should be fired, including John McCain for trying to mislead the American people by saying that we are economically fundamentally sound and by postponing his campaign to go back to help fix the bailout mess.

He has been a part of the gravy train for over 26 years. And shouldn't he have been able to try to become president and work out the bailout at the same time? It is very scary that he would walk away from his campaign for a few days to pretend that he was going to Washington to help fix the problems. As we all know, he was not even on the Commerce Committee. That alone should say to us that he is not ready to run the White House and Sarah Palin not even the kitchen. How come almost every time they show Palin on the news she always is in eating situations? Even licking on a coffee cup. Is this supposed to make us think she is down to earth and just the mom next door? Is this what the VP job is going to be, feeding her face and talking about things she knows nothing about? Education, intelligence, being smart, and financial smarts are all very different things. I give her the education and won't go any further.

She makes us look stupid to the outside world. Don't you think America has many other intelligent females? Don't you agree with the Republican for keeping her away from the press? It is not that she don't know the questions. It is she doesn't know the answer. What is going on here? No one dislikes her and her family. Don't you think we need intelligence, education and class for such a job?

What is wrong with you people? God nor any other higher power is going to come down and slap sense into your heads. Please VOTE for Obama. He is the best thing we have out there.

I speak to all Americans, do not VOTE for any of those congress people who have greed and kid's mortality. If you do, we will be in a bigger mess. And you will end up homeless and penniless with metal problems. Like if most are not already there.

Do you think that even if this bailout went thought it's over? Hell no, my people, this will take many years. What about those who are retiring about now? What about the 84,000 who are unemployed right now?

Should President Bush resign right now along with the entire congress and Wall Street greedy pick pocket fat cats?

Why is the bailout conference being held behind closed doors? It's our money, and this should be open to the whole nation. Can you believe that these fools are asking us to trust them again? They must really think we are stupid or have us all fooled.

Is it a disgrace to have Sarah Palin empty head all talk and trying to get into the second highest office of our country? Haha. Is this a circle? Wake up and smell the coffee. Your sons and daughters are depending on us to make this okay for their tomorrow.

What more signs do you need to see that we need to look at Obama and not McCain?

Nancy Pelosi too is irresponsible. She too cannot pretend that she did not know that we were going down the tubes. I bet if you check all of those greedy fools you will find out that their finances are intact.

Should it matter what she said, it's the truth, isn't it? But it was not the time and place for it. And should those who got upset and refused be put out of office?

When I think about how crooked Elko, Nevada is it makes me sick, but now I understand that the entire justice system there learned from the best. They all have to go. I speak to you all my people, they all had the chance and blew it by taking away everything that most work for. My people, they have to go. Obama is the MAN.

I say to all young people of America. If you are eighteen years and older, you need to register and VOTE. You are the ones who are being stuck with this bill. October 4th is the deadline to register. Do your research and vote for Obama/Biden.

Good news

The House has voted to reject the so-called Wall Street bailout bill. The bill was opposed by a large number of reps from both political parties in spite of the fact that the leadership from both sides of the isle supported the bill.

More on this later.


Stop the housing bailout


This website outlines a good case for why this so-called bailout should be stopped. Under no circumstances should the rich fat cats on Wall Street be given this open-ended $700 billion commitment from the federal government. Once again, the average American taxpayer is being screwed royally while the rich people who got us in this mess in the first place are making out like the bandits that they are.

Please go to the above website and learn what you can do to try to stop this obscene bailout program. Please let your elected representatives know that anyone who votes for this will not get your vote in November.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

WARNING: this may be the scariest 47 seconds of video you will ever see.

Neither Obama nor McCain have the courage to take a stand on the Wall Street bailout

I'm an Obama supporter, but I have to fault both him and McCain on this. It's ridiculous. The economic future of this country is at stake, and where are they? They are both missing in action.

Bad behavior being rewarded

The bad behavior of those who got us in this financial mess is being rewarded. Do you think we should ask them to return the millions in pay, bonuses and all the free perks that they got?

If we reward Wall Street for this bad behavior, we are saying its okay. Most who do terrible things learned it from their parents, mentors, and close friends. It is not okay, my people.

Why sympathize for those very wealthy people and not for Main Street? If this is going to work, which I doubt seriously, don't you think that Main Street needs a complete breakdown of the funds that they want to give to Wall Street including the payback method?

Don't you think that the young people, our children and grandchildren should have a say? After all they are ones who will be stuck with this bill.

Do you think that if this goes through, we will be adding $700 billion on to the already high deficit? Pretty soon we will owe China enough for them to totally own our country. I guess we had all better learn to speak Chinese.

Do you think Paulson and the others again know something we don't know? Is this the last of the gravy train? Do they want to fill there overflowing pockets one more time?

This what I think... Let's give each American citizen $10,000 from that $700 billion that they want to give to the fat cats on Wall Street. Let Wall Street fail and we can all start over. Everyone can use their $10,000 to their best advantage.

Third world country citizens are not involved in the economic market and I can tell you that many of them make it just fine. They are passing down property from one generation to the next and buying cars and building homes on their low income. Why can't we do the same? Are we just too damned spoiled?

Have you noticed that we Americans usually pick up most the of other country's bad habits and not the good ones?

Do you know why most foreigners who come into this country make it and many of us don't? Do you think it is because they save, save, save and we spend, spend, spend?

Why do we Americans have to go to a bar/pub seven days a week and eat out seven days a week? Can't we cook once a week and freeze food for a week? Do you know how much money we will save?

