Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The other stall

I wonder if one of these guys is a Republican senator. This is too funny. :-)
This could happen to you!

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: 'Hi, how are you?'

I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom. I don't know what got into me, but I answered, somewhat embarrassed, 'Doin' just fine!'

And the other person says: 'So what are you up to?'

What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: 'Uhhh, I'm like you, just sitting here.'

At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question: 'Can I come over?'

Ok, this question is just too weird for me. I figured I could politely end the conversation. I say: 'No........I'm a little busy right now!!!'

Then I hear the person say, nervously: 'Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!!'

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random thoughts

Sarah Palin goes from royal wear to rags.

Lately Sarah Palin has been seen in clothes that look like she got it from good will. If the clothes that she gave back were to be used only while she campaigns, why did she stop wearing them and give them away? Isn't that a waste? Did Todd her husband give his back too? Do you think her new wardrobe is decent enough for the campaign? Or is she wearing those rags so we can think she has no decent clothes?

What about the thousands of dollars of taxpayer money that she used to take her children on trips that they were not invited to? Did she give that back? What about all of the free supplies she and Todd got to build their house? Are they paying for that also?

McCain the vet just didn't vet.

Crooked attorneys and judges.

Why are there so many crooked attorneys and judges? Do you think it’s all about the money? Why would they know that their client is as guilty as a fifty cent piece, and yet they would do everything to get them off? What if a murder is committed, or a doctor or hospital causes someone’s life to change drastically for the rest of their life? Why do they look the other way if it’s the loved one or some friend? Do you think most of them became attorneys to help serve justice? Think again, people who work in the justice system commit more crime than everyday people. They have a PHD in dishonesty and money crabbing, and would step on almost their own mother to get the big bucks.

Governor of Nevada committed a rape.

You would think that with all the legal whorehouses and call girls in Nevada, Republican Governor Gibbons would use one of those services for his sick sex addiction instead of raping a woman. Or was it a male he raped? Do you think he wanted it for free and couldn't afford it? Maybe he will hire Attorney Greg Corn, Mr. Master in Stealing, of Elko, Nevada, to represent him.

Martha Stewart’s imprisonment.

So Martha Stewart went to prison because she got some inside information about the stock market and sold stock worth about $40,000. Now all of these others real crooks who have destroyed millions of American lives are getting off with big bounces. Can you believe that? Oh well, we have a wonderful justice system. Huh.

Another big blow to seniors of California.

Social Security and Medicare will be cutting payments and benefits for this month. Why should seniors have to pay for what the big bosses have done? Don't you think they should make people like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put out some money for this mess? Oh, I forgot he does not get paid for his services, but he does get reimbursed almost everyday for flights and hotel costs between Los Angeles and Sacramento because he does not want to live in Sacramento. Does your job pay your expenses if you decide to live in another city other than where you work? Why would this man run for governor, saying that he can fix California’s problems, and then cause the state extra money for something like that knowing that the state is in a deficit? Do you think he has cost California thousands of unnecessary dollars? Huh. Do the math.

Tens of thousands of civilians flee in east Congo

Tens of thousands of civilians flee in East Congo

This is really serious. In a nutshell, the Tutsis and the Hutus are still fighting it out. It's an extension of the bloody civil war that happened in Rwanda during the 90's. This time, however, the UN has been more proactive in an attempt to protext civilians, but it remains a very tough situation.

Tutsi army closes in on city as UN chief quits

Let's all pray for the well being of the thousands of innocent civilians who find themselves caught in the crossfire of this civil war.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two videos

The first is a hillarious video of a fight between an irate wife and her husband.

The second video is a music video entitled "Beautiful Liberia."

Kevin Johnson being in the Sacramento City Hall after hours

Okay, let me see if I can understand the logic about Kevin Johnson's being in the City Hall after hours. No one is allowed into public buildings without a badge and especially after hours unless they work there. Kevin Johnson got into the City Hall without a badge after hours. A security guard give an unauthorized tour to Johnson and an unknown person.

The police department is saying that no laws was broken by his being there even in area that have no security cameras. So can anyone get a tour of public buildings after hours? Just anyone? Come on, he was abusing his power and he is not even the mayor yet.

Is that an ethics problem? Does anyone care why he was there in the first place? Will he be doing lots of unethical things if he becomes mayor of Sacramento? Why do people in positions like security guards let people like that get away with breaking the law? How can the police department say no law was broken? Can just anybody get a tour of public buildings after hours without getting arrested? I bet there are some who are in prison right now for doing the same thing he did, just getting a tour.

I am hoping seriously that people open their eyes and vote Mayor Heather Fargo back into office. She has done such a great job for the Sacramento area.

Having problem with this damn bird poo face cream

I just can't understand how bird poo can make you look younger without getting some form of disease. Someone is going to make millions of dollars from fools who will start or already started using this bird poo cream on their faces to look younger. So many want to live to get old, but don't want to look old. It's like church going people, want to go to heaven, but oh no don't want to die.

Remember the water bottle and tap water stories? Drink and cook only with tap water because it was so pure and healthy for you. And remember that the best way to get rid of unused medication was to flush it down the toilet? Now tap water has all of the thousands of medications in it, even mental meds. Have you thought that there could be traces of human waste in it too like poo?

My people, you have to be your own advocate in everything you do. Just can't take anything for granted leaving it up to the big bosses to take care of you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wasp's nest

I discovered this wasp's nest attached to my house a few weeks ago. It is cold enough now that they are hibernating, so they aren't bothering anybody. I will get around to removing it one of these days. But in the mean time, isn't it a thing of beauty? I don't know how they can make something like that, but they obviously are very good construction workers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bird Poo as face cream for younger looks

Hahaha, rub bird poo on your face to make you look young? I thought just a few years ago we were told to stay away from bird droppings and wash our hands if we come in touch with it. What about bird flu? Oh no, they have a way to extract the bird flu from the cream or all of the bird flu germs are killed. Well genius, why don't you go all the way and tell us to eat the damn bird poo and while you're at it some mosquitoes too? That way we can get bird flu and West Nile virus into our system and die out. Something to think about, huh.

Beauty News

Drill baby drill, drill baby drill

Huh, now that gas prices are coming down do we still need to drill baby drill? My people, have you realized that even when we do drill it does not necessarily mean that we will have cheap gasoline? The gas will be sold to whoever will pay the most. The international market determines the price, not governor Sarah Palin nor McCain nor the American people.

Of course we need to drill, but lets not fool ourselves.

Kevin Johnson spotted at City Hall after hours

Look here, this is very funny and very serious at the same time. Was Kevin Johnson really in the Sacramento City Hall after hours? What was he doing there? And don't tell me he was checking out where to put his desk and chair. Do you sense a rotten fish here? Now he is saying that is not what people want to talk about. People want to talk about the issues.

The police department is saying that it was not a criminal act. Is he already abusing power before even getting the job? So anyone can get a tour of the City Hall after hours, you all hear me. Its okay. You won't get arrested. Damn yes you will be arrested and maybe even booked for trespassing. I think he broke the law. Do you?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heather Fargo for Sacramento Mayor

Heather Fargo is the one and only one. I am voting her. Come on people, this is not Dancing with the Stars with one large fan base. This is for real, the City of Sacramento needs you to make the right choice.

Recession fears roll overseas

Stocks in Asia and now in Europe have dived because of very weak business and economic news. Korea's Kospi has tumbled 10.6 percent, the worst GDP growth in four years. The UK's GDP fell also for the first time in 16 years. London also lost five percent off the FTSE. Japan's Nikkei has fallen 9.6 percent.

Remember that Japan just got out of a twenty year recession few years ago?

Why now, OPEC cuts output by five percent. Could they have done the same months ago? Is it part of the Republicans' misleading information? If we get a Democratic President will it go right back up?

Never know what to believe. We have to do our homework on everything. I mean every damn thing.

