Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan's emperor makes a historic speech to his nation

It is very rare that Japan's emperor will make a direct address to his nation. It revives memories of the radio speech that his father, Emperor Hirohito made in 1945 to announce Japan's surrender to the allies in World War II. That was the first time that most Japanese citizens had heard the emperor's voice.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Japanese earthquake

My heart goes out to the innocent victims of the terrible Japanese earthquake. Why God allows tragedies like this to happen I will never understand. Pictures of mothers holding their babies in their arms surrounded by ruin are heartbreaking. It makes you
wonder how in the world will people in a situation like this ever be able to rebuild their lives. So many have lost everything, and now we are hearing that the death toll will be in the tens of thousands.

To make matters worse we are watching a potential nuclear nightmare unfold. The only country to ever have nuclear bombs dropped on it now faces the real chance that their people will suffer from yet another nuclear tragedy of the first order. Earthquake damaged nuclear reactors have had their cooling systems breached, and they may well be in a catastrophic nuclear
meltdown as we speak. This could have a long term effect upon the Japanese people for decades to come. Exposure to radiation can be deadly and it can often cause cancer to appear even years after the exposure. And then we have the very real possibility that the radiation could get into the jet stream and spread all around the world. The whole world could be facing an unspeakable and unthinkable nuclear crisis. Let us all pray that this will not happen.

As the world scrambles to provide assistance to the people of Japan, we should try to use this tragedy as a means to bring all of the people of this planet together as one.

Disasters such as this remind us of how very fragile life itself and be and how helpless mankind can be rendered in the face of the brutal force of nature. With all
of the technological advances accomplished by science in the past century, when it comes right down to it, we are in the hands of God and when in His wisdom he decides to allow something like this to happen, we as a people are helpless to stop it.

If you are able to make a financial contribution to help the people of Japan in their time of need, click here for more information.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why you must bury at Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery

If you live in Monrovia or adjacent to Monrovia, Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery is the place to bury your loved ones and set aside a plot for your future burial. There is no other decent place for burial in Liberia. Burying your loved one on your farm, in your backyard or even at small unmanaged cemeteries like Du-port Road, Caldwell and other places is not the right thing to do. I wouldn't even bury my pet there. Those places are not managed and in the near future will be destroyed as the country develops. Just take a visit there and see how terrible those cemeteries are. They are a disgrace to our country. Farm burial is a no no because as the country develops your descendants could decide to sell the farm or develop it and graves on the site will create major problems.

Why spend so much on your loved one's burial and take them to a dump or garbage pile and leave them there? It is a good idea to concentrate on giving your loved one a secure burial forever instead of a lavish repast that most of your guests do not appreciate. Most are not there to give sympathy. Think again. They are there for one purpose only, to eat, drink and talk about you and your dead loved one. My people, lets try to make it that we attend funerals and burials and repasts to show respect to the dead and the family of the dead and not how the food tastes or where they had the party.

Bury your loved one at Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Brewerville, Liberia. You are assured that their grave will be managed and cared for forever just like other cemeteries in the States and Europe.

Visit Kaiser at or call and speak with a representative at 06800404/077150500.

Your dead need you to make the right decision for them and also make plans for your interment now so you know that you will get a proper and secure burial when you die.

ARE YOU READY TO DIE? Of course most of us are not, but no matter what, we will die someday. My people, nothing is wrong with thinking about death. It will happen and we never know when.