I heard once that a wealthy American had a golden toilet bowl. Give me a brake. Does shit know whether it is being flushed into a golden shit pot or onto leaves?

Now we got Russia and Venezuela to worry about.

Do you think Russia has influence in Latin America? Well thank God we got Alaska Governor Sarah Palin watching from her backyard to keep Putin out of our air space. She knows so much about foreign policy just like how John McCain knew that our country was fundamentally sound. Should there be some kind of law that says if you don't know what is going on, can't see that millions have lost the homes to foreclosure and that major banks are failing, gas, food and major essentials are unfordable, that means we are fundamentally unstable and you are not qualified to be president?

Tell you the truth, John McCain is blind to all of that because he knows nothing about making ends to meet from pay check to pay check.

Another serious question that I have is , don't we have enough wealthy Americans who can all put something together and come up with this bailout if it is really necessary? Or is the bailout for them too? Warren Buffet is leaving his estate to charity. Bill Gates, Oprah, President Bush, his father, mother, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Huntsman, Sr. and John McCain, etc, etc; they all can come together and raise $700 billion in a heart beat if they want to. Oh, lets not forget Paulson and his group too.

Why do so many other countries hate us so much?

We got a lot to think about. Huh

Obama press conference

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who won the debate?

Who won the first presidential debate overall? Did Obama stand his ground on sitting down and talking with foreign leaders? Did McCain really explain why the wealthy should get a tax break? Who was more sincere? Why did McCain try to put Obama into the Bush group when he McCain has been a part of it for 26 years?

Do you think that Obama should have been more forceful about what the Wall Street $700 billion bailout is going to do to his presidential budget if he is elected?

One thing I liked about what Obama said was his call to work to extend Internet broadband to rural areas. It is just unacceptable that so many of our rural residents only have access to dialup or over priced and technically challenged satellite Internet in this day and age.

Whom to vote for

If you don't want your daughters, sisters, and mothers to get paid the same as a man for doing the same work, vote for McCain

If you want the middle class and poor to have poor health insurance, or worse yet none at all, vote for McCain.

If you want to have a president who will tell you that our country is fundamentally stable, knowing that even the bank that his son Andrew McCain was the CEO of, Silver State Bank, failed just a few months ago, then vote for McCain.

If you want someone who cheated on his sick wife with a very wealthy woman and got a marriage license even before his divorce to his first wife was final, a man who only thinks about the wealthy, vote for McCain.

If you want to have a two faced person representing this country and making yours and your children's futures uncertain, then vote for McCain.

If you want a woman for VP who is very smart, that enjoys killing animals, and breaks the law for personal reasons, vote for McCain.

If you want to have Todd Palin as your First Dude, to use him just for his good looks, vote for McCain.

If you want your sons, daughters, and other loved ones to have to fight unnecessary wars, vote for McCain.

If you only want to be a blue collar, middle class, poor person living pay check to pay check, going without the essentials, just to keep a roof over yours and your loved ones' heads, vote for McCain.

If you want to keep buying Budweiser, making the McCains more wealthy every day while you drink yourself to illness and won't have the medical insurance and finances to get well, vote for McCain.

If you want someone who has over one hundred and fifty million dollars and could not financially help his own campaign, like how Hilary did, and keeps saying "country first," vote for McCain.

If you want taxes to be cut for only the wealthy and you be stuck with bailing them out every few years, vote for McCain.

If you want a fast talking pretty lady for VP who thinks that living next to Russia gives her all of the foreign affairs experience that she needs, vote for McCain. She has said on national TV that Alaska keeps Prime Minister Putin of Russia out of American air space and that McCain has this 26 years of foreign policy experience, but could not give one example, because she has no idea of what she is representing, vote for McCain. She is s woman who is paying herself for living in her own house. Oh, maybe she is part of the present Washington.

But for me and all of my loved ones, I do not want those things. I want my daughters to get paid the same as their brothers. I want them all to have medical insurance and to be able to make ends meet, and to be very smart, but intelligent too.

I want my sons and daughters to continue to not look at the color of their skin.

I want for every American, be it Russian American, Muslin American, Buddhist American, atheist American etc, etc., to feel and know that they too are Americans and can run for all offices without having to go through all of this red tape of skin color or religion.

Hate is in all races and we all, including the Asians, etc., etc., must understand that no race is going anywhere, and we all will continue to share this planet. We can keep fighting and killing each other off, and we can keep cheating and trying to think that our shit does not smell and that we all are not human and equal in the eyes of who or whatever is responsible for us being here.

Open your eyes, our ancestors tried the race card. It did not work. Instead we are where we are today. I guarantee you that in the next twenty years, all races of Americans will live like they do in small third world countries where they try to respect other races and get along.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your money, last to know it's gone

I have been telling my close friends and loved ones for a couple of years to stop the over spending. Save your money, the government is not telling us everything. Some of the answers I got were "it's just a dollar. I really like it, my parents are leaving me an inheritance. I will start saving next year etc, etc."

Over eleven banks have failed already and your bank could be next. Do you think your bank will call you in advance to let you know that they are failing and you should come and get your money? Maybe. Do you think you will get a notice in advance saying that the ATM will be out of money? I doubt it. Think about a few years ago. Some banks and credit unions would allow you access to your direct deposit a couple of days before your actual payday. Than they stopped that policy. Now it comes even on the third of the next month.