Is Kevin Johnson a Republican???

No wonder Kevin Johnson is being backed by a few of the big boy Republicans. Do you know that his campaign has been funded by the McCain campaign and the Republican Party?

Now we understand why he is using the word "change." He is in McCain's footsteps, and he is not Obama like what we thought. The man is a slum landlord who can't even pick up after himself. On a flight a few days ago, he was just like a pig, spilling pistachio nuts all over the aisle.

What has he really done for Sacramento other than buying real estate for his own investing? Think about it. What change can he bring that Heather Fargo has not already started? Kevin Johnson is a copy cat just like John McCain is.

Being a former NBA basketball player doesn't mean that he can be a good mayor for Sacramento. If you vote for Kevin Johnson, you will in a sense be voting for John McCain. Come on my people, Heather Fargo has marks all over town that you can see, not Kevin Johnson. Oh and is there something about $800,000 that he can't give an account for??? What about the saying "once a copy cat, always a copy cat?" He has nothing to bring to Sacramento. He didn't have a plan for the financial crisis when he was asked in his first debate, just like John McCain didn't.

Vote no to Kevin Johnson. Tell him he needs to fix up his slum real estate that he thinks is suitable for people to live in. Middle class and poor people, look and see who is supporting Kevin Johnson. It is the ones who do not want to have to pay higher taxes.

Do you think Johnson wants Obama to win? Hell no, he is thinking only about his pocketbook and not yours.

It's something to think about, huh.

Kids are quick

TEACHER: Jennifer, go to the map and find North America.

Jennifer: Here it is.

TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America?

CLASS: Jennifer.

TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?

JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables.

TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell 'crocodile?'


TEACHER: No, that's wrong.

GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.

TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER: What are you talking about?

DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.

TEACHER: Winnie, name one important thing we have today tha t we didn't have ten years ago.


TEACHER: Glen, why do you always get so dirty?

GLEN: Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.

TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with 'I.'

MILLIE: I is..

TEACHER: No, Millie..... Always say, 'I am.'

MILLIE: All right... 'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.'

TEACHER: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree, but also admitted it. Now, Louie, do you know why his father didn't punish him?

LOUIS: Because George still had the axe in his hand.

TEACHER: Clyde, your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's.. Did you copy his?

CLYDE: No, sir. It's the same dog.

TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?

HAROLD: A teacher.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bush and McCain are like two peas in a pod

If you like George Bush, then you will love John McCain. McCain said himself that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time. And for once he said something that is true.

People, please don't buy this crap that McCain and Palin are going to Washington to reform it. They want to go to Washington to continue Bush's same destructive policies. If McCain actually were elected, God help us. We can't let that happen.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A message from Sarah Palin

McCain campaign worker who claimed she was mutilated confesses to making up the story

Check this out.
Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.

I knew all along that that story was a lie. These people will stop at nothing to try to discredit Obama and his supporters. It's a disgrace.

Why we have the financial crisis

Alan Greenspan said before Congress yesterday that he is partly responsible for the Wall Street meltdown. He said it is not over yet. We should expect an economic tsunami. Thousands are going to lose their homes, jobs and businesses, according to Greenspan's testimony.

Gold prices keep dropping daily. How long before oil prices go back sky high?

Sarah Palin spent $150,000 on clothes in only two months

Can it be true that Sarah Palin, who claims she killed the bridge to nowhere, got rid of her chef and sold the state's jet because she believes in saving money and not over spending, spent $150,000 on makeup and clothes in the last two months? The girl went from penniless to Bloomingdales over night.

Don't tell me she didn't think it would come. What about her line saying that she was not like the big spenders in Washington? I said before that this woman is a complete rogue. Let me correct that. She is a pathological loose liar also.

Remember when Todd Palin said to Greta Van Susteren that he and his friends built their home themselves? That was a lie too. The same contractors who built the sports center in Wasilla built Palin's Alaska home for free. Do you think the Palins should be kicked out of their house? I do.

With all of this going on, I just can't understand why anyone would vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. What more do they need to see that the McCain camp is all about misleading the country about another four years of Bush?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crooks in Elko, Nevada

People of Elko, Nevada, do not vote to reelect District Court Judge Memeo. He is a high classed crook.

Stayed away from the Comforts of Home store. The owner Cliff Ezell is one too. There will be more to come on this later.

Don't spend your money at the Silver Dollar Bar. It was stolen from an 83 year old man by Joel and Janine Vega with the help of the Elko Justice system.

Make sure you don't have Dorna Calkin investigate your senior loved ones. She will tell you "my hands are tied, it happened to me too." And she will do nothing for the helpless senior.

What do you think happened to the case of Captain Aaron Hughes? Why is he being treated differently? When will the justice system of Elko, Nevada do something about the other crooked police officers in Elko? Some of those judges need to go. Judge Kacin, Judge Puccinelli, and Judge Memeo all need to go.

When a crime is committed, should the judge tell the victim that he or she brought it on themselves? Should the sentence be lessened because they know the family of this criminal? Why is Attorney Greg Corn still practicing law? The man is a complete crook and the whole town knows it. Oh, is money being passed under the table? Huh.

Credit cards

I told a group of friends the other day that there are so many countries where the citizens do not have or use credit cards and they seem to get by just fine. My friends were shocked and thought I was pulling a fast one. They couldn't understand how those people got what they wanted. I told them that they live within their means. One of the guys said that is why those people are so poor. Than my female friend said "yes, very poor like us except they know it and we don't."

Is it safe to buy stocks right now?

Maybe it is safe to buy stocks right now if you have got many years ahead of you. But let me tell you what I think. It looks like some are putting a few bucks into the market and when you buy the next day they sell and grab your money. Who do you think can afford to do that? Think about it.

China lost over one million jobs since over a year ago and Wall Street has kept it all to itself. Why?

Why are people just figuring out now that this country is somewhat socialist, or that Obama will turn it into one? Give me a break. What do you think welfare is? They bailed out almost every big company in the country.

With our over spending, we have destroyed the world's economy for a very long time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's the big thing about using artist's songs?

Help me out here. If John McCain and Barack Obama buy a CD and play it at their campaign rallies, it is wrong unless they get permission from the song's rights holder. But if they buy a CD and play it at an office party, let's say a private party or even in the car driving down the street, it's okay. They don't need permission then. I guess we all need to stop buying music without getting permission from the artist.

What about the music stores? Do they need permission too to play their music while trying to sell the CD's? Does that also apply to grocery stores, nightclubs, restaurants, whore houses, etc, etc?

Let's see where the lawsuit goes.

Sarah Palin, a typical Washington insider

Is it true that Sarah Palin's son-in-law to be has been invited on all of her official trips? I have been concerned about her husband's bouncing all over the place. Now it has been reported that she spent $21,000 of taxpayer money to fly, dine, and have her kids spend time in expensive hotels. Is this the same Sarah Palin who says she is a Washington outsider? She calls herself just a hockey mom next door from a middle class family. Sometimes she even plays poor. What a joke.

I did say in one of my previous blog posts that she was no outsider, but I didn't know it was to this extent. The woman is nothing but another complete rogue. She is a crook and a liar. She is selling herself and her husband's good looks as if he really is all that. No wonder she was a beauty queen. Did you know that she became a beauty contestant just to be in the spotlight? Wait a minute here. Did she wink her eyes back then too to win?

Those kids need to be in school so they can learn to be good citizens. I take back what I said about being sorry about her. She will do anything to get what she wants, even using her kids.

Her son-in-law to be said that he always wanted to marry her daughter. Come on, who would turn a free ride like that down? Well, someone with standards might. Shouldn't he be spending all of his free time working and preparing for the baby? Stupid me, I forgot that the taxpayers will pay to support the new one. How silly of me not to have known. I was just a stupid American.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California propositions

No on Proposition 8.

