Friday, May 29, 2009

Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa

Here is another disease from Africa to worry about.

Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa that causes bleeding like the dreaded Ebola virus. The so-called "Lujo" virus infected five people in Zambia and South Africa last fall. Four of them died, but a fifth survived, perhaps helped by a medicine recommended by the scientists.

It's not clear how the first person became infected, but the bug comes from a family of viruses found in rodents, said Dr. Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University epidemiologist involved in the discovery.

"This one is really, really aggressive" he said of the virus.

Hopefully, this virus won't be the one, but I'm afraid that one of these days a really nasty new virus will be on the loose that will cause a world wide pandemic that will kill millions. I hope it doesn't happen, but I we should be prepared in case it does.

What a world we live in today!!

A man on a bridge in China committed suicide. He held up traffic for four hours. A motorist who got tired of waiting in traffic walked up to the man that was taking four hours to decide when to jump and held out his hand to the suicidal man, and when he give his hand for help the motorist pushed him overboard. He survived the push and the motorist was arrested.

It was very serious, but damn funny. My people, do you think the motorist should be prosecuted?

Always know your surroundings; you just can't trust anyone, can you???

Man pushes would-be China suicide off bridge

Dick Cheney is on TV 24/7 talking openly that he believes that torture saved our country from terrorist attacks, while at the same time George Bush talks with Obama in private all the time.

Brokers and realtors, the banks and the big boys on the Hill rip off the consumer, and now the auto dealers. But wait a minute now, auto dealers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and police officers all have similar degrees. Corruption, corruption, corruption.

Withholding condoms could cause much more HIV and STD's to spread. Do you think that sharing the same cup in church when drinking the Body of Christ could be causing you exposure to diseases? Yes, think again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deny gay marriage laws enforced by stupid law enforcers

Gays and lesbians are being denied the right to get married like so called straight people can. It's very interesting the way this saga is going. First gays and lesbians could not get married at all. Then 18,000 in California were allowed to tie the knot before Christians and so called followers of the law shut down other human being's legal rights.

What happened to constitutional rights? Everyone has the same rights. All men should be treated equally. Well those who think or are pretending to be straight need to define the word "straight."

Straight means "free from curves, bends, angles, or irregularities, not wandering from the proper course, one thinking, honest, upright."

Gay means "bright, merry, lively, brilliant in color."

Why are some so called straights or people in general so hateful? They never want others to be happy. After defining the words straight and gay, I am more confused why the heterosexuals think they are any different than gays.

Gays and straights are having the same kinds of sex these days. They all are using the same body parts for sexual activities, my people. Straight men and women are doing the same exact thing to their partner's private parts that gays and lesbians are doing to theirs. While at it, why is our sexual organ called "private parts" anyway? They are very busy most of the time generally speaking and in some cases more busy than the Brooklyn and San Francisco Bay bridges combined.

This is about control by people who think they are better than others.

Do you think that law enforcers are on drugs when making decisions? Think again, no one is monitoring their drug habits and they could be stoned as a rock daily without having to be accountable for their actions. If the law is the law, then why is it not for all of the people of the law?

To show you how stupid these people are, they just said that it's wrong for same sex couples to get married, but the ones that we allowed to get married in California before Prop 8 stay married. Are they saying that it's okay to discriminate against gays within the gay community? That's discrimination. People should know the law and should be educated to know that it is not legal and it is unconstitutional what they have done. Who are these people? Where did they get their education from? What kind of drugs are they on daily? No one really cares, my people, about what gays do, they are just hateful.

Why go after marriage and not divorce? Shouldn't there be a law that says anyone caught cheating should be punished other than divorce? A major part of marriage is to become one and whole, and how many of those who are trying to enforce this have abided by the laws of marriage the way they are trying to put it on gays? How many? Is it right to have people who have sex partners other than their wives and husbands doing the same things as gays and lesbians saying they are abiding by the laws and rules and gays are not? What are these people saying? How many are married and sleep around on each other? Again, marriage clearly means to become one and whole, and no intercourse with anyone else till death do you part, in illness, your problem, my problem. Do you think that making marriage by enforcing what marriage means should be more of a focus than same sex marriage?