My people, even with the $700 billion bailout, we are still in the same mess. It will take some time to get it though the system. And knowing our government and the greedy people (the my pocket book first crowd,) the taxpayer would be the last to get anything out of this. Why will the big bosses still be wining and dining and doing most of the things they have been doing with your money?

Let's not forget it's same people who got us in this mess who are now getting the $700 billion dollar bailout. Huh.

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? All of the money that was sent there, where did it really go? Are we being told the real truth, or this this all just politics, politics?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How stupid we are? Stupid, stupid, stupid

Help me see the logic.

Buy Colgate toothpaste from a high end outlet instead of Walmart, Smiths, Winco, Costco etc, etc. The logic there is very stupid. Buy clothes from high class clothing stores instead of Walmart, Kmart, etc. The logic there is stupid as well.

Get your hair cut for forty dollars or more instead of a fifteen dollar hair cut. Stupid logic.

Going to a bar and buying a beer for two or more dollars and leaving a one to five dollar tip really is stupid.

Work at a fast food job or just at minimum wage making up to one hundred thousand and fifty dollars income, but spending in high end outlets instead of low end is stupid logic. Ok this one buys the same brands of toilet paper from a high end store for more rather than at a low end outlet. Asshole stupid.

Sarah Palin meets foreign heads of state

Sarah Palin meets heads of state from several countries. Will that give her foreign policy experience?

Maybe. I have traveled all over the globe. I have met a couple of presidents and the first ladies in my lifetime. I can say they were close friends of my parents. I had a president visit my home while campaigning for office. So this gives me foreign policy experience? I guess... I never thought of it that way.

Worthless mortgages that Main Street has to bail out

Why do we only have one week to come up with 700 billion dollars? Wait a minute, don't tell me that Wall Street didn't know for months, or years that our economy fundamentally was very unstable. Well maybe they didn't really know because they hired Paulson, the ex CEO of Goldman Sachs, who might also have to be bailed out. Or were they all filling their pockets before dumping the bill on Main Street? Paulson could not run Goldman Sachs effectively, so can he save Wall St. How stupid are we? Now Paulson wants us to bail out Wall Street very cleanly.
Ha, ha, ha, what have Wall Street and the other big banks been doing? Ripping off main street dirtily? So let's sell stocks to China or whomever, and use the money to buy worthless pieces of shares from these banks. Some have already lost their homes and have had to move out. The houses have already lost their values. What price will Wall Street pay for these houses, the over priced value that the poor people were talked into or the worthless present value?

We are in trouble my people. We have put all of our trust into useless greedy high ass fools. Country first my ass. Shouldn't it be my pocket book first?

I really think we should take all of those big bosses' money that they earned illegally. And let them move into a ghetto area for ten years. Don't you think that is fair? I do.

Help me figure this out...700 billion dollars to bail out worthless pieces of paper?

Do you think President George W. Bush and all of those responsible will loose their retirement benefits?

It's something to think about.

Something has to be done. Main Street did not cause this disaster, but my people, for the children of the future, we all need to do something. But not with those fools.

Will the American people actually elect Obama?

With all of the problems that the Bush Administration has left this country with, you would think that Obama would be up twenty points in the national polls. But he is not. The Real Clear Politics average of all of the major national polls today has Obama only up by 2.5 points, which is within the statistical margin of error. So what gives? Do you mean to tell me that with the economy in meltdown mode, the war in Iraq chugging along with no end in sight, and with a woman who is barely qualified to run a PTA meeting running to become a heartbeat away from the presidency, Obama can't even have a statistically significant lead in the polls? And if you look at state by state polls you get the same picture. Neither candidate seems to have an inside track to the 270 electoral votes needed to win. It's that close but yet logic would tell you that it shouldn't be.

In my opinion, there can only be one logical explanation for what is happening in this campaign. Racism is regretably still alive and well in this country. It is more subtle than it used to be but it is still there. And that is just plain scary. We may well see an election that is decided by the Bradley effect. And if that happens we will get a 72 year old man who has had cancer three times paired up with probably the least qualified VP since Dan Quayle. This looks to me like a tragedy in the making.

People have got to wake up and smell the coffee. McCain will mean at least four more years of Bush's failed policies, and frankly, we can't afford that.

So those of us who believe in Senator Obama and who trust his leadership have got to get out there and work our butts off for him and try our best to see that old man McCain doesn't get near the Oval Office. The stakes are just that high. Race should have nothing to do with this. If racism defeats Obama then it will be a sad state of affairs for this country, and maybe we will deserve what we will get with the Republicans still in power.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Major corruption in Elko County court system

Here is another reminder about Judge Memeo. If you are an Elko County voter, do not vote in November for Judge Michael Memeo who is running for re election to the county's district court. He is as corrupted as one can get. If you want change like how both presidential candidates are saying, you should not vote for Memeo.

The Colbert Report - How dare you?

Is main street responsible for the economic melt down?

Why is it in every situation the one with the least money always ends up paying the bills? So many have lost everything they own and the little bit of credit they had has been destroyed for their entire lives. They have no job, no credit, no home and mostly a bare future to hold on to. And the big boys and girls have just been going on their merry way saying in so many words that they (the poor) brought this on to themselves.

What brought on the misfortunes of AIG, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc, etc? Was it greed or stupidity? When there were problems with the California State budget, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that all state worker pay rates should be cut back to minimum wage. Why? Was it the job of the state workers to pass the budget, or shouldn't the state legislators do that. Why not cut back the bloated pay that the legislators get? Were they the ones who were getting paid $1,200.00 a day for barely showing up for work? In fact why did governor Governor Schwarzenegger get to be the California's governor? Think about it. He was an actor and people voted for him because of what they saw him do in the movies. Do you think some of these people really think he could do the same in real life? Ha ha, it's not funny, but many of them did think that and still do. This man refused to live in the governor's mansion. He has to fly back and forth from Sacramento to LA almost daily. Who do you think is paying for that? I have news for you, it's not Arnold.