How would they like it if kids' rights were to be taken away? If it is alright for traditional marriage to be taught in schools, shouldn't the same apply for same sex marriages? Gays are people too. And I bet some of those parents who are making this such a big thing have got gay kids that they don't know about yet and may never know because of their selfish thinking. They themselves could be gay as a fifty cent piece.

The No on 8 website.

Yes on Proposition 2.

Don't you think that animals should be treated humanely even if they are going to be used for food? There is no reason to get pleasure out of mistreating a helpless animal. Why kill any animal just for fun? It makes no sense.

The No on 2 website.

No on Proposition 7.

Think about it, we need a safe and clean environment always.

The No on 7 website.

Sarah Palin being made a fool of

I have made fun of Sarah Palin, but I honestly do think that whoever advised her to run for VP did her an injustice. She said it hurts when people talk about her kids. I can imagine. But isn't it the parent's place to teach their kids the right foundations of life? Do you see that with any of her kids? She is educated, but not smart at all.

She made another big mistake to go on SNL. Their ratings went way up, but they sure did make her look more stupid, acting dumb and not knowing it. It was an injustice to her.

Parents, schools and Proposition Eight

Come on parents, can you find something else more important to do with your time? You are worried that your young children might be taught that two boys can marry. But that is false and you know that.

But two men can now get legally married in California. How do you know that your child is not gay? What about the legal feelings? Do you know how many children go through school living a complete lie because of parents like yourselves? Don't you think if your child or any child is gay, they should be given the same love and be allowed to know that it is okay to be who they are? Look around your cites. Do you know how many people with same sex relationships are living next to you?

Why waste time and money? All of the same sex relationships that exist right now did not have the love and care from parents like you, and there were a lot of hateful people out there, and yet they manage to love and be with the person led to them by their feelings.

Don't you think it would be easy for all children to learn that everyone is different and might not be like them, but they are people too?

No one can make someone gay. You are born that way. I hope this don't come back to bite you.

Obama to visit sick grandmother

Senator Obama is taking time off from the campaign trail to fly to Hawaii to visit his ailing elderly grandmother. She is the lady who played a big role in rearing the young Barack Obama, and it is safe to say that he wouldn't be the same fine man without her help. Best wishes to Madelyn Dunham.

The Sacramento mayor's race

Why is Kevin Johnson running for mayor of Sacramento? He said he doesn't have any plans for the local economy up to now. He is leaving it up to Washington. He means like how he bought so many properties in Oak Park and became a slum landlord and let the properties just sit for years without improving them.

Was he on Jet Blue Flight 143 from Sacramento to New York on Sunday Morning? Did he eat pistachio nuts on the plane? Where do you think he put the shells? On the floor or did he leave them for pickup? Was it he who the flight attendant asked to put his seat upright for take off and as soon as she left he put it backwards? Huh.

Sacramento is ready for a change, but not just a change because they need one. Shouldn't it be one that the city will benefit from? Wasn't it incumbent Mayor Heather Fargo who made all of the major changes to midtown and downtown? Was it Mayor Fargo who worked endlessly for the new basketball arena to be built? Oh wait a minute, because the Maloof brothers wanted the taxpayers to pay for it and they get all of the profit and we didn't buy the rotten eggs, that means she did not push hard enough? What a bunch of crap. If that arena had been built we Sacramentans would have been stuck with another large bill, and most residents at this time wouldn't be able to afford to pay to go see the games anyway. Look around the city of Sacramento and see the major improvements that have taken place under Mayor Heather Fargo.

Is Kevin Johnson a real man for the job? He doesn't have an economic plan and he's copying Obama by calling for change just like McCain did. What about the ongoing investigation into his past activities? What if it comes back that he is guilty?

Some man said on TV that Heather Fargo is lukewarm. What was he drinking when he drove through Sacramento as a whole? Maybe he needs to change his glasses or drink coffee to wake him up.

Vote on facts and not just because you think someone is a good basketball player. Remember how Governor Schwarzenegger was voted into office? Look where California is today.

Mayor Heather Fargo has done a wonderful, marvelous job. Let's give credit where credit is deserved. I am sure Kevin Johnson believes he can do better. But so far most of what he has done was for his own pocket, unlike Mayor Heather Fargo.

Vote for Mayor Fargo. She has proved to be able to continue to bring change to Sacramento. Mayor Fargo is the woman.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Get to know Barack Obama

Don't believe John McCain's lies about Barack Obama. Watch this video to learn about the real Barack Obama.

Firefighters being recognized all the time

It is a good thing to give credit where credit is deserved. Firefighters and military men and women put their lives on the line all the time and we should honor them with with pride and dignity. They should even be given more benefits than what they get right now. I stand up for all of them.

But what about nurses and doctors? Don't they put their lives and their family's lives in harm's way everyday with sick people of all kinds of diseases?

What about garbage collectors? They collect our waste that we don't want to be exposed to. Aren't they putting their lives at risk daily too? We can go on all day long.

Credit should be given to all for what they do for this country, not just a few.

Socialism in America

Is there socialism in America? Of course there is. What do you think the bailout is? It's socialism pure and simple except it was for the wealthy and not the middle class and the poor. It seems that to the Republicans like Bush and McCain, socialism is OK if the rich benefit from it but if the rest of get a piece of the action, then it's not OK. What hypocrites these people are.

Someone mentioned that they won't vote for Obama because he will bring socialism to America. Let me tell you, George Bush already did that. So many college students, retirees and homeowners have faced a major loss and they will never get back their entire life savings. But helping them would be "socialism," yet it's OK I guess to help the fat cats on Wall Street.

In Iceland they had a major financial crisis that caused their treasury minister to be removed from office. Do you think we should request the same? Why should we keep trusting Henry Paulson with our money?

If you left your child with a babysitter who let something terrible happen to your child, would you leave your child with that babysitter again? It's something to think about.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain and who is Barack Obama

What does McCain mean when he asks a white supporter "who is Barack Obama?" McCain says "You know who I am. You know my history."

You know that same question could and should be asked of John McCain. Who is John McCain? I bet 98% of Americans do not know who he is. I can guarantee that more Americans know and have more interest in Obama than McCain. And it is Barack Obama who is the American dream. It's not McCain who came from a wealthy family and never knew hard times. Barack Obama knows what it means to go hungry, not having a father around, and being on welfare. McCain doesn't.

Do you think because McCain was in a prisoner of war camp for five years that gives him the right to be president? Is that a good reason? Without putting McCain down, how did he get captured? He keeps saying he is a maverick. Did he get captured because he was not obeying orders and doing whatever he wanted to? Maybe he was a maverick back than too.

Is it racist when he keeps asking who is Obama? Is he trying to get whites to see that Obama is not white and he is? And then when he says you know who I am, is this for whites to be reminded that he McCain is white just like they are?

What about experience? He used to say Obama has no experience, but he did not hesitate to choose a VP who can't even give a speech without being coached. Come on, do you think Sarah and Todd Palin have the experience to run this country? Think about it.

One can say whatever they want to using words that are meant to be read in between the lines. It is very racist when McCain says "you don't know my opponent, but you know me." He is speaking to the white community, not the black community. It is racist, my people. And when Sarah Palin keep talking about small towns, that is discrimination against big cities.

Something to think about. Huh.

Salvery is a major part of where this country is today

Slavery is the foundation of where we are today. There is no need for blacks to be ashamed of their past. They were made into what they became. So many have walked into finding their real selves realizing that they are human also and can be anything in this our great country just like the white kids next door can.

There are many young Republicans out there, but let me tell you they are voting that way because they believe that McCain, not necessarily Palin, reaches the same polices. It's the same for Obama/Biden. Young voters search their polices. It's nothing to do with race.

