Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decoration Day is right around the corner in Liberia!

Every March of each year, Liberians go to cemeteries to visit, clean and place flowers on love one's graves. It is a terrible sight to see desecrated graves, people living in graves, and cooking like they are in their backyards. They are not able to reach love one's graves because of poor planning. Around every grave is a tomb at least two to three feet above ground which makes it impossible to get to many graves.

At Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery, all graves are secure and no one can enter to disorder your loved one's remains. They do all maintenance forever for the little fee that one pays.

Help Kaiser Memorial Lawn bring into Liberia a modern cemetery well kept and clean with security that is pleasant to visit to spend time with your deceased love ones. This is a major part of Libera growing.

Bury your love ones at Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery. They guarantee you peace of mind at all times for ever and ever.

Palm Grove Cemetery should be flattened

The acting mayor of Monrovia, Liberia said on 107.9 talk show the other day that Palm Grove Cemetery should allow only head stones like how it is done in the USA and Europe. The Palm Grove Cemetery has been open to criminals for about a century now. There is grave damage and it has turned into a living area for drug users. It is also used as a garage dump for residents near the area.

Mary Bloh, the acting mayor of Monrovia, has done a wonderful job keeping the city a hundred times cleaner that it was during the other mayors before her. Even the city hall has been given a new face look that reminds many of the old Monrovia City Hall.

Liberia will rise again. My people, Liberia is on it's way for many being up there with other African countries.

Lets not forget the works of the Minister of Justice who has dropped crime more than 54 percent.

Is President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Liberia's savior?