Thursday, April 30, 2009

The world almost at its ending

Any way you look at it from a religious point of view or a scientific point of view, something is going on that we may not be able to control. We humans are the ones who are destroying this universe. Of course being realistic this is imminent and not much can be done to control it.

As a Christian who reads the Bible one must know that it says that at the end of time there would be many unfounded diseases. Does that mean diseases like HIV/AIDS, bird flu, west Nile virus, etc., etc.? If so, what about the plague, the Ebola virus, leprosy and so on? Does this mean that the world has been ending for hundreds of years? Maybe in God's eyes hundreds of years are just a twinkle of time.

Science says that we are destroying the earth by our everyday activities. Would it be like bringing food from one country to the next without any health and safety inspections? I remember as a child when I traveled with my mother everything was checked and inspected at the health department before you could take it out of or into another country. If at the airport if it was thought to be unfit it was not let into the country you were entering. But now you can bring in almost anything. Do you think that everything was placed into different parts of this earth for a special reason? And if so, by man moving them all over the place the contamination could be causing this planet all of these forms of nasty deceases.

What about it saying in the Bible that the earth was destroyed be water and the next time would be by fire? If so, Noah's Arc with all of the rain is the first, and now the snow is melting rapidly and the planet is getting hotter, leading to bringing the words of the bible to truth. Well, if you are a Christian and believe it that is.

Science says mankind is destroying the planet with pollution just by our everyday living, such as plastic, gas, cutting down forests, dumping just about anything into the water, and traveling where maybe it is not meant for us to go and so on. If you believe in scince then it is ture.

Are we the ones who are destroying this planet or other animals? And if we are, is there any way of stopping it? If what is in the Bible and what science is saying is true, than there is no way out, huh.

To go green would be very impossible my people. Do a bit of traveling just around in this country and you would see. And overseas you would be shocked when you see the everyday pollution.

On the plane the other day, just before the plane took off, I had to use the bathroom and when the bathroom door opened it was a flight attended who came out. Not being surprised, when I got in there I noticed a nasty smell. When I looked into the face basin before washing my hands, I could tell that she did not wash her hands. And do you know what she served drinks and food a couple of times my people? Did she pass on germs and diseases from the bathroom to many others on that plane? Think about it.

Do you think that doctors and nurses and all food service workers should wear masks, gloves, and wash their hands completely between each and every person they serve? Come on my people, have you ever been into a doctor's office and seen him or her just wet their index finger or three longest fingers, barely wipe them off and proceed to examining you? Should you be able to say to that doctor, "please wash your hands completely before touching me?" After all you are your own advocate you know. Maybe we should forget all what the Bible and science are saying and just do all the germ passing on and pollution to our planet.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everybody gets old, even superstars with all of their makeovers



My flower bed is finally starting to bloom.

The media needs to be held responsible when putting out stories that are only for their own reasons

The media tells so many lies and gets away with it. Do you think that we need a guideline that would force the news people to tell the truth and only the truth? They should not be allowed to make up stories to help whom they are rooting for. Shouldn't they be for the truth and the news just the way it happens?

What about lashing out at each other like how Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Kieth Olberman do? This makes it so that we don't know if we are being told the truth or not. Keep the personal feuds off the air. We have got enough on our plates than to have to worry about who is real or who is a fake. Just give us the facts and do your fighting of the Net and of radio.

Should it be said to them, "get a life and grow up. Tell the news factually and do not try to make up our minds for us?" It is not an opinion blog. It is the news and it should be factual, not full of bias or any particular political agenda.

What is the real reason Arlen Specter is now a Democrat?

After twenty-nine years as a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, Senator Arlen Specter has decided to become a Democrat. Why now? Is it because he knows he can't win the next election as a Republican or is he sincerely tired of the GOP's not getting anywhere these days? What happened to the captain goes down with the ship? Oh, he is not the Republican ship captain but is he Pennsylvania's? And if so should he be changing parties to better his state's influence in the Senate?