Why should main street bail out Wall Street? Main street did not make millions of dollars and get free passes to places that they will never see in their entire lives. Some of them don't even own any form of stocks or savings bonds or a 401K or an IRA.

I tell you what, let all of those big boys and girls on Capitol Hill give back their bonuses and cut their salaries in half for ten years. That will help a lot.

I have told this story so many times. Once at the airport, when I was about to board my flight, a host came and escorted me through the crowd saying, "you shouldn't have to stand in line." I asked why, he said a "famous basketball player like you." When I told him that I was not a basketball player, all he could say was sorry. So I gather that if I were a famous basketball player or one of the big bosses on the hill I would get a free pass. Huh..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheaters and liars

Ones to be careful of are those who tell a lie and say "I am sorry," but that does not change the fact that a lie was told and meant not be discovered.

If you cheat on your wife, saying sorry does not change the fact that you did.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once a liar, always a liar.

It takes a lie to cover a lie. Never trust someone who has lied to you once. A cheater is a liar, a liar is a rogue, and a thief could become a murderer easily.

Elko man's life could have been saved

A local Elko, NV man passed out in local bar, the Silver Dollar Club at 400 Commercial St. in Elko, NV. Help was not called until after an hour had passed. The man died two days later at a local hospital. Was it negligence on the part of the bar? What really happened there?

Should bartenders be required to know the difference between whether a person is drunk or having a heart attack or a stoke?


Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity

I usually usually don't ever watch Fox News because of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. But I needed to watch to see what Alaska Governor Todd Palin, sorry, I meant Sarah Palin, had to say. Ha, even Hannity made a facial expression when she once again said that she killed the bridge to nowhere. Do you think that Sarah Palin's mouth needs to be glued together with crazy glue for the rest of her life?

Would it be right for Todd Palin to have access to the nuclear code, especially when he was a member of a group that wanted Alaska to be it's own country? You know he will, if Sarah his wife becomes vice president.

Do you think McCain is happy with his VP choice? Now he wants to take action against Washington and fire those who caused all of these financial problems. Huh, do you think he has a mirror anywhere in his reach?

I agree with Obama. We are in a terrible financial mess and to fix it we all need to work together.

Isn't it sickening to learn that just not the uneducated poor got loans that they couldn't afford? Do you think President Bush got some loans too that he can't afford?

Do you think George Bush's retirement should be withheld along with all of the big boys and girls on the Hill to help pay off this trillions of dollars of debt that they brought our country? What about the sports center in Alaska that Sarah Palin had built on land that Alaska did not own? Or was it Todd Palin's idea?

Some say Obama is an immigrant. If being born in Hawaii makes you an immigrant, what about McCain? Did you know he was born in Panama? All of our taxpayer money is going overseas to help rebuild Iraq and many from New Orleans are still homeless. Do you know why the government is spending billions of dollars to help Iraq? Iraq has over 80 billion dollars in reserves in a NY bank. It's just sickening.

The financial bailout is for who, really?

How many main street home owners have already lost their home and everything? Now when the banks and many wealthy people are facing some financial problems which are a drop in a bucket for them, suddenly the Democrats and Republicans are so concerned. Why should the tax payer bail out those high ass rich people? They got main street in this mess. Or was it main street's fault for doing what they were told was the American dream? I don't think so.

Why is no one is questioning why Todd Palin is so involved in his wife's job? Is he the real governor behind the scene? Or is it his good looks that the Republicans are using? Either way, he is not Alaska's governor and should not be using tax payer money for his ideas. This is very scary what is going on up there.

She's not even the VP yet, yet Palin has changed from saying the McCain/Palin ticket to the Palin/McCain ticket. LOL.

Have you listened to her speak? Can you see right through her like I do? She is a notorious lier. I think she must be related to Joel and Janine Vega of Elko, Nevada.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let me see if I have this correct

This is really something.

I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight.....

* If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you're "exotic, different."

* Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, a quintessential American story.

* If your name is Barack you're a radical, unpatriotic Muslim.

* Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you're a maverick.

* Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable.

* Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you're well grounded.

* If you spend 3 years as a successful community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran's Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience.

* If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you're qualified to become the country's second highest ranking executive.

* If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within Protestant churches, you're not a real Christian.

* If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you're a devout Christian.

* If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.

* If, while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state's school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant , you're very responsible.

* If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family's values don't represent America's.

* If you're husband is nicknamed "First Dude", with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn't register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable.

OK, much clearer now."

Click here for the source of this quote.

Obama is not a Muslim

I don't understand why some still think that Obama is a Muslim. People read, do your own research and stop believing hearsay. Obama is no more a Muslim than you are. This is the reason why the younger people are taking over our country and I am glad we have them, because we are in serous trouble with all of the they say. They read and do their own research. It's not like people of the older generation who are still going by "they say." Give me a break. Stop making us look stupid to the world. We do a good job among ourselves. They laugh at us.

I met a 65 year old woman the other day who told me she thinks Obama is alright, but the Muslim thing is a problem. I asked her what makes her think he's a Muslim. She said "they say" he is a Muslim. I couldn't help but ask who are they say? She said it is all over the place. She later told me I have voted for every Democratic president we have had. That's all I need to know because I am a Democrat but that Muslim is not getting my vote.