Who am I to tell others that they cannot have what I have, but I can have what they have? You know, my people, penetrating your wife in her anus is not part of marriage. Being oral isn't also. Remember you are saying that marriage is for a man and a woman. It's the same as the penis is for the vagina, not the anus. And your tongue and lips are for eating etc., not made to clean out the rectum and lick on the vagina. So stop the crap and let all gays have the same rights as all.

You know what you have done is the stupidest, dumbest thing you have done.

Maybe gays should stop paying taxes since they do not have the same rights as the rest of the residents of the state.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pelosi may be telling the truth and if she is...

Nancy Pelosi has said over and again that she did not know about the water boarding of war prisoners at Gitmo. Maybe the liar is telling the truth. Maybe she was too busy thinking about how to help her husband get thousands of dollars from the government and not having to pay it back. Huh. She just could be telling the truth, but I just don't buy it.

If she is telling the truth we are in serious trouble; if she's not we are in serious trouble. Not just her but all those who are in charge up there need to know every bit of every situation that pertains to our country's benefit. This is their job to do so, especially if they know like how she has said that the CIA lies and always lies. Oh well, then she should have done some form of investigation making it her business to see if the rule of law was being followed.

My people, even in the case of the deal with the credit card and gun bill combined, how come Obama didn't know what Congress was discussing and which way they were leaning? I could be wrong again, but I just see it this way, that people in such positions should make it their business to know every detail of everything they have to deal with.

What's next? Another shock when the economy that they think is bouncing back takes another major dip? You know there will be another major dive before this starts to work it's way back which will take thirty years to get where it was few years ago.

I so hope I am wrong. We are in serious trouble.

Does torture work, huh!!!

Torture does not work. From the beginning of time all torture has done was to cause rebellions and more animosity. Looking way back at the Roman Empire, or Hitler's treatment of the Jews, or even in our homes with our children it is best to treat everyone with respect. Of course some do not like to be treated with respect and they will make you into the bad guy and love the one who abuses them. Why? Maybe it's fear. But fear is only fear within the person of the one who is putting it out.

We hear all the time that people who commit serious crimes or the way we all live our lives is from our upbringing. People who go out there and torture and seem to enjoy inflicting pain on others suffered from some form of the same as a kid.

Women who are sexually abused as a child see sexuality differently from those who were not. Is it because the abuse did not work?

What about African Americans in the US who were mistreated for over one hundred years? Did you see an overall agreement that because they were tortured they became much better citizens? So many pass that hate down to the children and grandchildren in defensive ways.

It doesn't matter what form of abuse is used as torture. Do you think it accomplishes safety for the torturers? Think again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Does Obama's not getting his way have something to do with racism?

Maybe I am wrong, but I have not heard of any other time that an ex vice president was so involved with the decision made during the term of the next president. I don't remember seeing Dick Cheney so much when he was VP. For some reason he was hard to be seen but now he's everywhere. I don't think this is any help to his case that water boarding and the rest of the torture was valid and helpful. Could it be that he is playing defense now so he wouldn't have to play offense later?

Or could he plainly just be about not wanting Obama to succeed? Like I said in one of my other posts, none of those guys will be put away for war crimes. They will have to be from another country like Iraq, Liberia, etc, etc. Attorneys in this country will find some loophole to have them vindicated.

I think Obama should sign the credit card/gun bill although it is not prefect. Banks will still have loopholes in ripping off consumers and the gun provision speaks for itself, much more gun related crimes.

Now my question is, if Obama were a white president, would he still face all of these objections? It seems like we complain now about everything President Obama is trying to do. Why didn't all of the presidents before have such problems? Is it anything to do with his skin color or is it something else I am missing? Even in the Bush and Cheney era they got and did almost anything they wanted to and got away with it while creating massive financial destruction causing the world wide financial meltdown which Obama is doing his best to fix, and oh no, the objections were silent in their era.

Lets make all the complaints we want to, but let it be for the nation as a whole, not just one's own agenda. Dick Cheney has a self centered agenda I think. Maybe he is afraid of looking bad a few years from now. It's too late Dick. It's very funny how things usually turn out.

In life when things seem to go our way, stepping over other people and thinking that our ass smells like vanilla roses, we become blind to reality forgetting that there is a future in all aspects of life. Everything we did in our past, are doing in the present, and will in the future will play a major role in our everyday living, in good ways and bad. George Bush and Dick Cheney have their place in history. I think they will go down with an A for no other terrorist attacks in the US after 9/11. But that's not due to the fact that forms of torture were used or whether the torture had anything to do with having no other terrorist attacks, but simply because it did not happen.

