Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama needs to decide where he wants to govern from..the middle, left or right

One of Obama's problems is he wants to please everyone. He wants everyone to get along. That would be great, but is impossible. Many out there want him to fail regardless of what he can do for the country. The country is not the priority of some people, rather it's seeing him fail. Until he realizes that and decides where he wants to be, he will keep having major setbacks in all he tries to push forward.

Did he make many promises that he may not be able to keep? Huh, yup. But he should fight to make a difference. He is well along and maybe needs a new team. Don't you think? so?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery

Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Brewerville, Liberia has come a long way since they started brushing and digging almost a year ago. It is the most beautiful cemetery in Liberia with lots of potential. The manager Mr. Tox Cassell is determined to give the dead a true secure burial with eternal resting forever.

Please visit the Kaiser Memorial Lawn web site to view photos or to get information or leave a message for cemetery management. Thank you.

Obama and his promises

Obama made all these promises that he may not be able to keep. Why is that? Is he weak or perhaps he just can't get the surport of evil doers who just don't want him to succeed. And while are we wasting so much time on the gay issue (don't ask don't tell.) It is so stupid my people. There have been gays in the military since the begininning of time and there will always be. Let gays live their lives of course with some restrictions as straights have to live with restrictions. Think about it my people. This world is not a straight world rather made up of bis, crookeds and even its. So lets stop wasting time on something that we can't control and move on to issues like how to fix the planet that all gays, straights, bis, and crookeds
have to live on. Huh.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eddie Long comparing himself to David!!!

I don't think it is fair to judge this pastor. But when I watch his body language on CNN while he told his congregation and guests that he will fight, all I got was a man who will lie, steal or do anything to get his way. My people, Eddie Long had sexual contact with one or two of those young men while they were teens.

Don't you think if he is innocent he would have said I am innocent and these young men are lying on me? He is not and therefore cannot say so. Lets not think for a second that if he told his lawyers he did not do some of the things he is being accused of, his lawyer would tell him not to say he is innocent.

Eddie Long is going down and should for all the lies he has told while making millions off from true believers. Isn't that a form of stealing my people? It makes one not want to go to any kind of church stuff.

Is there an honest true believer pastor out there? And please don't say the Pope.

Is Obama doing a good job?

What is all this nonsense about Obama not doing a good job? This man took over when not just America was at it's bottom, but the entire world. Things had gone bad for decades and no one can fix it in just two years. What I just can't get is when a Republican is in office, Democrats find all their wrong doing and the same when a Democrat is in office. Why can't we recognize the good works and work with whoever is in office on the wrongs or mistakes?

Republicans, I must ask this. Because Obama's tax cut is not in favor of the wealthy all middle class should suffer? The wealthy will gain either way my Republican people. They will not lose so why don't you all stop being so selfish and let the damn bill pass?

Obama is doing his best. That's all we should ask of any president. If we have any good ideas that could help him to get our country into a much better economic situation, lets share it with him instead of all of the bullshit talk and no brains.