Is Senator Specter for real my people, or just a user using the system for his own political gain? Twenty-nine years and he can hardly walk. Should he just step down and let someone else fresh with the real change ideas get into the position to better help his state, even if it's a Republican?

It is heartbreaking to live these days after what we have gotten ourselves into financially, but it is uplifting to be finding out who we really are and where we stand within the hearts of those we choose to represent us and manage our country's affairs.

We are in so much trouble my people. How many up there are just there for their own gain and not the residents of the states? Could some or most be just like most doctors and lawyers who are all about the big bucks and not what they should be about?

Can we fix this mess? Can we?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheney wants release of Memos that show interrogation results

Former VP Dick Cheney has asked that the documents about the interrogation results be made public. Why? This will only make the Bush/Cheney Administration look more wicked and very inhumane.

It's good for the Democrats that there is Cheney trying to let more of the Republican criminal acts out. I think those terrorists should be punished, but I just don't know if it should be to that extent, especially since we do not know of the guilt in all cases.

Looking at Cheney on TV, one can tell from his facial expression that he is a wicked, horrible person. But with Bush it's much harder to see if he would do these kinds of things willingly.

It is true that during Bush/Cheney we did not have any major terrorist attacks in the USA since 9/11. But does that really have anything to do with the torture of the inmates or is it because the terrorists knew that their every move was being watched?

Do you think that the CIA which controlled such actions should be punished? I think so. One cannot say to someone "you can't treat people this way" and then treat them that way anyway.

I always thought that America as a whole was the most moral country in the world. But now with all of this kind of stuff that keeps coming out, does this mean that America is the number one do what I say, not what you see me do or hear I do in the world country? Why is it okay for us to have nuclear weapons and not other countries? Who made such rules? We have just as many crazies over here like any other country and really do not have the right to tell them what they can have, say, or do, or how they should even treat their people. This is a double standard. Look how gays are treated over here. Do you see other countries who have no problem with gay marriage? And they have no problem with how liberal we pretend to be toward women demanding that we change our laws, rules and regulations.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are we food for other earthly creatures?

We hunt hundreds of different kinds of animals for food and find it to be normal, but when an animal hunts humans for food we see things differently. Why? So it shouldn't be any different when fishes eat other fishes or a lion eats what they call food.

All earthly creatures are food to each other and humans are a part of the food chain, in a sense one big circulation.

Lairs, cheats and misleading people

Do you have this friend who cheats on his wife, partner or vice versa and at the same time they are telling you that they don't like the way you treat yours or people in general? What do you call those kinds, hypocrites, lairs, earthly scourges, or just plan mentally sick? Whom do they think they are fooling? All of the lover's friends know that they have had sex with this person. They are invited to the parties, even the anniversary and listen to this person raise how nice and wonderful it has been married to this one person or they only love this one person and want no one else. Is this sick my people, and what do this wife, husband or partner think not knowing or allowing this to happen to them? What about the hundreds of men or women that have had sex with the husband or wife and some in the bedroom where they sleep every night? What are they, sluts or just beings without any class?

And why would people lie and say you do not speak to them and they are the one who has the choice not to speak to you. Who are these kinds?

How is Obama doing overall?

Obama is doing just great I think. There are some loose areas but overall he is trying his best. However, we all need to do our part including letting him know what we think and what needs to be done. He will listen and make a decision which may be what you would have done in his shoes or maybe not.

We still need to watch how we spend our hard earned money or however we get our money. I say to those who are still out there buying what they do not need, you are wasting what you work hard for and are deepening yourselves into poverty.

After every recession the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Even if things look bright for you, save 21% of whatever income you are receiving if possible.

We have to remember that no president has ever had to handle such a situation of this magnitude before. Bank bailouts have not worked as of yet. They are keeping your money for themselves with big bonuses and it seems like nothing is being done or can be done. Foreclosures continue and unemployment is getting higher daily.