Dick Cheney needs to get out of the spotlight and let history make itself. All done in the dark comes to light one way or the other.

I hate to think that race is playing a part here, but I'm just leaning that way because I don't remember any other president having problems such as Obama's.

Summer time again in the Elko, NV area

My people, if you live in Nevada near Elko or even farther, this is the time of year to go driving and catching the scenery. Drive out to Taylor Canyon for an afternoon and I promise you will have a nice visit with Tom and Andy. They are closed every Tuesday, but they are open the rest of the week. Call in advance and tell them what you want to eat and it will be there for you. Play pool or try your luck on the slot machines while they cook you something home made style. Prices are very conveniently low and they have a full bar.

You can rent a cabin for hunting purposes or just to get out of town to relax and enjoy the beautiful Taylor Canyon Resort. The ghost town of Tuscarora is just up the road from them where you can find the history of Japanese miners who settled there many years ago, and the history of the Charles and Della Van Norman, who settled there and have kept ties with that area up to now.

I recommend Tuscarora for site seeing if you are into old cities and their history. If you miss out on this quiet place right out of Elko or Winnemucca this summer you will have missed out on seeing and spending time in one of the most interesting areas I think in Nevada.

Have a wonderful summer my people. Remember spend wisely, but it's okay to treat yourself sometimes. Taylor Canyon is the place. Try it and you see, you'll be back.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Should Congress include a provision allowing gun possession in national parks in the credit card bill?

Gun provision in credit card bill garners support

Will Obama sign the credit card/gun bill although he did not get all of what he wanted? I think so. Congress combined it with gun rights which will permit loaded guns in parks which could and will cause more unnecessary crimes. People should have the right to have a gun to protect themselves if needed, but there are so many gun owners who got them legally that should not have a gun. Having a gun is a heavy responsibility that some take very lightly until something close to home happens.

Because someone got a gun legally doesn't necessarily mean that they are responsible enough to have one. My people, that is a serious problem.

The credit card bill is not all that either. This could cause people with good credit higher rates. It seems that banks still get their way. Should there have been a bit more leeway for credit card holders?

Why would you want a credit card anyway if you know that you can't afford one or can't control your spending habits?

In West Africa, when one goes to a bank to get credit they are given only what they can pay for with some form of collateral. And they have to pay something up front just in case there is a default. That way both the bank and the consumer know exactly what to expect in case of default. But over here one is given forty to sixty credit cards knowing that they can't make the payments. It's crazy on both sizes. I would say except now the banks gets bailed out by all of us, even by those who spend wisely.

Do you think that was a very nasty crooked deal to combine credit cards and guns together in the same bill? Think again.

Update - Obama to sign credit card bill

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen winner of American Idol.

I did not care too much for Kris Allen's performance on American Idol. He was just so so. Adam Lambert is already a star and will make it very big.

After saying that, do you think that Adam really wanted to win? Why did he dress that way? Does he not know that it is not what you can do or say or accomplish that makes it who you are? He should have known that he should have toned it down to get into the door. Did you care for his singing alone or did how he dressed have a part to play in your voting decision? With all this nonsense about Kris won because of all of the young girls who voted for him, so this means there are not that many young lesbian, bi or it girls out there?

My people, I do not believe that the young people of today think like how we did in our days and still do. They do not care about what one does sexually. So lets not blame them. It could have just been that Adam's dressing habit turned people off. Come on, even his dressing had gays and lesbians turned off. If the show was all about just voice then he would have won. We have to remember that just because someone is gay does not mean they will vote for another gay if they do not share the same view. I am sure that many gays and lesbians hated the way Adam dressed and with the pics on the net, I do not think his voice should have been judged by that, but come on, would you want your gay daughter or son to dress that way?

You know my people, even drug users put other drug users down.

It is sad that Adam Lambert did not win, but looking at it the other way, it may be a good thing. Artists too should show a good example in their tastes.

Hopefully, Kris Allen will turn out much better with success than former Idol winners Ruben and Taylor who were dropped from their contracts because of very low music sales.

Good luck to those two very talented young men.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got milk?

