Sunday, October 31, 2010

Republicans claming victory

There is a no win situation for either Democrats or Republicans. Both are to be blamed for their selfishness of not getting their way and just sitting back and letting the country go to the shits. If the Republicans were in control things wouldn't be any better. The Democrats would be doing the same, fighting for victory rather saving us from the economic crisis we face.

Politicians are the same just about anywhere. They put knives into each other's backs while thinking only about themselves. Think about it my people. Don't we all get along in crisis? Don't most Americans do it the American way when their neighbors are in trouble? Don't we put our differences aside and give a helping hand? When we heard about any terrible thing happening to even someone we don't know or may never meet, we use our love and caring in so many positive ways. Why can't our politicians do the same for our country? Why do they keep lying to us and telling us only what they think will make us like them and think they are on our side? Do you really think they are? Think again. 99% of them are very wealthy and may never hurt financially even if the country went to crap. It's something to think about. All of the billions that they are spending to say lies about their opponents is amazing. Don't you think if they care just a bit for this country, they would donate some of that money to drop the deficit? Come on my people, every little bit would help. Instead they are using it for fame.

Do you know of any politician that leaves office poor?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is Homeland Security keeping us safe!!!

Wow, Al-Qaeda is still trying to destroy the U S A and we are here divided. Huh, what would have happened if we were not friends with Saudi Arabia? It is very important to befriend other nations even if we share differences. And we do have differences with the Saudis yet they did not hesitate to inform us about what could have been another terrible thing happening to us again. Did Obama play a role in this? Can we give him credit for the lives he saved? Oh come on, he had something to do with this not happening. As president, he has established a good relationship with the Saudis and many other nations that are watching America's back.

If nations with completely different agendas rallied together for world peace, why can't we Americans put our differences aside and do what is right for our country?

My people, lets bury our pride and differences and work together for the best interests of our country. See bad when bad is to be seen, but see the good things also.

This is one good thing Obama has done so far. Isn't it?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Michelle Obama says we should watch her husband's back

Michelle Obama says she gave her husband to us and we should watch his back. Didn't know she did that? Instead we give our trust to him and so far he has not done such a good job. After saying that, I think the whole country should come together and rally behind Obama to get our country where it should be. If we do not work together, then we should give America's place in the world as number one to someone else.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

America is where it is today because

My people, we all can see that things are not going well for us Americans right now. The whole Country is in disarray. If we don't think Obama can do his job as president, he should be impeached. It is not fair to our country for those who are in control to say no to everything he wants to do, because they don't want him there. Our country has become like a third world country. Don't you think we should all rally around him to see America succeed rather saying no even if we agree with him just because?

My people, if we don't change our way of thinking America is headed for the dump.

Obama is not in such bad shape like how Clinton was at such a time during his presidency. Obama's problem is why is he not telling us what he has done?

Health care is very important, but why did he spend so much time on it instead of jobs?

Our president needs our support for the good that he wants to do. Lets stop saying no to everything. This makes us look bad to the outside world. Very bad. Rally behind Obama in America's interest or impeach him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muslins at airports praying

I have been at airports a few times and I saw Muslims praying. I even saw them going into the bathroom on planes. It never crossed my mind that they could be a terrorist. But that's me. Is it fair for Juan Williams to have his fears and not have to lose his job over it?

Some things are best left not said in certain situations. But if Bill O'Reilly can say similar things and get away with it, where is justice? Oh, I forgot it's a different company.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The American dream

What is the American dream? Is it keeping up with the Joneses or plain stupid with your money? Why are there so many who get killed just trying to get into this country to find the American dream? And they do just that. Buy a home, send the children to school, buy a car and do most of the things that middle class does and they never go broke. Why can't Americans who are born over here do the same?
Is it because the people from other places do just about anything to make ends meet and do not spend all of their earnings in bars and shopping malls?

Should the American dream be doing what you can for yourself and country and not what the country can do for you?

Look around my people, most of those who are making it in this terrible economy are the people from other places like the Third World, my people. Lets follow their footsteps and we can get by too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disliking President Obama because he is black

Can you believe there are people who do not care if Obama saves the country or brings about the change he rallied us into just because he is black? Shouldn't he be treated just like any other president? Praise him for his good job, but fault him for bad decisions. He needs to seriously find a way to get much more done although he took over at the lowest economic session of the world. He knew that when he made all of those promises.

Of course the Republicans should rally around him in the interest of the country but not selfish gains for the wealthy or just to make him a failure. My people, this is our country not our kitchen that this man is mostly in control of.