It's not like the old bags who are almost out to eternity who still want to control human color and places from the grave. Where have they been all their many years? Haven't they seen the change that is inevitable, even at the cemetery where they will be laid to rest? The person in the cemetery plot next to theirs could be black. Haha. Cremation? Do they think there are two separate ovens to burn them in? Or at the hospital, are there special operating rooms for each race, etc, etc?

We all share the same these days. Come on, stop being so hateful and do try to leave your children and grand children knowing that Grannie and Grandpa died not as a racists. Let me tell you it is very important to the future generation that color is not an issue.

The past is the foundation of today. We all should celebrate the past and welcome the future.

Race is still very alive here in the USA

In mid September when I first mentioned that race would play a role in this election, I got chewed out by some who thought that I was making it up about race. It is and would be silly not to think that race is playing a heavy role in this election. Let me tell you my people, if Obama were white, this would have been over by now.

Some blacks are voting for Obama only because he is black and some whites are voting for McCain only because they do not want a black man in the White House. Let me tell you all something, vote for the candidate whose policies you agree with. Vote for someone you believe can bring real change to our country, not because of their color.

To older people, this country is racially mixed and there is no going back. Obama or no Obama, there will be another race in the White House someday. Why not vote right and vote for the Obama/Biden ticket? That way you can see the change before you die. Let's try to remember we the people of this our great nation are of all colors and races. Let's make no mistake, we are all Americans whether black, white, Asian, Native American, etc, etc.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Stays in Vegas

This is to all you crooks, criminals and people who think you got it all and will never get caught. Request a visit with OJ. He can tell you that it is true that what's done in the dark will make it to the light.

People of Elko, what happened to the charges against Captain Aaron Hughes? Was he supposed to show up in court on the 14th of this month? Wow, he's getting the royal treatment for his crimes. Let me tell you, he is not the only one in elko. Elko's Justice system is infested with crooks, including the Elko Aging Services.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More McCain pics

Thank you Photoshop and thank you to Hamlette.


It's easy to spot a Photoshop.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Republicans view African Americans

This is what they really think about African Americans. It's from the October newsletter by the Chaffey Community Republican Women.

Pictures from Lamoille Canyon

These are some pictures of wild flowers and wild berries that I took recently at Lamoille Canyon in Northeastern Nevada. The last picture shows two bighorn sheep, which are indigenous to this area.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dow Jones Average drops 733 points today

Taken together with yesterday's more modest loss, the Dow has almost lost every bit of the record gain that it made on Monday.

Things are looking very scary. And the stock market is just a side show. What is really killing us is the frozen credit markets, and in spite of the government's having thrown just about every trick in the book at the problem, credit still is almost impossible to get.

When people can't get financing to buy cars, then the auto makers are in trouble. What do you think will happen to Ford and General Motors now? They will go bankrupt, huh. That is unless the government bails them out too.

But let me ask you. How much longer can the government keep bailing out everybody? Money doesn't grow on trees now does it? But if they keep throwing these billions of dollars at these financial problems, pretty soon the money will be so worthless that you will need a wheelbarrow full of it just to buy a loaf of bread.

My people, we are in serious doo doo. Bush has screwed things up so bad it's not funny. And by the time Obama can get in office, things will be so bad that it will take a super human effort for him to get things straightened out. And you know that the Republicans, representing Wall Street and rich people, will be fighting Obama all the way.

But to me, the choice is clear. Either we elect Obama or we are all going to hell in a hand basket. The choice is yours. Use you head, my people. Vote for what is best for you and your family. Put an end to this madness that the Republicans have brought us.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The most spine chilling McCain video you will ever see

The financial crisis

The Knowledge Trap Blog has a good article called "The Financial Crisis In Under 400 Words" which pretty much summarizes as briefly as possible why we are in the mess we are in now. It's worth reading.

Over 1.3 million homeless children in this country

Can you believe that there are millions of homeless children in this country and we are worried about the children of other countries who have millions of dollars in reserve? Do you think it should be that way? Do you think that some of the $ten billion that is being spent on a war that has never been ours to fright in the first place should or can be used to help out some of the homeless children of this country? How do these people sleep at night?

Something needs to be done about the homeless children in our country. They are the future. We need to help make the way smoother for them. We need to manage our country without leaving behind young people who will be part of the future. We can't afford to have millions of uneducated people left to deal with this economic crisis that we are leaving behind.

It's something to thing about, huh.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The barbershop

This is really funny.
John McCain and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barbershop.

As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken.

The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics.

As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had McCain in his chair reached for the after shave.

McCain was quick to stop him saying, "No thanks, my wife Cindy will smell that and think I've been in a whorehouse."

The second barber turned to Obama and said, "How about you?"

Obama replied, "Go ahead, my wife Michelle doesn't know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like."


Two faced people

You would think that Obama would be thirty points ahead of McCain by now, given all that has been going on lately, but most polls show him still just a few points ahead. Do you think that if he were white things would be the same? Why do so many people still not want him to win? Is it because of his color or because of his experience? Are a lot of people just plain racist to the bone? Would you destroy your children and grandchildren's future because of your own hatred? It's something to think about.

Forget Obama for a while. Think about your loved ones, or even about yourself. You could get sick and need medical care but you would only get a $5000 tax credit from McCain's plan. Do you know how far $5000 would carry you if you get sick and need special treatment? My people, just a day or less.

But with the Obama/Biden ticket's health care plan you can have the same as Congress for a change. You and your family could get the best like any other person in this country, wealthy or not.

Three weeks to election and still people are ignorant about Obama

Where have people been? What have they been watching on TV? What have people been reading? Don't tell me they have been like Sarah Palin, not reading any news.

Well Obama is not an alien. He's not a Muslim, and even if he were, he should still be allowed to be our country's president if he qualifies and I think he does.

It is very scary that people will be voting or already started voting and don't have the slightest idea what they are voting for or who the candidates are or what they stand for. What is going on here? This is the Untied States of America and it hurts to know that so many are still misinformed or just plain stupid.

Let me help you my people, vote for Obama. He is the one with Biden who can bring us some hope.

McCain got a marriage license to marry his present wife while he was still married to his first wife. You know McCain always refers to the wealthy ones on Wall Street as his friends. Huh, no wonder he left his first wife for his current one. She is all about money just like McCain's friends on Wall Street are.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tod Palin wantabe

I have never seen anything like this before. The VP candidate's husband is so involved when he should be home raising their children. I don't care what Republicans says about the Palins, I don't think they are such great parents. Don't you think they are parents who teach their kids that it is alright to step on as many people as you can in life?

I keep hearing that Sarah Palin didn't need any reason to fire her brother in law's boss because he wouldn't fire her ex brother in law. And it's not against the law to do so. However, they did find that she abused her power with the help of her husband, who made so many phone calls over the matter.

Don't you see it should be illegal for a government officer to abuse their power for personal reasons? I'm till trying to understand. OK, if someone broke into someone's home and stole all of their money, is that a crime? Should the governor be held to a higher standard of life to set a good example for the state?

I still don't understand how this woman became governor. I hope it was not by winking at men to get them to vote for her.

Are you tired of seeing Todd Palin trying to give a speech? Why can't this Todd Palin dude find his own identity and leave his wife's alone? Shouldn't he have been at home raising their kids while she was allegedly governing? Oh, I forgot, he spent most of his time in her office even when she was conducting the government's private business. No wonder she got pregnant with a child that she didn't prepare for. They were doing the same thing Bill Clinton was doing, except without the cigarette.

Isn't that an insider Washington specialty? Do you think that Todd and Sarah Palin need to go?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gay rights

California voters, how will you vote on Proposition Eight? Should gays be able to marry like a man and a woman? Should it be alright to teach in schools that two men or two women should be able to get married? What about the kids who are already being adopted or raised by gay partners? Should they have to hide the fact that they are blessed with two parents of the same gender who give them all the same love that straight parents give to their children? Is it true that everybody knows or has a gay friend, relative, or co-worker whom they are very fond of? If the young people of today don't care about color, race, or sexuality, why are the older people and so-called Christians so hateful against other people's happiness? Is it true that most of the so-called Christians are having gay sex anyways and just living a lie? It's something to think about.