Should the detainee abuse pictures be released?

Everyone of those picture should be made public. But it will cost the lives of many Americans. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and even some Democrats like Miss Pretty Pelosi were putting down Saddam Hussein and other world leaders for torture and how suspected criminals or suspected terrorists were being treated and at the same time Americans were doing no different. Huh, my people, those pictures should be released, but the problem is what would happen after a complete investigation? Will Polisi, Rice, Cheney and Bush be indicted? I don't think so. Some loophole will be found or created to get them off. Once again, taxpayer money would be used for no real gain. Remember Saddam Hussein was put to death for war crimes? Remember?

Pelosi reminds me of a woman I used to work with. This woman grew hairs under her arm pit and let me tell you she could tell a lie like it was pouring rain with no stopping and got away with it.

My people, why live such a way knowing that you will get caught? It all comes out eventually, sometimes even thoughts your loved ones, children or grandchildren.

We already knew that law enforcement such as police departments, DA's, and attorneys all over this country are the most criminal that every other crime put together. These crooks commit major unfolding crimes and never are brought to justice. Never.

Stop wasting money my people

Have you got some extra money and don't know what to do with it? Try helping out someone who really needs help, not someone who can make it into wants, but someone who is in need badly. My people, you don't have to go thought a charity organization. Most of them are fraudulent anyway. You can choose one needy person to help out with all of the extra money that you waste on things that you don't need.

Do you need more than one cell phone, car, or computer, or pants for each day of the week? Do you think your ass cares or knows if it is wearing a new pair of pants?

When the media says the recession is almost over or things seem to be coming back, what are these people talking about? Do you know anyone that is still out there on the streets who lost their job, home, car, and almost everything? Or they're living from friend to friend or living in a shelter? The recession will never be over for some of those people. They will never be whole again. Never.

Save, save, save. Spend your money wisely. Don't have any regret down the line on how you spent or wasted your money.

Do you know that those who are telling you to go out and spend, spend, spend are all in good shape financially? And what they are saying to you they are being paid big bucks to read off to you, my people. Do they really believe it themselves? Huh.

Monday, May 18, 2009

McCain as president

I'm just wondering out loud. How would John McCain handle the problems Obama is facing if he and Palin had been elected? What would he had done differently? Do I think Obama is doing a wonderful job? Yes I do. There is so much that needs to be done that I think no matter who would have had a difficult time being president at such a time.

What about the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" Is it all politics for Obama to try to befriend our enemies or just plain dumb? Have you ever been in a situation having a loved one or friend highly upset with you? Did you want this person to have you on their good side? Did you want to talk to them about what the problem was? Did you ever think that if you got the chance to talk things over and see the other side thinking could improve the relationship somehow?

Do you know anyone who says things like "I don't care if he or she likes me. It makes no matter to me. I don't care how he or she feels and as long as I get what I want, I am okay." Are these people for real?

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

Ex VP Cheney just won't go away

Is it fair for an ex VP to try like how Dick Cheney is to stay in the spotlight after his term is over? Why won't this terrible person go away and leave us alone? Do you think Bush wants him gone too? Oh yes, my people, Bush wants him so far gone he wishes Cheney were on another planet.

I say to Cheney, you had eight years and did things your way. Most do not think it was the right way, but somehow terrorists were kept out of the US because of that or maybe just luck. Let it go. Don't you have a bad heart and a pacemaker in your chest that you should be concentrating your time on? Find something stress-less to do with the rest of your life, okay, and please not shooting birds. You could shoot a very good friend by accident again.

What about the sport of resting your mouth for a while? Yeah.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Torture investigation? What a waste of taxpayer money

I just can't believe how we never learn. Taxpayers are paying to have this torture thing investigated and the organizers brought to justice. Good luck with that I say. It is a waste of money. No one will pay for mistakes or crime that relates to the torture of suspected terrorists. Pelosi and many others on the Hill knew about it and looked the other way.

Obama spoke too soon when he said he wanted the investigation because he has changed his mind, maybe because he has been informed of all or some of the big boys and girls on the Hill who are involved. Huh, some justice. My people, don't waste your breath here, nothing will become of such an investigation. Lets hope I am wrong.