My people, we are a long ways off. We have not seen the last of this meltdown. More is to come, so be prepared.

Save, save, save.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wanting to go to heaven, but do not want to die!

If heaven or the next life that you belief in is so wonderful and free of earthly worry, why don't most people want to die for it? I hear all the time that some person lost their battle with cancer or diabetes, etc., etc., and had die. Shouldn't it be that the battle to die to enter the great beyond has been won? Or at a memorial you will hear that he or she was sick for a very long time and fought to stay here, but God called him or her home. Or it's that God loved them best so He took them. Why do we fight to stay here, especially if we are Christan? Should we be in a hurry to get to heaven?

What about even the Pope and high Christan leaders who seek medical attention to keep themselves alive? What happened to "let God's will be done?" What about those who would cry their heart out with grief when they lose a loved one, but in the same breath they would say "it was a beautiful home going. I am sure he or she has gone to heaven. He or she was a good person; never wronged anybody. Everyone liked them." If all these are true, then why be so sad when your loved one has left this troublesome world for a much better place?

And how do we really know that heaven or any belief after life is beautiful? Has anyone been there and then come back? What about the white light that we see or your whole life passes before your eyes at death?

Maybe when a loved one dies a traffic death we should be sad for the manner in which they died. But what about a very peaceful death?

Even Mary cried when Jesus was murdered.

What about when someone says "what a beautiful casket he or she was buried in?" How can something be beautiful that one is put into, shut tight, and then buried?

Most want to go to heaven, but they do not want to die. If we need death to enter the great beyond and believe that things happen for a reason, everyone has a number that will be called one day.

Is death what we really think it is? Have you had a major operation that had you sedated? Did you feel or see anything during the procedure? Of course some wake up during surgery. Those who did not, what is your experience? Do you think it is like a form of death? What about those who never wake up after a major surgery? Was their number called then, or did the anesthesia call it for them?

And the grave thing, or even that we all worship because it is of our loved one. If this person's purpose is to be gone and the body is just a shell, why do we bother?

They say grieving is a part of healing. Is that a fair statement? If so then why do you hear all the time that he or she won't want you to grieve for them? You need to let go. This is not good for your health. Some would even say let him or her go. By holding on they can't find their way to the next life. What next life are they talking about? If nobody has been and came back to tell about it, how do we know that death is not being in an empty space with no memory? We just don't know, huh.

Once one is born, death is a must. I think it is the most important thing one does that has a meaning to all those who love them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Utah is # One in suicides and Internet porn

Utahans are number one for depression? Why? Maybe it's the weather or it could be the Mormons thing with so many rules. Come on you guys, if you hate being a Mormon or have to live a double life, why don't you just leave that faith? Apparently it is not working for you and most of the residents there.

Having more than one wife is a form of watching porn, except it's partaking. Having sex with a prostitute because your wife can't satisfy you or you are afraid to ask her to do what you do with hookers must get old at some point and with the bad economy very unfordable.

My people, do you know any priest or highly respectable person of the cloth who you can say does not sin? Why is it that that leaders of churches are the ones who mostly live in wealth? The Mormons believe that all members should give ten percent of their earnings. That includes elders and other high ranking leaders. Fair enough, except that ordinary church members' ten percent plus the the high ranking leaders' ten percent provides for the well being of the leaders.

Of course the Mormon Church is there for the members when they are in need. But how far would they go? What if the Mormon hospital or the doctor makes a major mistake? Do they try to cover it up? You know the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City has major problems that one is never told about such as C. diff. And patients are used for experimental procedures without the patient's consent.

Enough is going around in Utah to make one depressed, commit suicide, or watch Internet porn behind the leaders of this great state. Wake up, smell your own coffee, do your own thing as long as it is legal. God will still love you.