Why do people lie about just about anything? Why, my people???

Elko, get rid of the crooks there

People of Elko, vote no to all crooks running for offices in Elko. File a petition to have all crooked government and state workers removed from office. You can change your city into a much nicer, safer, honest, and respectable town. You don't need those crooked people passing on down to your children their corrupted minds.

Look at what happened to Judge Memeo's poor son. Some say you can't blame his father. I say look closely and see what Judge Memeo does in the court room. Don't tell me that his son did not know that his father was stealing from innocent people. Do you think that the young man thought it was okay to steal like how his father does every second that he can? Of course he did.

What about other judges like Kacin and Puccinelli? How so you think their family is going to turn out? Apples do not fall far from the tree. The Elko justice system is as crooked as Joel and Janine Vegas' pocket book. In Elko money talks and justice dies.

People of Elko, if not for yourself, do it for your children's futures. Let them know that you stand for justice for all. In the future they will look back and say my parents were okay.

You have the power to get rid of the crooked lawyers, doctors, judges, police officers and maybe even the useless mayor. They are only distorting beautiful Elko's reputation while they over fill their own pockets.

Is Sarah Palin a Washington outsider like how she claims?

Did Sarah Palin say she was a Washington outsider? What a liar. What does she call using her power to get her brother in law fired because he was dumping her sister? We don't know what drove that trooper to do the things that he was doing. Was it that Sarah was too involved in his marriage? Was Todd Palin using government taxpayer money for his own purpose? Was he flying out doing government work without being a government employee?

When Sarah talks about fixing problems in Alaska, is she referring to the sports center that she gave permission to be built on land that is not owned by the state? Maybe she was hoping that that African pastor who gets rid of witchcraft would perform some voodoo so the owner could forget that he owns the property.

Alaska has a governor who believes in witchcraft, but thinks its okay to kill wolves. Someone needs to tell her that wolves are sacred animals. Does she know that the over 400 breads of dogs that exist today are direct descendants of wolves? Oh, I forgot, she doesn't read.

Election in three weeks

Walk down any street in America and ask people randomly who is running for president, they won't know, but let me tell you, they all intend to vote on November fourth. How scary that is. Show them pictures of this country's leaders and they do not know who they are. Do you think these idiots should be allowed to vote? Whom are they voting for and on what issues? Ask them what they care about. They can tell you their concerns, but they don't know who represents those concerns? Do you know how many of those kinds of people are out there?

Another thing that is nerve racking, homosexuals who have been denied basic equal rights all their lives won't vote for a black man. Blacks who should know all about how it feels to be stepped on all their lives won't vote for a half white man. Many who haven't done the research and know that Obama can bring change that is much better for this country, won't vote for Obama because he is black. Let me tell you stupid, stupid, stupid. This is 2008 and there are still so many racist stupid people out there.

Go to a local bar. People are still spending on cocktails and heavily tipping bartenders who do not deserve to be tipped at all. They are the ones who will be looking in garbage cans for food if things get any worse. People, please wake up and smell the fish. Can't you smell rotten fish that are trickling down from Wall Street right into your pockets?

My people, save, save, save.

Friday, October 10, 2008

How many public companies in the USA will go bankrupt?

Do you think hundreds of them will? I think so. What about construction companies? Huh, for sure they're in trouble. You will be building at a time like this? Not me.

Didn't Warren Buffet say he was leaving 90% of his multi-billion dollar estate to charities? Well with what is happening right now, isn't it enough for him to start giving away some of his billions now instead of buying up whatever he can get his hands on? You never know about people. Do people say just about anything to get attention for all the wrong reasons?

What about Jon Huntsman of Utah? With all of what he says he gives to charities, what about helping Main Street out, Mr. Hunstman? Main Street needs major help and none of those wealthy people are lifting a finger to help. You know what they are doing? They are buying up as much as they can, since everything's valve has dropped so low. They prefer for China to own this country rather than helping bail out the mess that was caused in their interest in the first place.

People, like how the late 84 year old Roy Mobert used to say...people.

People, please buy only your needs and not wants for the next few years. Please.


Hold on to your political memorabilia. This is the most special election in the history of our country. Hold on to whatever you can from this election. It may and could become valuable in the future.

Obama autographs are already selling for $100.00.

The new dollar bill


The economic crisis

Can China keep helping us out?

China has it's own problems regarding the global economic crisis. Can they help us out right now? Their economy is sputtering as trade lowers. I bet they will decline any help to the rest of the world at this time. What have we done to the entire global economic system?

We already owe billions of dollars for a war that was not our fight.

The economic crisis is coming soon to Elko, NV.

Well I always thought that as long as the price of gold was strong, Elko, Nevada would beat the economic crisis a bit. But with the credit and liquidity crisis, the mining companies that are the economic lifeblood of Elko won't have access to capital needed for day to day operations through the credit markets. Have new homes in Elko came to a halt yet?

People of Elko, Nevada, your county is being run by rouges and the crooked my pocket first crowd who put my good life second and the people of Elko very last.

Don't vote anyone into office that you know is a two time crook. Go through their office records and investigate your judges. Many of them need to go. All of the crooked lawyers and doctors need to go too. Complain about all of those who are riding the system just for themselves. Oh, let's not forget the Elko Police Department.

The market

Interest rates have been cut by not just the US, but other countries too, so why are we still in trouble with stock prices? Are the big bosses on Wall Street selling off as we buy back into the market? Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and England have cut rates in half, so shouldn't the problem have subsided a bit by now?

Even the ten year T-note has been falling. What happened to the $66 billion that the Treasury sold on various maturities?

Even Walmart is just okay. Shouldn't they be way up since everybody and their brother have been shopping there lately?

How come Wall Street did not see this coming? Isn't that what those crazy bitches are being paid big bucks for? Or are they paid to play golf, cheat on their wives, and shop for no reason.

Of course George Bush said it all will soon be over. Do you think he's telling the truth this time? The man is McCain's twin brother. They share the same brain, and have no clue.

Why are so many still afraid to vote for Obama? Are they too clueless or maybe they just don't care about our country? Is it fair to say that race is the main reason? Don't tell me they cannot see that McCain is not worth the shit Palin is flushing down the toilet. It's one lie after another. Oh maybe it's the cancer he has that is blocking his brain. Do you think that if McCain really cared for this country, he would have chosen Sarah Palin as his VP? Of course not. He chose her to help him win. Yet he is still trying to sell his "my country first" bull.

We are in a recession and it's going to be for many years. People, stop the wasteful spending. Stop wasting your money on non necessities that you don't need.

Things have still not gotten as bad as they will get. We haven't seen the bottom of this bucket yet. And let me tell you it will be deep all the way down.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The undecided vote

Thanks to John's Blog for that.

Wall Street

Are the wealthy not investing in the market yet? Did Main Street bail them out? Before the bailout was passed, why was not Main Street told that it would take a long time before we see things get better? They can call it whatever they want to, but it was a bailout. I'm still waiting to hear about foreclosed home owners who already lost their homes and are now unemployed. And when will the big bosses start losing their jobs? And even if they do they will most likely get one of those golden parachutes worth millions. What a bunch of wet hot crap? Huh

Do you think if Obama were a white man, the election would have been over already? Even gays and lesbians who have been discriminated against all their lives are voting for McCain just because he is white. Don't come crying when you elect the McCain/Palin ticket and things get worse than what it would have been if the Obama/Biden ticket were elected.