Trump lets Miss California keep her crown

Huh, oh well I am so surprised. For a second or so I thought a few small things like fairness and honesty would be in force at a beauty pageant. But I guess I was wrong again. Did they change the rules since Vanessa Williams lost her crown for posting nude? Or is it that she is not beautiful enough? Trump said that Miss California was asked a question and she answered it honestly. Okay, what else did Miss California answer honestly? Not about having nude pictures she didn't. Not about how many pictures are out there she didn't, and surely not about lying her way though life about everything.

Does this woman take blame for anything she says or does? And likewise Sarah Palin says she agrees with her. Give me a break here. Sarah Palin who had her 17 year old pregnant daughter all over the media was saying in so many words that it was okay what her daughter did. What about the thousands of young teenaged girls that have gotten pregnant thinking its okay and everything will work out like how it has for Bristol Palin? You know they might not have wealthy parents like the Palins to help them take care of a baby.

Miss California should have given her crown up, not for what she said about gay marriage, but for the many lies she told and still is telling and trying to cover up. What about the rules?

Do you think that this has damaged that beauty pageant? Do you think people will look at the pageant in the same light as fair and honest? Think again...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby squirrel

This just goes to show that if you keep trying and get a little bit of help along the way you will finally succeed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Should the leaders of the Bush era be prosecuted for torture of the prisoners believed to be terrorists?

Maybe they should be for moral reasons, but I think they did what they had to do. Come on my people, remember we had no more attacks within the US after 9/11. Could it have anything to do with that? We cannot say for sure, but it was the job of those in charge at that time to keep us safe and they did it the best way they knew how. Lets not forget that US prisoners elsewhere are treated even worse. Lets move on and stop wasting so much money on what we already know is not going to happen.

Another city like Elko, Nevada in Texas

Small town Texas police accused of fleecing motorists

Should we be surprised that another DA and other cops treat outsiders like shit like it is done in Elko, Nevada? Remember the story about the late Roy Mobert, how Elko DA Gary Woodberry, his assistant and the police department of Elko along with Greg Corn and a few others in Elko looked the other way why Joel and Janine Vega stole from Roy Mobert? My people, it's all about money, not about justice for all. It's all about money.

There are bad cops, DA's, attorneys, doctors, teachers, judges, and so on all over the place and we let them get away with it. Do you think it is because we like the easy way out instead of standing up for what we believe in? We should stand up for our beliefs in all aspects of live even if it is costly. That is the only way we can help bring about the best in everyone. Don't let people who treat you wrong get away with it.

Even if it costs you a friendship. Do the right thing. They were not a friend to begin with.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Germs and bacteria kill over 5,000 people each year in this country from food poison

Have you seen someone in a public place use their hands to clean a table, counter, or whatever and then put the food right on it? What about wiping off the table before wiping off their mouth while eating? What about using their tongue to lick off the outside of a cup? Better yet, licking a table or counter off with their tongue? Some people who work in public places still do not know how to hold a cup or a bottle while serving someone.

I hear all the time that germs are good for you. That is true. But my people, we need to do nothing to help germs get into our bodies because they get there every second of the day. You don't need to touch something and then not wash your hands. Germs are everywhere all the time.

Germs and bacteria are even in your food after you wash. They are on your bed where you sleep every night, in your car, on your lips and the lips that you kiss, and on your kids etc., etc.

It's just like how a man and woman can come together and have a baby. Germs and bacteria multiply into stronger germs and bacteria.

Living a clean life helps you stay healthier and free from consuming some unnecessary bacteria.

Do you know this bartender or waiter at your favorite place who puts his or her hands into your drinks or food while serving others at the same time? That person is causing your poor health my people, slowly but surely.

You do not need to kiss your babies on the lips even if you are the mother. I think you know why not.

Should people worry about other people?

I think we should be concerned about what everybody else is doing for the simple fact that what they are doing affects you in so many ways that are unbelievable. You need to be very concerned over not just your loved ones and family, but everybody. Even where they choose to go to the bathroom should be your concern. When someone decides to do something very stupid it's your concern and it can turn into a worry for you. What people spend on what they eat, what they wear, what they drive, where they live, even what makes them happy is your concern and sometimes you should worry because it could cost you money, everything you've got, unnecessary time, even you or your love one's LIFE.

Someone told me the other day that I worry about everybody. He said stop worrying about everybody and just think about yourself. Of course this man does not just worry about others, but not himself as a whole.

