Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liberians and churches

Maybe 90 percent of Liberians go to a church or a mosque weekly.

Liberians why do you bother to go to church, a mosque or a pray so
often? Someone tell me my people. Then they walk right right out the
church door and go right back to stealing, lying and doing witchcraft.
Oh no what is wrong with me? Like everything, one needs a break, so
you go to church for a break.

Why does one need to bribe a judge, sheriff or a bailiff to get
judged? Forgot it they are rouges.

So all of you who are walking around with college degrees earned them?
Lets see, there are local places one can go to have a high school
degree, college degree, law degree and almost anything printed. This
too is Liberia my people. Well right here in the USA one can buy the

And this thing about rape, having sex with a two year old girl and
destroying her life forever, or little boys or even old women? Huh..Oh
what the medicine man says for good luck. My people the only good
luck there is for the medicine man is you who are foolish enough to
keep giving your funds to him. And all that church going stuff to go
to heaven? Give me a break you stupid fool. God is not a dump like
you. Think about it.

Funny, I know a few Liberians who have college diploma stating that
they graduated from the University of Liberia. I'm talking about the
baby boomer age group. You damn well know you were given a diploma
because of their family connections or spreading your over used
private parts to professors or to whomever has the connection to get
you that degree. So stop acting like you earned it. Some of us know
who you are. Your parents and your private parts will always have that
dent in them for being used for that purpose. What a secret one has to
live with huh? You too are a completely hopeless poor Joe.

You girl, that car you are driving, how many times did your vagina get
pounded for you to afford it? I forgot maybe just once and you got
the car, but then you can't remember huh?

And young guys, bet your assholes stay wet, loose as an elephant's ass
from all the action it gets while you drive around in a fancy car also
huh? And some of you have girlfriends, wives and other young men as
your mean secret. It's very disgusting people. My people you all too
are rouges.

For Liberia to grow again all need to change their terrible habits.
And you too foreigners. Stop destroying Liberia or go somewhere else.

Liberia has a damn good side too my people!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberians stop stealing from yourself and your country

My Liberian people, don't you all think it is time for all Liberians
to stop complaining about what the president and minsters etc.
are doing that you don't like and focus on what positive impact you can
make for your country? So much is stolen from this country by it's own
citizens daily. Don't you think, I am talking to you common citizens
and foreigners who live in Liberia, it's no joke? Everyone and his
brother spend most of the day trying to get over on someone. Why? Stop
trying to take each other to the cleaners. Get off your lazy assess and
find some form of work or business to do to help yourself. Stop the
begging my people.

Stop trying to get every little thing free. I am talking to you my
people. When a police officer pulls you over for a traffic violation, don't
give that officer a penny. If you have broken the law, justice you
should face. Be willing to pay your fine or go to jail if necessary. But don't
give any crooked cop a cent. Make sure he or she will never have another
opportunity to repeat the action against another person.

What about when you go into a bank and make a withdrawal and find out later that you were given counterfeit money instead of legal bills? Is the
bank teller a good citizen who gave you that money when she or her friends have some form of network running stealing from the public? Huh they are a rouge, no different than the armed robbers who break into one's home and steal.

What about those who make four to five hundred dollars a month, but are
driving a very expensive car and building a dream house that they should not be able to afford on their monthly salary? Don't think hard here my people, they too are a rogue. Well lets be fair now. Maybe they are using their private parts or even their mouth as a money maker. They too are rogues, stealing from the body and while doing so passing around diseases to your brother, sister, uncle, auntie, etc, etc. They are also completely high class sluts and disease factories or a disease warehouse. My people if you are one of those you too are a rouge.

What about the landlord who expects the tenant to fix everything on
a place they are renting to you? You too landlord are corrupted and a big rogue.

If you bought land or a house from someone and later find out the
person you bought from was not the rightful owner and had no right to
sell, my people do the right thing and turn over the property without
a major court battle and unnecessary hassles to all involved.

Think about it, why should that person give away something they too
want and had before you? If you fight for that property you are a rogue
and very corrupted.

Liberians need to stop leasing or selling their properties to foreigners
for little or nothing. Do you know that those foreigners are making millions of dollars off of your stupidity? Don't do it my people unless they pay you something good. Your property has a valve and that is why those people want it. They know they are going to make big bucks while you sit around in the poor house telling your friends you own that place. What place do you own? Oh you mean the land that you have given away for years that your grandchild may not enjoy?

They too are rogues and you are too stealing from yourself and your country.

Say the "F" word to anyone who tries to get your property for chicken feed. Do you know that those foreigners think of you as a stupid fool? Think again my people, this is how they see us, ass dumb stupid loose asses.

What about when you are overcharged? Don't let anyone sell you a lemon.

What about those who have stolen millions from the government,
driving around in fancy cars, spending hundreds on clubs and traveling? If
you are one of those you too are a rogue and leaving stolen money
and property to your heirs. Liberians stop buying eating or doing
business with anyone who you have proof has stolen from your
country. Those rogues stole from you too. Don't give them another
cent. Why do most Liberians think they are qualified to solve other's
problems? Did we all go to law, medical, banking or training in the area
of conversion we try to get into? Why do we stop and listen to other's
conversations? In a way you are stealing private information. That
makes you too a rogue.

You know you could use all that free time to become a real lawyer, doctor, or anything you want .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have been busy

I want to apologize to all of my blog followers for not having updated this blog lately. I have been very busy with ongoing construction work on Liberia's first privately owned cemetery, Kaiser Memorial Lawn. And I just haven't had a chance to do much blogging lately. But I hope to be able to make more frequent updates in the future.

We are having two more burials today at the cemetery, and things are coming along nicely. We are almost ready to start phase two during which we will be installing a state of the art crematory. Updates on the progress will continue to be posted on this blog.

I also intend to post some more pictures as soon as I get a chance to.

For more information about the cemetery, pleased go to the Kaiser Memorial Lawn web site. Thank you.