You can't tell me that you are unable to see who is honest and will make a better president. All you are saying is that you wouldn't vote for a black man. Right? Right.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Betty White calls Sarah Palin a "Crazy Bitch"

The arraignment of Capt. Aaron Hughes

People of Elko, Nevada, please don't forget that Elko PD Captain Aaron Hughes' arraignment will be on October 14, 2008. It will be either at 9 AM or 1 PM at the county courthouse.

Please find time to be there. Don't let the crooked justice system in Elko get him off. Think about how many Elkoans he has mistreated and how many other times he stole and got away with it. I tell you our government in Elko is very crooked.

Do you think it's Assistant DA Chad Thompson who is handling this case? If those documents could talk, I wonder what they would be saying? Stop writing lies on me? Huh.

Now let's move on to various Elko area crooks. Don't shop at the Comforts of Home store. Cliff Ezell, the owner, is a complete crook.

Ms. Calkin of the aging services is a crook. Seniors of Elko do not get justice as long as she is running that office. She believes every man is a molester because of what happened to her little girl.

Don't you think you should vote most of Elko's leaders out of office? One thing McCain said is true. Sometimes things do trickle down. Do you think he was referring to corruption? He should know. The bosses in Elko are his friends.

Elko Justice Court Judge Al Kacin, District Court Judge Memeo, and District Court Judge Andrew Puccinelli all have to go.

Funny, most in Elko know that Attorney Greg Corn is a first class crook and will steal even from the blind and yet won't do anything about it. Don't you think you have a major responsibility to your children to make sure they live in an area with a clean justice system?


You have already seen a picture of Judy. My other cat is named Molly. She is a big girl. I believe she is a Democrat and Judy is a Republican.

Judy believes in using the toilet for all her business and Molly just doesn't care. Molly is very friendly and accepts everyone. While Judy never comes up to strangers, she even knocks on the door when locked out, while Molly will wake up the whole neighborhood just to have someone let her in.

Molly likes all animals while Judy doesn't even like other cats. But what is so amazing is they get along and try to make the best of having to share a home that they both strongly believe is their's and not the other's.

Don't you think if we as people could make some effort to get along with all races and respect each other, this world wold be a much better place?

I am for Obama and believe in his cause, but McCain has a cause and believes in it too. I think it's all kookoo talk, but should I respect his cause like how I want him to respect mine. I think. However everyone should vote for Obama because he will and can do much more for us as a whole than McCain can. Vote for Obama. He is the man.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our next president

Obama won the second debate. He should be and will be our next president.

McCain called Obama "that one," which was very rude and disrespectful. We need a president right now. Obama did a wonderful job tonight I think.

Tonight's debate

Five thousand dollars? Have you ever been ill or had to be in a hospital? How far can $5000 go toward medical bills?

Bring our troops home with a win? How will we pay for it? Are we in this financial crisis due to the price of Iraq? We shouldn't be over there anyway. If we pull out there will be no shame. We need the seven billion dollars that we are spending on the Iraq War right here. Maybe let California use it to pay their teachers, police officers, and states workers. What sense does it make to pay for the Iraq War and not take care of our own needs like the police and teachers? Iraq has 84 billion dollars in reserve. Can they help?

Did we get answers to questions concerning Iraq and the economics of the USA and other countries?

How do you think we should handle Russia?

What should be done to the former CEO of AIG? After we bailed them out they went on a four hundred thousand dollar retreat. Can you believe that? So many have lost their jobs, homes, and medical insurance, while we with the help the fools on the Hill are still paying for those very loose assholes' high classed lives.

I say fire the entire Congress and everyone else who had something to do with this unnecessary bailout.

What the hell is going on here?

Do you think Obama will expect all to work hard and become somebody?

What about McCain, will he give only the wealthy a tax break and let the middle class do all the work?

Both candidates never talked about the poor, only the wealthy and the middle class. What about the poor? Lord knows our country has many of those.

So who do you think is the man?

Full McCain Keating video

We have messed up not just our money, but major parts of the world

Why did they tell us that we had few days to fix things? First it was Wall Street, then Main Street, then the credit crisis and foreclosures. We are in much more of a major meltdown than we know. Other countries are feeling it too, because we allowed everybody and their brother to buy into any part of anything we own. And we have sold bad goods to them, bad credit, bad mortgages, bad debt and God alone knows what. I am beginning to think that we do not own our own country anymore.

Instead of Sarah Palin talking about Obama's pastor and his associations, don't you think she should be talking about how she and McCain are going to fix our economy? Do you think the reason they bailed out those companies is that they know if it went to bankruptcy, details of all transactions will have to be exposed and we would find out all of their connections and crooked deals?

My people, they are involved and they have taken care of themselves and left Main Street to burn again. Why should anyone believe what Bush is saying? Or any of them? Why has no one been arrested yet? Martha Stewart was in prison for selling her own stocks. Why not Henry Paulson and the rest of those fools? Where will all of this money come from to pay off those other countries?

Do you think the stock market is going up and down because they are tricking Main Street into buying and then they sell and steal from Main Street? Think about it. This makes no sense.

Why do people keep saying that Obama has no experience? Do you think he has been right on most of the issues? Hell yeah he has. People, get off your high horse and commit to Obama. Please. You can continue to be a Republican all you want, but now is the time to vote for Obama. Does it really matter whether the one who is right is a Republican or a Democrat at such a time? Hell no. If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your country and your children's future. Please people...we are in a serious mess and McCain helped to cause it.

Was McCain lying to us when he said our country was fundamentally sound? Hell yes, he was lying through all of the pores of his body. Not only is our country unsound but they have gotten other countries fundamentally unsound and unstable too. Think about it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Vatican's take on the Wall Street meltdown

Did I hear something on the news that the Vatican said that the Wall Street meltdown was from greed and deception? I hope I am wrong, because the Catholic Church I believe is the wealthiest church on this planet next to the Mormon Church. Do you know that they have mass almost every hour of the day and take a collection every time? Do you think the problems with the priests molesting little boys and girls is because the church is too cheap to support a priest who is married and has children? Do you think that they are involved in everything from real estate to drugs? It's something to think about.

Need a college education

Are we sending a message to our youth that one does not need a college education? Help me out here, because college is very expensive and as you can see the first dude does not have one and he is living in the governor's house in Alaska, and he has access to confidential matters in Alaska. Do you think if he were well educated, Sarah Palin would speak with a bit more class? I was thinking that she was speaking to high school dropouts, but since then I saw him campaigning for her in Anchorage. I understand now. It's for him to be able to understand. You know he could become the first man if the McCain/Palin wins. I'm so afraid for the future.

I love my country for the first time

Did I hear McCain say on September 4, 2008, during the debate, that the first time he loved his country was when he was in prison? So this means he did not love his country until he got captured? What was his purpose in the military? Was it something that his forefathers had done and he had to without the love of his country? I haven't heard any negative remarks about his saying that, but when Michelle Obama said "this is the first time I can say I love my country," people were quick to judge her. Is that fair?

Are you scared too?

With this whole bailout thing, are you afraid that neither McCain/Palin nor Obama/Biden will be able to keep all of what they have promised they would do for this country? I know I haven't got any idea what they might cut out of their plans because of the new financial reality.

People, we are in for a big surprise. Remember all of the promises Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made to California? It didn't take that long for him to sing a different song, did it? Will the national politicians be next?

Have you noticed that even with the bailout the big bosses who messed it up in the first place will still be the ones who are managing the money? How many of the thirteen cars that McCain has have been repossessed? Oh, what about his homes? I haven't heard of any being foreclosed on. What about Nancy Pelosi, Henry Paulson, or Barney Frank? Have you heard? I haven't. Do you think they are still doing okay? Good question.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A few random thoughts

War crimes

Should George Bush, Dick Cheney and ___ etc., etc., be punished for war crimes? Saddam Hussein was.

The Terminator

Didn't Gray Davis get kicked out of office so that the Terminator could fix things in California? What happened to all of those promises he made to Californians? Should he be kicked out and his job be given back to Gray Davis? Really, he hasn't done any better, has he? Huh.