Ha, ha, ha, ha

Bush says he's working hard on economic turmoil.

Now tell me another good one. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures from Obama rally in Elko, NV

I took these pictures yesterday at Elko Park. It was a huge well attended rally even though Elko is about as red as you can get. But Obama might change that. (Please do not reproduce these pictures without permission.)

McCain and his party can't make up their minds

Just a few days ago, McCain said that he thinks it was in the country's best interest to give the wealthy a tax break because they were the ones who create jobs and strengthen the economy. But now since Wall Street's problems have come to the fore he has changed his tune. Now he wants to go after them.

McCain, it is too late. They are all very wealthy and will not face the hardships that the middle class and the poor will. Millions have lost almost everything, but the wealthy people are still wealthy. They will still be able to afford big houses and private planes while the middle class will be joining the poor. For example, Cindy McCain will still be able to keep her nine homes because the poor people will still be stupid enough to keep buying Budweiser that they can't afford.

Obama has said from day one that he would cut taxes for 95% of the working class. Why is Donald Trump supporting McCain? Is it because he falls into the wealthy group and he is one of those who has made millions off of the poor with real estate transactions? It's something to think about.

Why is no one is talking about the sports center that Sarah Palin give permission to build in Wasilla on land that the city did not own. This has cost the city millions of dollars in legal fees and it is still going on. Do you think that this woman is a bull dog that will step on anyone, not just a wolf that gets her own way? I really think that all Republicans need to sit back and look into all this woman has done before voting for her and McCain.

Also take a very close look of her demeanor on TV. She is not telling the truth, people. She is just as corrupt as the ones she and McCain are now trying to turn theirs back on in Washington. I guess that it is a very good thing, because Republicans can see what they all all about.

Corruption, corruption, corruption, and McCain and Palin are a major part of it. Can't you all see enough is enough?

Fellow citizens of America, if you are a Republican, Democrat or independent and vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, you all will regret it for the next eight years.



She also said that when people asked how was she going to be the governor and have a baby she said I was the governor and had a baby. But she failed to say that she hid it for many months. No one knows what really causes down syndrome, but I guarantee you that the stress from the governor's job had some influence on that baby. She didn't give care necessary for the baby's safety.

Look, she is using even her children to get this VP job. Her son is going to Iraq. Her 17 year old daughter got pregnant and her youngest daughter is putting spit on the disabled baby.

I think Palin is intelligent, but she is just not the one for this job at this time. McCain made a big mistake there.

Please listen and vote for your children's futures.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vote against Judge Memeo

If you live in Elko, Nevada and want change, do not vote for Judge Memeo.

He is for only himself and his friends.

Boycott Comforts of Home; it's owner Cliff Ezell is a crook. More to come on this story.

The best man for the job should be president

Most political comedy shows are fair and very funny. McCain and Obama have both gone on Saturday Night Live acting funny. I think it is a fair game.

Saturday Night Live is a comedy show using politicians. Don't you think that the whole of America needs some laughter at such a time?

I think that everyone should vote for who they think will lead us out of the mess this country is in. Listening to Sarah Palin, I don't think she can. And I think McCain is too involved in Bush's mess and is war crazy.

Do you think we should stay at war just because he was a prisoner of war for five years? Isn't that personal? I'm sorry that it happened to him. But many others were in prison also and that doesn't necessarily qualify them to be president.

Don't you think that whoever wants to be president at this time should be able to fix the economy? We have to identify with a problem in order to be able to solve it, but McCain doesn't even think that we are in a crisis. He is very out of touch.

She's not really a pig :-)

Sarah Palin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who can make some for us?

People make no sense

Barack is a funny name, but Trig, Track, Willow and Bristol aren't? If you talk to none English speaking people, they think McCain is also funny. Which college did the "First Dude" of Alaska graduate from? Is it true that he was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the United States of America?

Why is the First Dude everywhere you see Sarah? Is he her FBI protection?
Will he have access to presidential records of our country like how he does with Alaska? Why do confidential government records from Alaska have to be cc-ed to his computer? Remember the "First Dude" has no college education. Will he understand the language of those highly sensitive documents?

Why is no one saying anything about Todd Palin's presence everywhere with his wife? But they had lots to say about Bill Clinton with Hillary? Are there really so many stupid people out there?

An apple will fall close to the tree

Children grow up to be what they were taught by mama, daddy and their grandparents. Captain Hughes showed me pictures of his children when I visited him. It was a very nice family. I could tell he really was proud of them. Do you think that they know about his actions? Did they witness his stealing and mistreatment of others?

Janine and Joel Vega's daughters know all about what Joel and Janine did to Mr. Molbert. They know that Roy Molbert did not leave his estate to them. Will they grow up thinking that it is right to steal? Their parents did just that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good cop bad cop

I haven't come across one good cop in Elko. I'm sure there has got to be at least one somewhere. Why so hard to find? If Captain Hughes gets off all those who have been mistreated by the cops, then they and the family should write to the governor for justice.

Captain Hughes told me that he did not have any interest in the neglect of Roy Molbert by his stepdaughter and husband Janine and Joel Vega. How much do you think he and ex chief of police Mike Smith are or were being paid by the Vegas? Come on, it can't just be the fishing and golfing. All will come out one way or the other. Enough is enough, crooked cops.

