Tuesday, August 5, 2014


EBOLA, EBOLA, EBOLA! It has been said by most that the Ebola virus does not like soap and water. One has to come in close contact with a sick person with Ebola via sweat or other body fluids in order to be exposed to the Ebola virus. Does this include sex, kissing, hugging or just touching?

Ebola is a disease that really we (scientists) do not know. Yet it is being said that it is a very weak virus that can't really enter the human body if one knows hygiene, keeping clean with saop and water, something that is not hard for most of us and our friends to do. Using public bathrooms without washing hands, sometimes turning on the faucet, letting the water run without your fingers or hands getting wet. What about washing just one or two fingers in a restaurant after having been out there touching just about everybody and everything?

Carrier? We all are carriers in a sense that if we come into contact with Mrs. Ebola and do not practice sanitation (hygiene.)

Please do not take this as a promotion for Kaiser Memorial Cemetery, because it is not. But as an undertaker, as those of you who have dealt with us, we do not allow any above ground burials under any circumstances. The reason is tombs and graves that are above ground are a health risk for diseases. 97% of the tombs and graves in Liberia and I repeat myself are unprofessionally half-way built, not enclosed properly leaving some way for flies, bugs and other hazardous conditions for the living.

We need to educate our citizens to understand that respecting your loved one is not the big show, but a decent respectable burial location for their remains to rest in eternity.

Stop burying in tombs and graves that come above ground to impress your friends knowing you can't afford to give everlasting care.

We all love our dead and want to show it off, but my people, our dead loved us too and want us to go on until our number is called. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene.