Thursday, June 30, 2011

The good old days of Liberia!!!

The good old days of Liberia. Do you remember the Tubman and Tolbert eras? Liberia was on it's way to much greater things. Those two presidents believed that all were equal. They integrated with tribal people and even had children by them. All of this segregation thing is so made up. Liberians are talkers, but they always knew that Liberians are Liberians whether Bassa, Kru, Kpelle etc. or so-called Congo people. That's the real funny part. Everybody has a native side in Liberia, be it that they can speak the dialect or not. The mother, father, grand parents etc. have some form of native Liberian background. Liberians are so mixed they all could be related.

This upcoming election is going to make history in Liberia. I am sure that all Liberians will get out there and vote for what they believe is best for the country and not for who they know will help them if they win. Let all Liberians do the right thing my people. Aren't Liberians tired of being at the poopoo end of the world?
Not trying to tell anyone whom to vote for, but look around my people, there is some form of peace in the land. Of course some officials need to go, but this administration has done wonders for Liberia.

Imagine if the Tubman and Tolbert era was followed by the many great things they did, where Liberia would have been today. Lets all Liberians work together for once my people. Those of you in top offices, knowing that you are scared to say the truth, step down and let someone with balls help grow the economy of this land.

Liberia will rise again, but all Liberians and friends of Liberia needs to stop the corruption and develop this very beautiful rain forest country.

Liberia is on it's way to be where it should be. Congratulations to all Liberians for all they do. Even the negativity is positive in some ways.

My people we all love this land. Lets not destroy it again. Blessings to all Liberians and friends.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Late Mrs. Antoinette Louise Tubman

Mrs. Tubman was buried in plot # 1051. Click here to visit the Kaiser Memorial Lawn website.