Wednesday, July 20, 2011

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said she will not run for a second term!!!

President Johnson-Sirleaf did say that she will not run for the second turn. But does she have the right to change her mind? Is there anyone who can do a better job than what she has done? Well, run against her and win. Prove yourself instead of saying she said she will not run for a second turn. President Sirleaf has all legal rights to run for a second turn under Liberia's constitution.

It is very transparent what this lady has done in her very short six years as President of Liberia. Those who say they do not see what she has done do see it, but may not be educated enough to understand that what they see if it is not dropping out of the sky, rather than someone is behind the negotiation. Who got all of the loans that other countries gave to Liberia renegotiated? Do you think that America, England, Germany, etc, etc and the World Bank just decided to wave Liberia's loans if they did not think the present president was doing a good job and had built a good reliable relationship with other countries?

My people, even the great United States has some form of corruption. Liberia has a long way to go...but my people Liberians did themselves the biggest favor when they voted her into office.

These people who do not see what this lady is doing for Liberia...just do not want to say that they do see it or just do not have Liberia at the heart. They just want quick money. Do what you can for your country, not what your country can do for you. All Liberians need to stop being so selfish and jealous. Do your part.

Liberia will rise again and when it, your children and grandchildren will benefit from it.

Stop all of the complaining and do your part. It may look the same, but anything in the interest of Liberia, no matter how small it is may be very important for the growth of the land.

Do something for your country my people, stop looking for negativity. Look for the positive and help it move in a greater direction.

You too can make a difference my people. You too. Say "thank you" to Ellen for what she has done, rather trying to create negativity and mistrust to the Liberian society.

I say to all Liberians, no matter where you live, Liberia is your home. Help develop it, not just take from it.

Education, education, education.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heartwarming story about saving a whale

What a wonderful story that is. And what a magnificent creature that whale is. It is just unbelievable to me that mankind is still killing whales.