Out of Janine and Joel Vega's mouths, Greg Corn, their attorney, was making a forture out of Roy Molbert. Greg Corn is another well known crook who is practicing law in Elko, Nevada.

Chad Thompson's day is coming too. They all will be exposed. I'm so glad that both McCain and Obama have promised change. We all need to hold them to mean change.

Do you think Janine and Joel Vega will ever be brought to justice? I am positive they will. All that is done in the dark will come to light. Ask Captain Hughes.

I have received many emails from people asking me to focus on the corruption in Elko.

I bet if you check that group spending habits, you be surprised to know they spend much more than they earn. Are they that lucky at the slots machines? Referring to Chad Thompson, Joel and Janine Vega, ex chief of police Mike Smith, Captain Aaron Hughes, and the list goes on.

Believe me there is much more to this story that will blow you away, and it is coming. Enough is enough.

Captain Aaron Hughes' trouble with the law

Should Captain Hughes get off for attempting to steal? Think about it, if it was just a street Joe would they get off? Hell no, they would be in jail right now.

Isn't it a crime to lie to a law enforcement officer? You would think of all people Hughes would know better than to lie. I am not surprised because of his and my one on one conversation. This guy is a pro when it comes to making up stuff. He changed the police report of the officer right in front of me and gave it to me saying it's the same thing you just said.

I can bet that the internal investigation has gone nowhere since then. He has been too busy stealing from the mines. I bet it was not his first steal.

In all my visits to Elko I am still waiting to meet a good cop. I requested to speak to the new police chief last week and I have not heard from him as of yet.

All those who have been mistreated by the Elko Police Department should write a letter to the governor.

One of the crooks who run Elko

Elko Police Captain Aaron Hughes will make his first court appearance on October 14th of this year to face burglary charges. He is on paid leave right now from the department and he is not in jail.

He is the same officer who told me that he had his father "neutralized" when he had cancer, and when I was battered by Officer Diaz he told me that his officers would never do anything like that. Little did I know at that time that Hughes himself would be arrested for burglary.

It makes one wonder why Chief of Police Mike Smith resigned. Could it be related to this and other major crimes that the Elko PD is hiding from the public?

Hughes to have first court appearance.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Angel Lake pictures

These are some pictures that I took at Angel Lake near Wells, Nevada when I took a trip up there during this past Labor Day weekend.


That's progress for you.

Misjustice in Elko, Nevada by Judge Michael Memeo

"The arch of justice bends inevitably toward justice."

Do not vote for Elko County Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Memeo, incumbent, on November 4th. This judge was one of the three judges in a civil case that the appellant recently brought against the Comforts of Home store in Elko, Nevada that has sold a defective pellet stove and refused to replace or fix it for free. Memeo's performance was very unbelievable. When he entered the court room after the bailiff said "all rise," he focused on the respondent and his wife by saying "hi" and making small talk with them. He was laughing and asking "how are you doing" right in front of the appellant.

The respondent did not follow the court rules by writing a brief which the appellant should have responded to. The appellant did write his brief. Was that grounds for awarding the case to the appellant?

Judge Memeo said to the appellant "you did not bring any witnesses." How funny, the appellant was told at the lower which Judge Kacin presided over that there would be no hearing and no witnesses would be allowed. The appellant followed all of the court rules. But what a surprise the appellant got in court!

Should Judge Memeo have recused himself from the case before the court date knowing that he was friends with the crooked pellet stove dealer?

The appellant had pictures that proved his case. Even the store employee testified favorably for the appellant, saying that the panel control box had problems, and Cliff Ezell, the store owner, agreed with that.

The case was about a pellet stove bought brand new that did not work. The customer complained from day one and tried to get Comforts of Home to replace or fix the stove.

They came over a few times and could not get the stove to work. The customer had a few other pellet stove repairmen over and they all said the same thing that it was the panel control box.

Don't be surprised, but the defective stove has two a year warranty which is still active.

Judge Memeo's son was arrested recently in Salt Lake City for attempting to rob a gas station. If Memeo can't even take care of his family, then what kind of a judge is that?

Judge Memeo's son arrested in Salt Lake City

I wonder what Judge Memeo is doing on weekends? Is he playing golf or is he taking the time to spend with his kids? Maybe he goes hunting with Cliff Ezell, Comforts of Home owner.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good luck & Godspeed to the residents of the Gulf Coast

As I write this at about 7 PM PDT, according to news reports, the coast of Texas could be in for a very grim outcome tonight from Hurricane Ike. There will be a massive storm surge as well as strong, destructive winds. The National Weather Service has warned residents near Galveston that if they don't get out, they face "certain death."

So let me take this opportunity to let the residents of this area know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. May God grants safety to all of them.

Damon condems Palin

Obama/Biden 2008

Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival

This year the Ruby Mountain Balloon festival begins in Elko, Nevada on Friday, September 19th. It should be a really good show.

Above is a picture that I took at last year's festival.

New Orleans needs to not be rebuilt

Should storm ravaged New Orleans be rebuilt? I don't think so. The government needs to buy the entire area and level it and leave it for nature. Give the poor assistance in relocating to other areas to live. It will be a hard decision to make, but no one should have to worry about losing everything they own once or twice a year. Our government can find millions of dollars to help some other counties in the time of need, so what about our own? This is not just earthly goods these poor people are losing, but mental health too. They become poorer every time they go thought a hurricane of that magnitude and meanwhile the leaders get wealthy. Think about it.

Sometimes we need to move on. Think about all of those who had to leave the storm ravaged areas and can never go back. They too lost everything in some cases. The sooner they have moved on it is best not just for them, but for the economy also.

