Sunday, November 28, 2010

ABC News Now’s ‘Don’t Touch My Junk’ Song

This is a funny video, but I guess it's not so funny if you get felt up at the airport.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teenager committed suicide because they are being bullied!!!

Is there anything wrong with being gay or lesbian? What about being a heterosexual who is a complete slut? Anything wrong with either? It is wrong to be interested in the same sex, but okay to be married or not and have sex partners or fuck buddies?

In the Bible it says that a woman should remain a virgin until her wedding night. Ha ha, oh no, the Bible didn't really say that. Does it? Of course it says that. So if it does then all of these so called moral people who are sleeping with women who are having sex when they feel like it and sure are not a virgin on their wedding night are following good morals. What about the men who are marrying these women? Oh, they too have been having sex with men or so many women before their wedding night and think it's okay. But being gay is a sin. Asshole, read the Bible and just use your empty head to concern yourself that if being gay is a sin than being straight is a sin too.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am a "Working Class Warrior!"

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

My Liberal Identity

You are a Working Class Warrior, also known as a blue-collar Democrat. You believe that the little guy is getting screwed by conservative greed-mongers and corporate criminals, and you’re not going to take it anymore.

Take the quiz at Political Humor

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Here's hoping that everybody has a joyous Thanksgiving day with loved ones and friends. Save a slice of pumpkin pie for me!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama's kids go to a top school, what about the rest of us?

Obama only commented on education after he was asked about the expensive school that his daughters go to. Of course all children of presidents should have the best of education, but don't you think that should apply to the entire country's children? You know those politician's children sooner or later have to interact with the real world and all of those half educated ones out there. Let me tell you, the worst ones to have to deal with are the half educated ones...and America has it's share.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Politicians and wealthy people care only about themselves

America has a 14% deficit with no money and the economy at it's worst. There are no jobs and many are losing their homes. Politicians know how to raise millions to run for office but do not know how to raise money to pay off deficits. Very interesting.

My people, the big companies and wealthy people are giving millions to campaigns. Is it for the country's interest or for themselves? What do these politicians have to do for you? Are you buying special favors? Yes you are. Do you care for America as a whole? No you do not.

Politicians, I say to you if you can raise millions to run for office so you can make more to overfill your pockets, then you can do the same for the deficit. If most wealthy people give just something the deficit will be cut into nothing. Yea, but then watch them just run it right back up again.

If we had a Republican president, we would still have most of the problems we are facing. Things wouldn't be any different. Democrats will be saying no not for the country's interest, rather their own.

The middle class and poor also have to play their part. Middle class, stop trying to impress your neighbors, family and friends by over spending all you take in. You are living on credit my people. You are not wealthy. The persons that you are hurting are you and your loved ones.

Poor people, you need to get out there and find something to bring in money. Stop waiting for the government to do it for you. American born people, look around and see who are making it in the USA. It's the Third World people who will do anything to survive. Try being like them when it comes to surviving and you too can make it.

My people, politicians are not there for you and me, but rather for themselves.

Education makes a country, not the country makes education

Why do so many countries just not get it that education makes a country? The more well educated people in a country are the more successful that country is. Don't you think students should be given a major break to get an education? And I am not talking about those who just go to school to collect grant money. I am talking about anyone who really wants too learn to better themselves. I am not talking about those who stayed in school all their life to collect benefits while barely passing.

The educated people in a country make that country much more successful. I don't know about some of the baby boomers. Is it true that most passed without really qualifying?

If you want your country to succeed, invest in education. Invest well in your children and loved ones' education. Don't wait for the government to do it for you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

So much more time wasted on marijuana than on education

Put some of that money that is being used to fight the use of marijuana into education. Do you think that not legalizing marijuana will slow down the use of it? Think again. That will not stop people from smoking marijuana. People in general usually want to do things that are illegal, not what they can do legally.

Why are drugs so much wanted in the USA compared to Europe? Huh, it's because it is legal in Europe. In most countries that allow kids from about five to go to purchase cigarettes for their parents, you don't find massive smoking there. Why is that? Is it because they can get it if they want it? People want to get things that they have to fight for, sometimes kill for.

Legalize marijuana my people. Save lots of money on jail time. We will never be able to stop people from smoking marijuana massively as long as it is illegal.

Look into how some countries in Europe have dealt with smoking of marijuana.

Just for you to know, I do not smoke marijuana. I just think it is a waste of money to try to fight or stop something that can not be controlled. Even those who are arresting people for such crimes are highly involved. Yea, you know.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The dead need someone on their side!!!

Someone asked me the other day "Why are you so interested in the dead?" I had to think a bit before responding. The reason is because I could not understand why someone would ask such a question. My response was that the dead need someone on their side. My people we all have to die someday. Although some choose not to identify with death, it is coming to everyone we love and most importantly to ourselves. Why avoid talking about something that you can't avoid? Why would you want a nice send off, but rather not discuss it with others and share what you want? Or better yet why discuss it with a stranger who has nothing to gain rather than carrying your wishes out? Most have a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one and usually make some wrong decisions.