Cause of the civil war in Liberia, West Africa

Was it over the price of rice rising too high and citizens could not afford it that led to the civil war and the execution of the head of state William Tolbert and his cabinet? I guess food is a very important part of man's being able to get up and function daily.

There is a saying in Africa. "Three things you do not play with, a man, food, women, and money." Is that really true?

Whatever happened to protect and serve?

Whatever happened to protect and serve?

Hahaha, interim investigation? Give me a break. Alleged rogue Elko PD Captain Aaron Hughes has been investigating neglect, abuse and stealing from an elder, the late Roy Mobert. He is also investigating the way that Sgt. Diaz and other Elko PD officers were mistreating a citizen of Elko for the past year.

Hughes has not returned phone calls, or answered letters or email sent to him. The ex police chief, Mike Smith, also has never replied letters sent to him. When calls were placed to the new police chief, he too has not returned any calls and was told by his assistant that they had no record of the cases. Are you surprised? I am not. The Elko justice system is one of the most corrupt in the country.

If you ask me, Captain Hughes is guilty and there are others. Who do some of the ranches in the area buy their equipment from? Don't look further than the cops. Do you think they are involved in major drug problems there too? Attorney Greg Corn of Elko should only be allowed into court to be sentenced for stealing and major corruption of justice.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Everybody puts a picture of their cats on their blog. Right? Well, I guess I had better get to it. This is one of my cats, Judy, a ten year old domestic long hair who showed up in my back yard when she was a kitten ten years ago. She has lived with me ever since and let me tell you, she is a piece of work.

Boycott these businesses in Elko, NV

If you are ever in Elko, Nevada, please boycott The Silver Dollar Bar at 400 Commercial Street. Joel and Janine Vega got it by fraudulently stealing it from an eighty-three year old man, Roy Molbert. DA Gary Woodberry, Assistant DA Chad Thomspon, Ex Elko Chief of Police Mike Smith, PD Captain Aaron Hughes, Sergent Genesal, Attorney Greg Corn, and famous District Court Judge Memeo all know about it. It makes you wonder about the justice system in Elko, Nevada.

Don't shop at the Comforts of Home store. Cliff Ezell the owner is a theif. He will steal you blind.

Don't buy any form of home owner insurance from Safeco in Elko. It is being run by crooks.

If you need to replace your auto window, don't go to Chuck's Auto Repair on Idaho Street. They will charge your $400 to $500 dollars for the same glass and repairs that Elko Auto will charge you only about $150 for.

People of Elko, Nevada, don't you think enough is enough?

McCain is no maverick

Hehehe, hahaha, wow, huh. How long has McCain been part of Washington, D.C.? Is it 26 to 27 years? Is he trying to say that in all these years, he has not caught on to the money grubbing thefts, and the "pocket first country second" attitude yet? Come on Senator McCain, give me a break, haven't you been a part of it all along?

Didn't he get a marriage license before he divorced his first wife to marry Cindy, his present wife, who is the only heir to a Budweiser distributorship worth millions? They own thirteen cars and seven houses. Hahaha. I think that is money grubbing when he does it, is it not? Is he trying to say that he had or still doesn't have any clue about what is going on in Washington, D.C. with his money grubbing, crooked friends? Remember, he keeps calling them his friends. Oh, I get it, birds of the same feather do fly together.

I say to Senator McCain, make them celebrities right now. You know who they are. What are you waiting for? Oh, I get it, you are waiting until we make you president. Like how you have a plan to catch Osama bin Laden after you are president. Look sir, if the country is really first for you, with so many of our young people getting killed overseas, some returning with mental illness and diseases that will last for the rest of their lives, while wait until you are president?

And here's something else to think about, someone who lives in Alaska. Who is the governor that pays herself with taxpayer money? Then she hires most of her year book friends and family, yet apparently she should be considered a Washington outsider? Are you telling us one has to live in Washington to be one of the money grubbing fools? Do you think people are that stupid? Maybe.

Billions of dollars for recovery in Nigeria

Nigeria, West Africa, is the world's sixtieth most corrupt country. They have recovered billions of unspent dollars in the budget that were stolen by ministers who file bogus contracts to steal from the people of the country.

Political corruption in Nigeria

It is the world's eighth largest exporter of crude oil. Yet one hundred and forty million of their people live in poverty.

Ten former state governors, two government ministers, a senator, and nine civil servants have been charged and are being prosecuted since President Umaru Yar'Adua's election.

Does this ring a big bell here? Should our big bosses over here also be investigated and charged if necessary?

African Americans and Mexican Americans

Why are so many American Mexican, Mexican and African Americans in prison? Do you think they all committed those crimes they are serving time for? Think again. Someone has to be blamed for this corrupted system to survive, so they blame poor minorities who can't afford to fight back.

What about the aging services of Elko, Nevada? Eighty-three year old Roy Molbert was neglected, abused and stolen from blindly. Do you know what Ms. Calkin, the aging services agent said? I quote, "He did it. It happened to me too when someone close to me molested me when I was a child. He was drunk and can't remember. That is why he passed the lie detector test." Janine Vega deserve his estate.

Do you think they know that Janine Vega is a liar? Or are they just thinking about the funds they were getting under the table?

Do you think Ms. Calkin is qualified to run the aging services in Elko? How many other Elko County Seniors have been abused then she looked the other way? It's something to think about, huh.

Don't you think we need change and real soon?

The continuing saga of Elko PD Captain Aaron Hughes

Is it true that suspended Elko PD Captain Aaron Hughes is now working at the Elko County Sheriff's Office? You mean to tell me that this crook was caught red handed stealing, drunk as a fish, and is being rewarded for it? Do you think if it were you, your son, daughter, wife, husband, brother, or friend, they wouldn't be locked up?

One of the crooks who run Elko

Captain Aaron Hughes' trouble with the law

Good cop bad cop

What about Chief of Police Mike Smith, is he working for Elko Lock and Safe? Ha ha. He quit being a police chief to do that. I heard he retire for personal reasons. You know, that's what they all say. Huh.

Then Mrs. Janine Vega of Elko, miss "Crook of all Crooks," someone who with her husband Joel's help stole, neglected and abused an 83 year old man, her step father. She used so many people pretending that she cared for them, using false documents and lying to the DA. Of course they believe her or are a part of it themselves. Ask Chad Thompson, the deputy DA, and Gary Woodberry the DA. She even intercepted mail and packages from the Federal Post Office. When they caught her all they did was demote her to a janitor. What about the other postal employees who get fired for being late or because of situations they just couldn't avoid? Janine got off almost Scott free because her husband Joel is a part of the old boys network in Elko. If it had been someone else caught ding they they would have fired them right then and there.

We need change people, we need change.

Toxic waste dump in Ivory Coast has caused death and illnesses

Since 2006, a toxic waste dump in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa, has been the cause of seventeen deaths and over 100,000 illnesses. Five tons of chemical waste were dumped there. Do you think this contributes to global warming?

Do you think that Sarah Palin would agree that man has caused this or is it God's will?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Elko Judge Memeo accused of sexual harassment

While he was ultimately not disciplined over this, that's not surprising given the old boys network in Elko. But that's not all, Memeo is currently being "sued in federal court for sex discrimination and age discrimination" according to the Monkeyhead blog. I would urge everyone who is voting in the November election in Elko County to read what the Monkeyhead blog has to say about Memeo. It is a real eye opener.

Memeo's opponent in the election is Mark Torvinen. Let me quote again from the Monkeyhead blog.
These are the reasons that I am supporting Mark Torvinen for judge. It is time for a change in Elko County. It is time for a person with ethics and good morals to be put on the bench. Mark is highly experienced in trial practice and has history and experience as both a criminal prosecutor, defense attorney, and a civil attorney, including family law. His knowledge of the law is amazing and mindboggling and has a great mind for understanding all of the intricacies of the law. He is Elko County’s best choice for Department I and he will serve the citizens of Elko County well.