It's something to think about...everything we do affects everybody one way or the other.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Should Miss California Carrie Prejean give up her crown?

I don't think she should be asked to give up her crown just because she doesn't believe in gay marriage. She claims to have such a Christan upbringing and she should have known all the rights and wrongs of Christianity, not just when it comes to gay marriage.

Remember Vanessa Williams? Was it over nude pictures? What about Miss Nevada? If Carrie had said that she believes in gay marriage she still would be in the same boat. It was a no win situation there for her. I think the point is that Carrie set herself up as having a Christian upbringing as a base. She believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. It's all good and dandy if that is her belief. However, her childhood Christan belief should have taught her to also believe that women do not post naked or half naked pictures to make money. Most Christians believe that a woman should cover her body. She spoke out of both ends of her mouth. She also lied about the existence of the pictures. As a Christan, lying to get famous is not acceptable.

My people, we are in the worst financial meltdown ever. Why are we wasting time on such matters? Rules are rules and are meant for all.

Forget about the gay marriage thing. She posed partially nude or maybe even more. Vanessa got booted, and so should Carrie Prejean, but because of the pictures, not the marriage thing. Case closed. Save the money and stop wasting time here.

On the other hand, Mr. Perez Hilton, the gay judge who is so upset with what she said, needs to take a pill and calm down. Gay people want straights to accept them for who they are. They should also accept straight people for who they are and what they believe.

Bristol Palin and teen sex

I don't think that Bristol Palin should be the one to be center stage on the topic of teen sex simply because she is Sarah and Todd Palin's daughter.

Do you think they are behind this? Of course they are. According to Levi Johnston, Sarah and Todd Palin had to know that he and their daughter Bristol were having sex and might have been doing it in the Palin home. They taught it was fine and flaunted it all over the media. They had one purpose and one purpose only at the time and that was to become VP. However, we should give Bristol a break because she was the child and was taught and might have been encouraged to think that it was okay to have teen sex. Maybe she has learned the hard way and wants to make a difference, but she should not be up there like she means what she is saying because do you think that if her mother Sarah Palin had become the VP, she and Levi Johnston wouldn't have gotten married? I think they would have whether or not they wanted to. Sarah Palin would have made them.

I think Bristol Palin should be allowed to speak on abstinence and not be blamed for how she was brought up because she damn well is not just a teenager out there who does not have the means to raise a kid. Her parents will take care of her baby financially so that she can go out and become whatever she wants to be. Hopefully, they would not have the same influence in that baby's life like how they did in Bristol's.

Bristol did not ask to be put into this situation of being the Palin's daughter and we should not hold it against her.

I say to Bristol, speak out about teen pregnancy and abstinence all you want. After all, you know a bit about it, but just don't use who you are to become wealthy and more famous because I don't think you really give a damn about young girls.

Another thing, it is very hard for teens to stay away from sex when that is all that is on TV, and everywhere they look. Even teachers come on to them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best of friends.

Wouldn't it be nice if Republican and Democrat could become best of friends even if it were an artificial friendship?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama passes his first one hundred days

President Obama is going down as one of the best or the best president in history. He is so loved by most around the world and even those who say they are not for him can see there is something about this man that makes one magnetic toward him. I personally think he is doing an excellent job. But what do Americans as a whole think?

Did he really pass his first one hundred days with flying colors or are we just pushing him into the next phase like how most baby boomers were passed from one level to another with bad grades?

My people, you know that all of the taxpayer money that he gave to banks hoping it would trickle down has not up to now. A new program had to be set up to help foreclosed homeowners. Did he fail there? Do you think that the stimulus money should have been given to lower level Main Street to spend and allow to trickle upward? Maybe we would have gotten farther by now because the poor and middle class have to spend for their needs. They wouldn't have been sitting on millions knowing that their houses were being foreclosed on or their autos were being repossessed. Maybe. Do you think that giving the stimulus money directly to Main Street would have been uplifting to the economy by now? Who is really in need here to spend because they have to, the big boys and girls on the Hill along with big banks, or the average American who is in need and has no choice but to spend?

Do you know that most middle class and poor class have to work and pay for almost everything they get in life and the wealthy get all of those freebies for just being who they are? Huh.