All those who are in control of running New Orleans should be fired. I repeat myself. All of those who are in control of running that entire area are unfit to be in charge. Those poor people went through the same thing this year that they have endured almost every year lately and the leaders are never ready. Is it their job to keep the citizens safe? They throw those poor people into massively unfit conditions that aren't even sufficient for pets. And there is no excuse for this to happen not even once, but two times in three years is ridiculous.

I wonder where was the governor and his family during these times. I bet they were in warm clean healthy areas with decent food and drink and maybe even some high grade wine and grapes. I still get stomach cramps when I think about what has happened in New Orleans.

Lets see what happens in Texas. It's a wealthy area. Will those millionaires be given assistance to rebuild? I guarantee you they will. They will have no problem getting the insurance companies to bail them out. It makes Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae come to mind.

Listen to almost every politician, and they always end with "God Bless America." God will help you if you help yourself. It should be "God bless my pocket book."

All I would need to continue living in a place like that is one experience with a hurricane and the reaction of our government.

I think when natural disasters like that occur, the governor, and all other high powered government officials and their families who are enjoying the most benefits and keep getting more wealthy should be forced to live in the same place that they chose for those helpless poor residents to live. That is only being fair and proving that they care.

I keep hearing of the BIG ONE in California and that Sacramento will be under water because it's in a valley. Is anything being done to prepare for if and when the big one occurs? Do they have plans and a reserve area or state for the millions to relocate to? Are they waiting until it happens so we can have another New Orleans?

Should all areas that are known for major disasters be fully prepared? Should the residents take control of the safety of themselves and their loved ones? Why sit around waiting for someone to help you when you already know they will not? Do you need this to happen to you three or more times?


Sometimes I wonder whether some of these leaders got their degrees way legitimately or through a loop hole. You know what I am talking about; pass on to the next grade whether or not you are ready.

What were some of these leaders' dreams? To be wealthy? To be in power? I guarantee you that if you were a fly on the wall in some of these people's homes and offices, you would vomit from what you will leaned.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Was the Officer justified to taser a man in Southern Florida?

In southern Florida, a black man was tasered after surrendering to the cops. Was that justice? A robbery took place in Southern Florida. The car that was used in the robbery was spotted on the freeway. The man got out and ran through traffic. He could have caused a major accident. He surrendered and had his hands up in the air. Two officers were pointing their guns at him about five feet away. Another cop ran up from nowhere and tasered him to the ground. Was the officer justified to do this action?

There are so many questions running thought my mind. Would that officer have tasered that man if he were a white man? Should that officer be punished for what he did? Why should an officer taser someone after they have already surrendered? Had the running man been proven to have committed the crime at that time? Do officers misuse their power? Why is it that African Americans are treated so badly by officers before being proven guilty?

On a few different occasions I was mistreated by white officers. The first time I was pulled over, asked to get out of the car, thrown to the ground and handcuffed. In a few minutes the cops with me got a call saying the car had been spotted in an other area. When I was let go I asked why I was treated that way, and I was told because they were looking for a red car like mine that was involved in a robbery. "All you people look alike" he said.

I then followed the case. It was a robbery, but it was a white man who committed the crime. And his car was not red, it was a purple ford truck. I was driving a Red Mazda Miata.

Do you think the police department should have given me a written apology? If yes, it is still in the mail.

In the second incident I got off from a train in Elko, Nevada. A white friend picked me up at the train station to drive me to where I would stay. We were pulled over. The cop said my friend was driving too slow. Come on, this was in Elko, Nevada in the middle of nowhere. Instead of asking to see my white friend's drivers license, he asked to see mine. He also wanted to know why I was in Elko. I told him it was none of his business. He give me back my license and said if you want to live in Elko, you need a Nevada license. (He had no reason to think that I was living in Nevada, and my license was issued in my home state of California.) Was that injustice? I can't help to think what it must be like in Alaska for African Americans with even the governor running around with guns.

In the same Elko, Nevada, at the Silver Dollar Bar, the bartender there wrote on a post-it and put it on the wall referring to me as "Tony the tall nigger." I took the post-it to the police station. I was told by the officer it was freedom of speech. In all fairness, it is not freedom of speech, it is hate speech. If anything the white police officer is the nigger, because "nigger" is defined as a stupid person and that officer was very stupid.

In another incident in Elko, another officer by the name of Sergent Diaz and his partner followed me about fifteen blocks, then pulled me over and looked at my license and insurance ID. Then he said to his partner "I wonder whose car is this he is driving?" They took my license plate off my car saying it was not registered and told me I had to show up in court to get it back. He asked me if I had been drinking, and I said no. He gave me the breath test anyways. After three times, I refused and told him to arrest me if he wanted to and that I did not appreciate being harassed. Interestingly, he asked me if I knew the meaning of the word "harass" or could even spell it. I told him you need to take me downtown and give me a blood test because I was not going to blow into the breather anymore. He walked over and spoke to his partner who never came up to me. He stayed about 30 feet from me at all times. On his return he said "Alright Mr. Williams, I don't think you have been drinking. Go to the DMV tomorrow and pick up your license." My name is not Mr. Williams, is he a nigger (stupid)?

At the DMV the next day, they did not have my license. They made few calls and found out that my license was at the Elko police station. I went down to the station to pick up my license plate. As soon as I got into the waiting room, a man got out from behind the glass counter, saying "I'm Mike Smith, chief of police. You were arrested last night." I said no and started to laugh. He said I do look funny. He walked away. Later on I found out that he was one of the most corrupt officers in Elko, Nevada.