Don't wait until a loved one dies before starting to make decisions on where or how to put your loved one away forever. Don't you think that we need to make plans for our own burial too? Some never go back to the grave site. Some never talk about that person again. Some never stop grieving. People do all kinds of things while grieving. My people, the best thing that can be done for the dead is to give them a proper burial and a complete secure burial spot forever.

Back to the idea that the dead need someone on their side. Huh. I have spent hundreds of hours visiting hundreds of cemeteries. And let me tell you, most people would like to be in a nice place after they die, a place where their loved ones can come to visit them or to look up on the Net to know where they are. A secure burial place my people. Burial in a tomb is not a secure burial place, unless you are a dignitary. And they too get lost and no one will ever be able to find their burial plot.

Lets not forget about those who don't care about how, where or what happens to them after death. That's their choice.

Monday, November 8, 2010

President Geroge W. Bush

Scooter Libby was convicted by a jury on five counts. George W. Bush let him go.

Did the war in Iraq have anything to do with 9/11? Hell no. 77,000 lives were lost because America invaded Iraq for something Iraq did not do.

Why so afraid to die!!!

My people, death is something that no man can avoid. The most Godly people die. The most evil who think they can control the entire world also die. Shouldn't death be a beautiful thing? Well, unless you have done something that you think the Lord won't forgive you for it is. God is very forgiving my people. But this does not mean you should commit a major sin and say God will forgive me. Do you think it works that way? Think again.

Why do people say do this or do that for closure? Closure? I have never had closure for anyone whom I loved who has died. The burden gets less but the hole is always there.

If someone kills your loved one, will killing that person give you closure? I don't think so.

We all handle the loss of our loved ones in many different ways, but there is no closure. Love your loved ones today and tell them you love them my people. Don't let it be too late. A big repast will not console you. For those who have lost loved ones like I have, you may not talk about it, but you know it has gotten better day by day, but the void is always there. Huh.

Liberians and were they burial their loved ones!!!

Liberians are known to overly care for their dead loved ones. They will go completely out of their way to give a dead loved one a proper high class burial with a grand repast. But I never understood why they choose to bury them into trash and just about anywhere. Why is that? Should they spend some of that repast money on making sure their loved one is securely buried forever?

My people, it is not wise to bury anyone on your farm, in your yard or in just any graveyard just because other loved ones are buried there or because it is family owned property. Liberia is still an underdeveloped country and many areas will be destroyed for new construction. Grand and great grandchildren may decide to sell the farm or private property or may want to develop it into some business and those loved ones' graves will be affected.

And the public cemetery right now in Liberia is not the place to inter your loved ones my people. For those Liberians who live in Liberia, you know what I am talking about.

When my late mother died, my siblings and I took her to Liberia to be buried as she wished. We bought an eight graves plot and even fenced it in with a gate. It did not stop others from burying their loved ones in our plot. They even built tomb on top of our love ones' graves. For me that is just burying your loved one just about anywhere.

Why do Liberians choose to cook in the cemetery, live there, and use it as a garbage dump? I just can't understand it.

I say to all Liberians living overseas. Don't take your loved ones to Liberia for burial, just because they want to be there and it is the right thing to do UNLESS you plan to give them a secure burial in a safe cemetery.

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery
is the only privately owned cemetery in Liberia open to the public that takes good care of the dead year round. Kaiser even has 24 hour security. At Kaiser, your loved one will be interred securely forever. Generations on end will always be able to locate their burial spot forever.

Visit the Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery website or email Tox Cassell at or telephone 2316800404 or 23177150500 with any questions. Kaiser is there to make sure your loved one is taken care of forever. All other places will bury your loved ones in an above ground tomb somewhere were you may never be able to get back to even remember the location.

Liberians, let us stop burying our loved ones just anywhere. As for me, I want to be cremated.

Cremation is coming real soon to Kaiser. Bury your loves ones' ashes at Kaiser.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What is the Republican plan to cut spending? NONE

Huh, Republicans do not have in place a plan to cut spending after saying no to everything President Obama tried to put together. They have said out loud that the people have spoken that they care about jobs, jobs, jobs, yet they want to spend a year on health care reform just like how Obama did. My people, we are in serious trouble. Of course they will. They will claim all of the work that Obama has in the pipe line as theirs.

And why are they making up lies about the cost of his trip to Asia? Come on, tell the truth instead of lies. Tea Party where are you? We're really in big trouble.

The want to be people

Do you know these kinds of people too? They will say just about anything. Is it true that one should think before speaking? Once someone said to me "People should stay with their kind." I still wonder what this person meant. What about I don't date married men? Or I am in a special class.

Special class? Huh, we all are the same in the eyes of the Lord. And you are never too good or in any special class of people that your family is belittling to you.

What about I want to buy "so so" when you know that you can't afford it? Should they just say "give it to me?"

Is this person a dump bat? Huh.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Should Nancy Pelosi run for minority leader!!!