Do you think these Mormon leaders are living what they preach to you? Do you think some of them watch porn and even cross the border for fun in like Wendover or Vegas? Think again. The only difference is they can afford it with your money, your ten percent.

Churches are like the government. Take, take, take, and give back just a little to make you think they care. Huh, what do you have in your wallet? What do they have in theirs?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sarah Palin in the news again

Oh boy, this poor lady has been in the news since McCain made her a celebrity. Now even McCain is not sure he would vote for her in 2012. Huh. Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol's ex boyfriend, father of their baby, who we all were made to believe was a love made in heaven, now has apparently broke up with her.

Do you think Palin used Levi Johnston, this young man, to her advantage in helping us to look the other way and think it was okay for he and Palin's daughter to be having a child at such a young age? This woman even used her disabled child. I am not surprised. What gets me is that her sister in law is a thief. Her brother in law was punished. His boss got fired, now Levi Johnston is being label as the bad guy.

Do you think that if one does not walk the walk of the Palins they will be punished? Next I think we will hear of what is happening to Todd Palin for refusing to honor the subpoena to testify that he received.

Just about anyone can run for the over all office saying just about any thing..even lies and we are willing to pay for the campaign.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Pope, Catholics, and gay marriage

Pope Benedict is highly against gay marriage and other major issues like condoms. I am a Catholic and go to mass regularly. But I think that the Pope is wrong or very naive. I have traveled all over the world and visited so many Catholic churches and let me tell you my people, there are gay priests and lesbian nuns all over. Is this Pope blind or does he talk out of both ends of his mouth? He needs to fix the issue of the Catholic Church's gay priests and nuns before preaching to the mainstream Catholic.

Do you know that there are priests and sisters who are involved in sexual activity as I write this? Do you think they are using condoms? Of course they are. I wouldn't be surprised if some nuns have even had abortions.

Condoms help save unnecessary births and major diseases. Do you think God would punish anyone when condoms are used to protect from bringing a child into this world that they know they cannot be there for or the other way around? What if you are married and do not have money at such a time? Should you not have sex because the Pope says so? You know we really don't know what our great Pope is doing behind closed doors.

What if your husband, wife, partner or whatever you call it has a sexual disease like HIV or God knows what? Then one should go without sex for the rest of their life? You know the Catholic Church has another law that says divorce is a sin.

If this is a sin than how did Mary the mother of Jesus manage to live with Joseph, Jesus' stepfather and have more kids? Did the Blessed Mother get a divorce from God to marry Joseph or were they even married? Oh wait, I think she was married to Joseph when she got pregnant with Jesus. Am I right there and if so why did God choose a married woman? All these rules that are so complex. My people, do you know anyone who does not sin or can you say for sure that so so person is in heaven? Remember as Christians we all sin without even opening our mouths.

Who really has made it to heaven? Who?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The first ever "penis" restaurant

Sounds delicious, right?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thoughts about the financial meltdown

Does our government give a damn about every citizen of our country? If they do then why do they try to mislead the nation every chance they get like when they say "buy stocks now?" Whom are they talking to, every American or just the young who have a decade or more to reach retirement? Because you know they can't be speaking to seniors who have only a few more years or those who have lost everything they had. Maybe they are talking to the young ones. "Put all of your money into the market like your parents and grandparents did. We will watch it for you." And you can see how well they took care of your parents and grandparents. Bull crap.

What about "the market always does come back?" Of course it does, but who really benefits from it when it comes back? Do you think it is those who have lost everything or the ones who are struggling to get by? Think again!!!

Is this mess really going to be over next year? Bull, my people, it is just like having a bad disease like cancer. The doctor can cut it out, then you do the terrible chemo treatment and the long, long wait to see if you can get back to where you were before the cancer. In some cases it never happens.

Why did Bernard Madoff go down by himself? Do you think the others involved threatened him or his family? Do you think he did this all by himself? What about his wife and his children? Oh, there are no close friends whom he chose to help out? Come on, his wife never at least overheard him on the phone or in a conversation with someone? This is a woman who never worked. Where did she get $65 million from? And don't tell me the regulators did not know something. How many more of him are out there.