I had to post bail of $416.00. It took them four months to reimburse me. I lost $120.00 because of this. I went to the DA office and spoke to Assistant DA Chad Thompson about the money I had lost because of this. He told me "at least you got the $416.00 back, didn't you."

I have many white friends who have lived in Elko most of their lives and they have never had an experience anything like this.

Elko, Nevada's justice system is very corrupted. This includes the district attorney, Chad Thomspon, the chief of police Mike Smith, the police captain Aaron Hughes, lower court Judge Kacin, district court Judge Memeo, district court II judge Puccinelli, and the list goes on..


I think in Elko, Nevada they mistreat anyone who is an outsider. They are afraid that with newcomers moving into their very corrupted town, they will be exposed.

Both candidates who want to be president have said that they will expose this type of corruption. Will that ready happen if Obama becomes president? Will that really happen if McCain wins?

Think about it. Who can really identify with being mistreated in the own country, this great United States of America we call home.

Although McCain did not accept his early release from prison in Viet Nam. Were there any African American solders offered that special privilege?

I even had a Mexican American who was born and raised in Elko call me a nigger. Has he been bred into becoming a nigger (stupid) ?

McCain, Obama, or whoever becomes president will mean change that will be welcomed by most of America.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama picture

I took this picture at an Obama rally last January.

Kinds of education and how to use it

When I watched and heard Sarah Palin's speech at the convention, I was so impressed with her and said "yes, now we can have real elections." This lady is a very tough cookie and could be the first female president of our country. But after listening to all of the major media stations, I think if she became president someday we would be at war endlessly. She is not one to want to negotiate; everything has to be her way or the highway.

I do not find anything wrong with game hunting. But it has to be for the purpose of food and our environment should be protected. Killing animals for fun should be banned.

I think she should take the time she uses to go hunting to spend with her kids instead. I could tell from the convention when I saw her seven year old daughter lick her hands and rub it on the baby's hair. If that was done in public when they should have been on the best behavior, what is that little girl doing at home?

Will the little girl become pregnant at 15 to 17 as well?

Are McCain, Bush and Rev. Wright of the same cloth?

George Bush said a few years ago that Sadam Hussein tried to kill his father. I believe that is one of the reasons we went to war. He did not rest until Hussein was put to death. That is one reason why so many young American have lost their lives. We are in debt over our heads but it's personal for George Bush. What a shame?

Now John McCain keeps talking about his time in prison for five long years, how he was tortured, beaten, and almost died. Is staying in Iraq personal for him too? Why is McCain so war crazy? Is it because of what happened to him during the Viet Nam War? Is that a good enough reason for us to keep frighting and killing off many of our young people? What would happen to our country if we were attacked today and almost all of our military is overseas?

Are you surprised that Sarah Palin wants her son to go to war? I am not. She is gun crazy too and putting her son life in harm's way is like eating a bowl of delicious moose soup to her.

McCain has been over many years supporting George Bush on his polices, but he failed to mention his name during the acceptance speech at the convention. George Bush has announced that he is going to bring 8,000 of the troops home. Is McCain just another Rev. Wright who turned on Obama when Obama found out what he was really about and dumped him?

I believe most of our young people want to live in peace, and they strongly believe that Obama is about bringing peace by insisting on talking before going to war.

What is Obama made of

Barry, Barack, or whatever you want to call him is not a black man. He was conceived in a white woman' womb who carried him to term. Therefore he is a half black, half white person. Those who won't vote for him just because he looks black will be denying Obama not just his white heritage, but his white mother' rights and all his white relatives' blood line.

Who is to say that when a black person and a white person have a child the child is black? Who made that, was it the slave masters who were cheating on their wives with the black slaves that would tell the wives the baby is not white, because it came from a black woman? Was it that because these terrible white men wanted to keep having both worlds with the white wives and having sex with the black slaves? I bet if you check Barry, Barack, whatever you want to call him, he has some of the same blood that his white mother's ancestors have.

If you ask African Americans who live in an all black area who rarely socialize with white Americans, they will tell you other than Obama's color he is white. They say he was raised by white people. And he does not act black. Of course I disagree because there is no such thing as acting too white or too black.

The young people has spoken leaning toward Obama. This is their time, not ours anymore. The future is in their hands and most of them do not see color. Why deny them what they want for tomorrow? After all, they will be around tomorrow when we all are gone. They will rule this country, not us.

Most young people these days do not see color, only some of the old bags who have not given the black race a chance want to keep teaching and promoting hate while one foot is in the grave.

Vote on the issues, not skin color because if you do not, you are denying many not just Obama's change, but the entire country.

Sarah Palin said women should not be able to have an abortion even if it is from rape or incest. So if Obama were an all white man from incest or rape would that be okay?

Yes, Sarah Palin is educated and may be very powerful in Alaska and I agree that she made a few changes there, but I assure you that having her 17 year old daughter parading on stage pregnant with her boyfriend will cause many young girls to think it is okay to get pregnant at 17 and to get married. I don't think her daughter planned on getting pregnant; it was a mistake and Palin is being there for her, but I assure you it was not good news for her when she found out.

Most of these young girls who will be getting pregnant around the country have mothers who are not governor and do not have the resources like Palin does to help.

If Palin were not governor, would that young man be willing to marry her daughter?

I am not asking anyone to vote for Obama, just on the facts.