What about how Obama is trying to get the best out of countries like Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc., etc.? It's best to know what your enemies are up to all all times. Could reaching out make a big difference on how the world sees the USA? I think so.

What is this one hundred days all about anyway? There is much on Obama's plate unlike others before him, therefore it is unfair to grade him by comparing to past presidents. But if I had to I would give him a B over all. It is too soon to tell but I know everything will work out.

Obama has done a wonderful job under such circumstances, but we still have ways, many ways to go.

Nobody wants Madonna's $150,000 red dress

I have never understood why people would spend so much money buying things like that. Is it kinda silly to want a dress like that or anything that someone like a movie star has worn? What do they do with it, wear those stained sweaty clothes or just keep it as a token? Give the money to some genuine charity or pay for a bright student's tuition, etc. Don't buy things like that, my people. If you like the damn dress so much, have your own made for much cheaper and give some of that money to someone who can really use it if you just have to spend. Huh. That is a form of wasting.

I know she is going to donate the money to some good cause selling her used dress. Yeah!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gay politicians in Washington DC vote anti gay

Thirty to forty percent of politicians in Washington DC are gay and vote anti gay. They usually vote against the gay agenda. Why is that? They are one hundred percent gay and do everything gay in private not wanting anyone to know who they really are, so should these people be allowed jobs that put them into such a position that they are hurting themselves? Why do they even want jobs like that where they have to sell their souls for money, popularity, or fame?

Should the politicians' gay partners they are having sex or an affair with make them into a real celebrity? Do you think that the straight big boys and girls on the Hill or anyone else should do something about it? Or are they all in the circle scratching each other's backs and looking the other way? Do you know that some of these closet queens even work in the White House?

My people, I keep saying that we are in serous trouble because it seems every way you look there are many in positions that should be there for all that are the mean ones who are breaking the law and living double lives.

Do you really know why your doctor, attorney, judge, law enforcement officer, teacher, broker, etc., etc. are in their positions of employment? Is it for the public benefit or just all about money?

Being gay is being what one is and they should live their lives without having to be afraid of what others will say about them.

Do you know that there are gay pastors, not just Catholic priests who preach all the time that being gay is a sin and not accepted in the eyes of the Lord and yet they are a one hundred percent gay fifty cent piece in the closet?

Do you think that politicians should be vetted and asked about their sexual orientation before being allowed to serve in such positions?

Do you think it is right for these gay men and women to be laying up with the same sex every chance they get and voting against it just because they are in the closet and their position leads them to hurt and discriminate against what they themselves are?

Politician, you are there for all whom you say you represent, gays and lesbians too, not just your pocket book, fancy house and nice car. You don't have to wear a red flag, but do the right thing and vote for gay rights because you damn well know you prefer to be straight, but have no choice in the matter. You were born gay and are that way just like all of the millions of others out there so do what's right, or get out of your politician job.

Living a complete lie. We are in serious trouble it seems in every aspect. Huh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Should we be afraid of the government bubble bursting?

I think so. We have gone into trillions of dollars in debt and I can't see how the US dollar has not lost almost all of it's valve. So much has been given to banks to solve the problem, but I don't think it has done the job yet.

Will it eventually work? Or will Obama force it to? After all, that is why they were bailed out. It's funny how it works out. Taxpayers lost their homes to the ones who got them into this mess in the first place. And then the banks who made the questionable home loans got bailed out. When will the home owner get bailed out? I remember Obama saying that it was their own fault. But what about the banks; who's fault was it? Obama needs to address what is happening to the bailout money that should be used to fix the foreclosure problem.

My people, we are in more trouble than we know. I just don't see how the media can say that things are getting better when the bottom is still yet to come. Will the government be able to keep up with all of the federal and states' benefits? It's something to think about.

I still see people out there spending money like it is diarrhea that they just have to get rid of. My people, please be careful because we still don't know what color of light is waiting at the end of the tunnel. California is one of the states where real estate has dropped 50% and I still think it will drop much lower before we hit the bottom.

So save, save save.

HYDROXYCUT can kill you

For those who do not read the news or watch the news on the TV who are taking or know someone who is taking Hydroxycut for whatever reason, stop taking it. The manufacturer of Hydroxycut has been asked to take if off the market and has agreed. This drug destroys the liver and causes the need for a liver transplant or it might even cause death.