Misjustice in Elko, Nevada by Judge Michael Memeo

Making $250,000 plus per year

Anyone who is making $250,000 a year and votes for McCain/Palin just because they want the tax cut they have promised, are they just as greedy and could they do the same things that caused us to be where we are today? It's something to think about.

Can we even trust the Speaker of the House? Remember her husband got just about $250,000 from Pelosi's PAC. Wow, how many are there out there who can deserve a break like that? There might be others who deserve that money, but not Paul Pelosi.

Decent, dishonest and plain just crooked?

Do you think a loyal friend is someone who hangs out with your enemies or says or does anything to fit into a social group? What about someone who will make up a lie to get ahead or steal your ideas to gain acknowledgment? Should a friend be honest, loyal , respectful, caring, understanding, and direct at all times? Are there really any good lies?

Just a hockey mom next door to get McCain/Palin into the White House?

What about basketball mom, baseball mom, football mom, soccer mom, tennis mom, or just a mom whose kids are not interested in sports?

When Sarah Palin winks, isn't that some form of sexual harassment? Haven't you heard of men who have lost their jobs because they wink at a female? So why should it be any different for Palin? Or does she get a pass because she is a woman?

"Can I call you Joe?" Mispronouncing names, or pretending not to be educated, was Sarah trying to make uneducated people think she is just like them? Is she just another middle class, halfway uneducated mom next door? What about the thing about her baby being out that late? Do you think she couldn't afford a babysitter? Or was she using her disabled child for her own political gain again?

Governor Palin is not just a middle class hockey mom next door. How many middle class moms next door have the luxury to pay themselves for living in the own home? How many can go on national television and tell the world showing off her son who will supposedly be serving in a war knowing that he would be a liability to the troops he serves with? Do you think that is so he won't be put on the front lines? Think about it.

Sarah Palin did OK in the debate. But do you think she would have without the notes her handlers wrote for her? Oh, and she wants to be like Dick Cheney, making decisions and having some form of executive power to change things while as VP. Does this mean she does not agree with his polices? Don't get me wrong. I don't think she is uneducated or stupid, rather she is very smart.

We have to remember small towns like the one she lives in do things very differently than large cities do. They bend the rules because everybody knows everybody and they scratch each other's backs. It's something like like what the big bosses are doing on the Hill right now.

We need to think about what would happen if God forbid something happens to John McCain anytime soon. Will our country be run by Todd Palin, I mean Sarah Palin?

And regarding what she said about global warming, come on, we are what we eat. Anyone in their right mind can see that the earth is what we put into it. If anyone thinks that man is not distorting this planet, they need to think again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who won tonight's debate?

Who won the debate? What do you think? I guess gays and lesbians are not part of this country. Does John McCain really knows how to win a war? Did we win the Viet Nam War? Was it a fair debate? Sarah choose not to talk about what she was asked. What if Biden had chosen not to? Did Joe Biden do what he had to do? Why did Sarah Palin attack him without any real knowledge?

Why did she say things that she was not asked? Is she a professor of politics? Over all I think she did okay, but it was no gain for McCain. Can't the Palin's afford a babysitter? I am concerned that that baby is going to grow up in the VP office if McCain/Palin wins.

I think that Palin is still a liability to the ticket. Do you think that Palin made the case that her ticket is any better or different than the Bush Administration?

Country in crisis, not decided yet

I was very surprised to know that so many people are still undecided over the election. What are they doing with their spare time? Are they watching soap operas, hanging out in bars, watching ball games, or do they just not care? I can't believe that anyone who cares is still not decided.

What more do they need? I am also tired of hearing people say I like this person or that person. Give me a break, this is not a passion show. You don't have to like the person my people, just what they stand for. Think about your future and all what you are being told.

Damn, why are you waiting to make a decision? It's all right in front of your eyes and ears. It is now or never; make up your mind today. Aren't you tired of all the shame in this election, so many lies and so much drama? I am.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is there any goodness about George W. Bush?

Lets give credit where credit is due. We all keep saying all of the bad things that President George W. Bush has done. What about the good things he did for this country and the world? Like fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa, keeping terrorists out of this country so far and Medicare for the seniors and the disabled. Did he do anything good in those areas? I think so. Should he alone be blamed for everything that went wrong these last eight years? Of course not. There is enough blame to go around. Should the Democrats be blamed also? Of course. They too got a piece of the pie and the ice cream too. Don't be fooled, my people. Don't be fooled.

Do you know how many senators, congressmen and governors have been in the government for many years and know what has been going on for all these years and have kept quiet about it? Think about it. Have they really been there for their constituents like they should have been? Why is it that on their salary and living the high life they all still manage to become so wealthy? It's something to think about, huh.

Do you think that ten to twenty years from now when we look back we will see some of the good things that Bush did for this country and the world? Maybe right now it is hard to see because so much is going on right now and we are not truly informed.

Of course I think he should not have been elected as president and he has done a terrible job, but in all fairness, he did some good too. Maybe he couldn't handle the White House and his ranch at the same time like how McCain can run a campaign to become president and work on the so-called bailout at the same time. It's something to think about, huh.

Is it a bailout, or a financial rescue plan or a financial crisis?

Did Henry Paulson, George W. Bush, and even Nancy Pelosi first say it was a Wall Street bailout? Then later did they change it to Main Street bailout also? Then "oh no it's not for Wall Street, it's for the credit crisis and the foreclosure crisis." What the hell is it? I am sure it is not for the home foreclosure crisis because millions already lost their homes. Are they part of the plan? Why can't we just start over and use the $700 billion to give to every citizen excluding the fat cats on the Hill? Why bury our children and grandchildren into such a debt?

Oh maybe this is just a scare like Y2K. Remember?

What about America going all over the world taking out governments that they think are not there for their people? Remember the Tolbert government of Liberia? Or Iraq? What about the Viet Nam War, or Grenada? Why is it okay to take those other countries out of power when we Americans think they are not there for their people, and we can't expect the same for our own country? Do you think all of those involved should be prosecuted and maybe even imprisoned? Do you think that President Bush should be allowed to address the nation still given his bogus message?

If you leave your money in the banks for now and loose it would be your own fault. All the signs are out there.

Maybe we should ask for everyone, Congress, governors, etc., etc., to make public a financial statement of everything they own public. Huh, wow, we all would be surprised. Do you think they are all in this together? Don't be surprised. They all have something on each other and are scratching each other's backs right now. Is it true that Nancy Pelisi's Husband also benefited from this with a $250,000 dollar payment to his company from Pelosi's PAC? Good question.

Now they are saying it's not for Wall Street, rather it's for Main Street. Come on, give me a break. Those fat cats are over their heads just like Main Street and they need to bail out themselves. If Congress really cares about Main Street, they would fire all of those fools and entrust our children's futures to a new well educated, intelligent financial expert to take control.

Do you think the problem is that just anyone can run for office without any background in economic field?

Have you ever heard of anyone running for VP and so close to the election still studying foreign affairs and other subjects because they are so clueless? And Palin stayed away from the public except for going to eating outlets. It's something to think about.

Do you think if you were to make even less mistakes on your job than the president, the VP, Congress, Henry Paulson, and the list go on, would you still be at the same job?

Has this corruption passed down from Washington to all our fifty states? How often are you or someone you know mistreated and stepped on because of not being part of the gang where you live? Think about it.

Why did the stock market go up yesterday? Was it because they wanted Main Street to think things were getting back to normal or to mislead Main Street into buying stocks and then they will go in today and take your money again? Think about it.

What about passing up the bad banks and allowing the small businesses to borrow directly from the $700 billion and just letting those bad banks go out of business?