Is it safe to invest in anything like that? Maybe, but you need to advocate your every move because it is clear my people that if he got away with that for over thirty years there are others out there doing the same. Could the big banks be involved? It's something to think about. Of course they knew.

How is the foreclosure scandal different from Bernard Madoff's scam? It's not far off at all. He was telling millions that they have a safe investment and the banks and brokers were telling the same story, just in a different way. Buy a house you cannot afford without any down payment and in two years you will be able to afford it. Well, what's the different? Madoff told the same story except "buy stock" he said. He got millions for being fraudulent with stocks and the banks and brokers got millions fraudulently with homes. Do you think there are other ways you are being ripped off? What about buying a car without a down payment? Do you think the auto dealers knew you couldn't afford to make the payments? Of course they did.

And all this nonsense about it is time to take advantage of the foreclosure market is a scam. Whom is that for my people? Do you think the media are talking about the ones who already lost their homes, maybe everything that they had including self respect? Or do you think they are trying to get the few who did not buy into the scam to think that they now can because the home prices have dropped? My people, it is nice to own a home to call your own, but if you know you can only put $50 or $100 down and cannot do the rest, it is not time for you. Sometimes do you think the big boys did this so they all can buy up most of the real estate market because it does not make any sense to raise real estate values so high? And then they refused to work with the same ones that they told will be able to afford it in two years? And then later the fools lost it bringing the valve way down so only those with money could afford it because even with good credit some still are being turned away by the banks. Something is catching there, huh?

I still say the government can be like cancer, very destructive to it's society. Do you think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have any financial problems? Huh, smell the roses my people. These two and many others should be considered like diarrhea that you want to get rid of.

Friday, April 3, 2009

President Obama and the first lady in Europe

Michelle Obama fever hits the UK

Has the bailout failed?

Did the bailout of the auto makers fail so far? What about with the banks? Why fire GM's CEO and not the bank CEO's? AIG's CEO lied and said his company paid out 165 million in bonuses. Just a few days later we mentioned that about 53 million dollars more were paid out in big bonuses. Why did he try to mislead the taxpayers after receiving billions of dollars from us? Why? And why is he still the CEO? And what about that line that they should give it back? Huh. AIG's CEO lied and tried to cover up their actions. Once a lair, always a lair.

I strongly believe that we will get thought this, but my people we are way off the chart to getting there.

Think about it. All of the bailout money that was given to banks and other major companies was used for something else, not what it was intended for. Instead it was used for big bonuses or the banks hoarded the money. Is it possible that the taxpayer could ask for a legal action against the government for misusing the money in such a way? After all it is the taxpayer's money and they and their children will have to live with it, not the wealthy ones on the hill. All that talk that they will make them give it back, huh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michelle Obama's modest wardrobe

Sometime ago, I hammered Mrs. Obama for wearing expensive clothes. Today I learned she now wears mostly inexpensive outfits and is using non celebrity designer.

I do think overall [Mrs. Obama's] style is very American," added Jenna Lyons, creative director at J.Crew in New York City, who was thrilled and surprised to see her company's creations on the first lady yesterday. Indeed, at the J.Crew store in Shadyside, customers were asking where they could buy the outfit -- a $298 beaded crystal cardigan and $158 pencil skirt in mint cotton jacquard, along with an $18 "perfect-fit" tee. (The cardigan may be gone, but the skirt is available online and the T-shirt is in stores.)

At least one young woman walking past the J.Crew store in Shadyside seemed unimpressed, however.

"It's very democratic clothing, in that it's inexpensive, but she's first lady, maybe she should try something a little pricier, like Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, if she wants to be a style icon," said Estefania Capparelli, 21, a student at Community College of Allegheny County.

Way to go Michelle.