Doctors and money!!

Should a doctor discharge a patient because the patient missed an appointment? What if the patient is fifteen minutes late? What if the patient was traveling and did not know about the appointment?

Doctors' offices should not call and leave a message for a patient telling them that they have an appointment set for them and expect the patient to keep it, especially not knowing if the patient will get the message. When the patient does not show up the doctor discharges them. It is plain wrong.

Don't you think a patient should be the one to call and set up an appointment and if they do not show that should go against them? Their doctor could have used that time to see another sick person.

Why do doctors want patients to come in even if they are not ill?

There are some very good doctors out there who became a doctor to help sick people. But do you think some spend all of those years becoming a doctor just for the money? Think again my people. Huh...

Monday, October 18, 2010

H. Alice M. Railey-Cisco to be exhumed in February, 2011

The body of the late H. Alice Railey-Cisco will exhumed and transferred to Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in February 2011. She was the oldest daughter of the late Col. James A. Railey and one of the first six nurses of Liberia, Henerietta Diggs-Williams-Bangura.

She taught at the Liberian College, now the College of West Africa, St. Teresa Convent, B.W. Harris High School, Monrovia Demonstration Elementary School, and McIntosh Elementary School. She was well loved by all of her students. Her nickname was Cousin Alice.

The bodies of her late mother Henreitta Diggs-Williams-Bangura, her late husband Counselor William A. Cisco Sr., and her late daughter, H. Marie Darlene Cisco-Bemah will be exhumed and transfer a week before her body is.

This announcement goes out to all of her family and friends.

From her Children: H. Carey Thomas III, William Spencer Railey Cisco, William Alexander Railey-Cisco, all of the USA, and William Anthonnie Cisco Jr. of Liberia. Her two daughters, Wilhelmina Lenecia Cisco and H. Marie Darlene Cisco-Bemah preceded her in death, and her son, William Tyrentheus F. Cisco Sr. passed away in 1999.

Further announcement will be given on here and TLC Africa later.

Has Obama failed his promises to Americans?

What do you think? Is it not enough experience or does he just not care about anyone else other than his family? It's not hard to see that he has not kept his promises to Americans who went way out of their way to get him where he is today. But should we stand by him? Maybe there is something he knows that we don't, huh. Then tell us President Obama, what is really going on, because millions are still awaiting the change you talked about. It's real change America needs, not false promises.

Please do something good other than trying to put so much more than any other president through Congress. Find a way to get it passed and forget those who are fighting you just because they don't want you to succeed. Understand that the whole country needs you to succeed because America has a tomorrow. A tomorrow that if you continue to no progress we all will be back where we were thirty years ago.

Why do Muslims commit suicide?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Earnestine F. W. Smith laid to rest at Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Brewerville, Liberia, West Africa

Earnestine F. W. Smith was laid to rest at the Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Liberia, West Africa. Earnestine was born in Ferriday, Louisiana, USA. She moved to Liberia in 1959. She taught at the College of West Africa for many years and was the founder of the junior college there. I believe she left during the civil war and returned there in October of 2009. She was well loved and cared for by all of her students.

On October 16, 2010, she was laid to rest at the Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Brewerville, Liberia, West Africa, a country that she dedicated her life to in making lots of Liberian men and women into what they are today.

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery, co-owner and manager Tox Cassell along with the supervisors Wilmont Johnson and Nuwoe Sumo and all other employees would like to extend their thanks to her daughter and friends for choosing Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery as her final resting place.

May her soul and souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace forever.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Obama will win a second term

President Obama has gotten more through Congress than any other president. Why can't we see it? Of course he promised so much and may not be able to get it all done. But we have to look at the good and not all of the bad. Let's give praise where praise is due.

The two percent of the most wealthy who people like Joe Lieberman want to give tax break to do not need it, my people. These people make lots off from the middle and third class of this country. You would think with such terrible economic times like this they would want to give something back rather than keeping to think only of themselves.

What is wrong with these people? Do they know that if the middle and third class is completely wiped out, they cannot survive? Wealthy people please know that with all of your wealth, you still need the middle and third class to keep you going. It is in your interest if you could stop being so greedy and make some sacrifices to help the economy bound up so you can stay where you are financially. Think about it my people.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Liberia, West Africa

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Brewerville, Liberia, West Africa has come a long way. Tox Cassell the manager along with his supervisors have done a wonderful job getting to where it is today. There are a few residents there resting in perfect peace in the most beautiful well taken care of cemetery in Liberia.