I have never really cared for Pelosi, since I found out that she give over $250,000 dollars to her husband's project. But it is fair to say that she got through over a hundred pieces of legislation as House speaker.

I say go for it Nancey. I think she did a good job although she is not at the top of my list. Most of the true winners are hit by many. Look at Obama, he also has done good things for this country, but people don't seem to grasp it. Many years from now, both Nancy and Obama will be looked at like hard working leaders who did what they thought was best for the country.

Huh, she worked on the health care reform which will bring many hundreds of thousands of jobs in the future which the Republican babies have complained about for over a year. And now they are going to spend a year on the same health care reform giving it as much time as needed to overturn it. Oh well, is it because they do not have any means to bring about jobs? They will sit around arguing about health care until some of the jobs that Nancy and Obama have in the tube are implemented and then the Republicans will claim it as their victory.

Nancy should run for minority leader and Sara Palin should run for president. Hahaha to Sarah.

Which news network Americans need to watch

If you are a Republican, you should watch MSNBC. If you are a Democrat you should watch Fox News and if you are an independent watch CNN.

My people, this will help to give you an idea of the other side that you so dislike and think about in terrilbe ways.

Police officer in Oakland gets away with murder, or did he?

A white police officer shot and killed a black man in Oakland in cold blood and has gotten the minimum sentence for imprisonment.

What message does this send to America? Has it anything to do with race? Huh.

Do you think that those who damage innocent residents' property in the Oakland area are just? What will that do to memory of the deceased? Was he that way? It is so wrong the way this judgement came down. It was also wrong in the O. J. Simpson case, but did we see anyone destroying innocent residents' properties? Huh.

Is Sarah Palin racist!!!

Sarah Palin posted as a favor a racist comment from a church bulletin board. Does this make her a racist? Oh, I forgot, she said she did not know of it being on her Facebook page. But didn't she once say everything on her Facebook comes directly from her?

Oh well.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ellen dissolves her entire cabinet

President Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia dissolved her entire Cabinet. Why? Too much corruption? Hahaha, think again, more than too much. When will people learn that honesty is the key to a fruitful life? Oh I forgot you might be poor and unhappy, but you will be at peace. Huh.

Everything in Liberia has red tape. Even at the shopping centers, there are no rules and price restrictions. Market places too. Most spend many hours finding ways to rip someone off. And the lawmakers break the law more than anyone else and get away with it.

During my two years in and out of Liberia, I have seen the wonders that Ellen has done for Liberia. I am not saying she is perfect, but she has too much love for Liberia compared to any other head of state that I can think of. In just three years my people, Liberia is on the right track.

A few weeks ago, I gathered that something was up when she give her concession speak in Buchanan, Grand Bassa, Liberia. She spoke referring to how the funds were being spent and not used for the purpose they were given for.

Why does one need to bribe at any ministry to get something done that is legal?

Liberia will rise again, but all Liberians have to do their part. Sacrifices need to be made to rebuild Liberia. Let us all do something for Liberia in our weak way. Passing judgement and jealousy is not the right approach.

Kieth Oberman suspended indefinitely

Keith gets suspended because he donated funds to the Democrats. Others in his position do the same and keep their job. Good riddance.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama's lame speech

Does Obama want this job or not? His speech today was weightless. It had no directive for what he stands for. Of course he created more jobs in the last two years than what George Bush did in eight years. He should try to compromise, but defy the Republicans to put their money where their mouth is.

The new speaker wants to repeal health care reform. Oh that is not the number one priority of the people silly. Jobs the economy, jobs the economy, jobs the economy. Other than they just don't like him, that is what caused this big shift to Republicans.

I assure you my people, the Republicans will not be able to fix it. Wait and see.

Crooks for lawyers and judges

In Liberia it is easy to run into a crooked lawyer or judge. Why is the justice system so corrupt? Having to bribe lawyers and judges is insane my people and nobody is doing anything about it. The ones who should be doing something are getting rich by the day, looking the other way while they fill their pocket books with illegal funds from poor people who can't afford to bribe them, yet they have to to get justice.

The whole of Liberia is very corrupt. Like I said, you don't have to look far.

What about most of Africa? Do you think the Great USA is save from corruption? Think again my people.

Monday, November 1, 2010

No other president has done as much as Obama

My people, we need to stop believing everything we watch or see on TV. Fox News makes up lots of stuff or just bends the truth. No other president has passed as much through Congress as Obama. Why can't we see that most of these problems were there before he took office? No one else could have done better. What about health care? Read it for yourself. The auto bail out bill and credit cards, etc.

I agree that he spent too much time on gay issues. He should have just allowed gays their equality like everyone else. That was and is a waste of time. Gays will keep frighting for their legal right and will win one of these days. He also made some promises that he will not be able to keep. We should stop saying no to everything just because we don't want him to succeed. Huh, Obama and his family will be alright either way. It is us who will pay the price. Lets wait and see. Don't let it be too late for our country.

America is turning into a third World Country fast. My people every party cannot be in control at the same time. All parties should worked together for the Country interest, not to be in control while filling the pocket books.