A well organized, clean, beautiful cemetery in Liberia was one man's dream. He went to Liberia to build it. While talking about it he discovered that one woman had a similar dream for Liberia. And another man whose family owns a cemetery in the USA thought that Liberia was in need of a secure burial place. Along with two other men including Tox Cassell, a big classy well maintained cemetery is being built.

They intend to bring a cemetery there with a beautiful chapel and reception hall. They have got to have a reception Hall. Liberians go all the way out in a grand celebration of life being merry after a loved one's burial.

Visit to see what is going on at Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery.

Kaiser Memorial Lawn is named after John Willis (Kaiser) Taylor. "Kaiser" is a German word for emperor and a variant of Caesar

Names that sound like Kaiser are Casar, Caezar, Kasper, Gainer, Kadeer, Kasee, Kazmer, Keifer, Naser and Yasser.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

People still spend but why not knowing if they will have a job tomorrow!!!

It seems like people have not gotten it yet. They want to live a carefree life and expect the government to take care of them. Where is their responsiblity to themselves, their society and country?

Do you use up everything you have in one day even if you have enough for six months? You never know what tomorrow will bring you. Even if it is the end of the world, don't do it because there is always going to be a tomorrow and you might just be one of those who makes it to the day after the end.

Save, save, save.

Gay teenagers taking their own lives

What a shame that teens have been put into the position by society that they are taking their own lives. Is it because they didn't see any way and they had nobody they trust to talk to? You heard parents on the news saying that they talked about these issues with the child. Are they telling the truth? Did they really accept the child for who he or she is sexually? What about school rolls? Let's not talk about the churches. They probably let them take their own lives.

What is so hard to understand is that most of these so perfect people who think being gay is a sin are the worst sinners out there. Having a child out of wedlock is a sin, having sex before marriage is a sin, divorce is a sin, cheating on your spouse is a sin, masturbation is a sin, lusting is a sin, stealing is a sin, lying is a sin, nudity is a sin, abusing your body is a sin. Should I go on?

All and more of those are sinners. You stupid fool who just thinks same sex doings are the only sin that should not be allowed!

If you can do most or every other unacceptable act according to God and think you are righteous, than you are one of the biggest assholes on the planet and you all plenty.

Let same sex lovers live their lives just as you live yours sinning every second. Stop pointing your finger. Only the Lord knows where you just took it out of, and that was a sin.

Gay and lesbian teens, there is nothing wrong with who you are. Live your life; you are loved by millions and can make a difference in this world. But you have to stay alive. Just say no to the voice that says you have no place on earth. Just reject all of those thoughts and think positive. You see, life can be very beautiful for all, gays or whatever.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What about the education system?

What about the education system? Don't you think we need teachers from the top of the class rather than just anyone with an F- becoming a teacher just to make a living?

Teachers should be from the top of the class with high standards. Teachers should live their lives accordingly at all times, not just in the classroom. Teachers should consider themselves as second parents instead of blaming the parents for all of the students' problems. Parents need to play the role of a good responsible parent at all times, not depending on the teachers to raise the children for them.

Obama has gotten some things right, hasn't he?

When I look around the country, I see lots of construction work on the roads going on. The domestic automotive industry problem seems to be fixed somewhat and there are many jobs that have been created. My people, the problem here is that too many jobs were lost at the same time and still are because of the many years of poor management of our economy.

Obama made so many promises that he may not be able to keep, but he has done some good I think. Don't you think his problem is that he wants to please everyone and is too close to the middle instead of being far left? Maybe he knows he needs the vote of the Republicans to get him back into the White House in 2012 or he is scratching some people's backs. Whatever is going on behind closed doors, he needs to find a way to get things going like he promised he would.

Where is the change that he promised? I hope it wouldn't just be an African American in the White House. Huh.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Obama on the road talking to voters!!!

Is Obama still campaigning or what? Shouldn't he be solving the problems and crises of the country? Do you think he chose the wrong people to work with him? Do you think he just can't get it right? What about being too soft? It has been about two years now and he has not accomplished anything much. Why is that my people and I don't want to hear because he is black. Of course it is so hard to get somewhere when dealing with whites sometimes, for just being black. But in Obama's case many whites voted him into office. The Republicans and even some Democrats have shot down everything he has tried to do, but as a leader he needs to find strategies to get through to all of those or some who are blocking his way of doing things.

I still support him.