Monday, March 30, 2009

The power of forgiveness!!! Forgive someone today

Don't forget, but forgive? What does that mean? An eye for an eye? A tooth for a tooth?

Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do I think. We all want to be treated nicely and lovingly by others and want to be forgiven for our wrongdoing, but some just can't cross that line of forgiving others. Why?

Forgiveness is the most hard thing to give. But it is the nicest thing to receive. When as a child we did things wrongfully, we wanted our parents to forgive us. When we steal, cheat or sometimes even kill we want forgiveness even if we do not want to get caught. So then why is it so hard to forgive others?

What is forgiveness my people? Should someone who raped your loved one be forgiven? What about taking away something from you that can never be replaced, like murder?

I think we all have something that we would like to be forgiven for, maybe something so terrible that we don't want anyone to ever find out about. So should we ask for forgiveness to the one we wronged? What if it will get you into trouble? Like lose your job, wife or put doubt into the minds of others who think you are so perfect? What if you have to go to jail or prison?

Do you think forgiveness is what we all need to do at such a time with the financial crisis, political deception, dishonesty, and greed?

Forgiveness means to stop being angry or resentful against about a particular issue. Do you think if you forgive someone about a particular issue right now you could eliminate resentment, hurt, pain or sorrow? It is very difficult to give forgiveness yet it is a greater gift to give than receive.

Maybe we all should forgive each other. Stop the blaming for a while and think about our world that we live in as a whole.

There is a part of us that can forget anything we want to forget. Do you think it is because of the person you chose to forget whatever their actions were? I hear all the time that people soon forget. Is that really true then? Forgetting something is advancing slowly, but surely.

We all need to give forgiveness for our future's sake and advance to forgetting our disappointments, pain, hurt, and greed. There is always a tomorrow and we should work to make sure that tomorrow is worthwhile getting to.

My people, lets stop blaming and forgive. It is the best gift one can give.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Obama giving what he promised?

I think Obama is a great president. Some or almost all of what he is doing will pay off. But I do not think it will happen anytime in the near future. Some may get work and even be able to afford to buy a home. But those who already lost their jobs and homes and their credit is destroyed may never get back to where they used to be about a year ago. Is there a plan to help them?

Lets be patient and do our part to help build up our economy again. This doesn't mean that we should all go out and buy things that we don't need. Buy only your basic needs. Eat out as a treat only and not because your next door neighbors are. Get by with one car if you can. Invest in the stock market only if you have extra cash, etc, etc.

Obama said during his campaign that McCain wanted to help only the rich with tax cuts for them. But in a sense Obama has done just that giving billions of dollars to the banks and big businesses who have kept it for themselves. Why are banks not passing it out in loans? Is it because they are not sure of what could happen? But wasn't the money given to them to keep the economy going by loaning it out? Why can't the government make them do what they are supposed to do with those billions of dollars? Did Obama make fun of McCain saying that the money will not trickle down and that Washington was very corrupted with major problems with greed? Why does Obama need to make any new programs to help homeowners get loans and save their homes? We the taxpayers already loaned out billions to banks to turn the foreclosure problems around or were the billions for the big banks to capitalize on our money? It makes one wonder whether Obama knew that the billions of dollars would not make it down to Main Street. Did he?

What about offshore jobs that Obama promised he would bring back into our country? Now he is saying that those jobs are low paying jobs that Americans wouldn't want anyway and for the sake of our relationship with other countries they should stay overseas. Is he talking out of both ends of his month? Did he say things that he did not intend to do just to get into the White House? I am sure there are many Americans who will gladly accept those jobs.

Is there some truth to what McCain said? What about when Obama said people should stop complaining and if they want to they should come up with a plan? Oh well, but they are not the president. They are not the ones who made all of those promises.

I strongly believe that good will come out of Obama's being the president at such a time. Keep telling him what you think and feel and remind him of his promises. We will get there somehow.

I am for our president one hundred percent and will do my part to help bring our economy back to a much better place than it was. But going out and spending what you do not have is dumb and plain stupid.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holding hands

Isn't that sweet?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIG paid out $218 million in bonuses, not $165 million

AIG paid out $218 million

Are you surprised to learned that AIG paid out $218 million in bonuses to top executives, not $165 million as we were originally told? I'm not. Maybe they even paid out much more than we will never find out. And the White House and the Treasury Department did not know about this either? If they knew and did not say or do anything about it or if they didn't know, my people, we are still at the same place with corruption that is melting our country's trust to nothing.

AIG's CEO was worried about his executive's safety and did not mention the $53 million more that they got. Is he worried about the safety of the millions who lost everything because of AIG executive's greed and recklessness that caused so many lives to change for the rest of their lives? I don't think so. I think everyone who took part in this should be made known to the world. After all, this impacted not just the USA, but so many other countries.

Do you think that going after these executives is throwing attention away from the main problem? Maybe, but these greedy lower life forms have made hell out of so many lives without any remorse, and a bit of discomfort in theirs is only fair. Maybe if they're exposed they will try to get an honest job and make an honest living like millions of others.

Is it your duty to turn these crooks into celebrities? Think about what you and your loved ones are going thought right now, and how much debt these people have put your unborn grand and great grandchildren into. Do you know that those executive's grand and great grandchildren will live comfortably why yours will have to struggle?

What happened here will make your descendants much poorer my people. Think about it.

Where is the trust? Should we believe anything we are told? Should we...?

Obama said on Jay Leno's show that what they did is not illegal. What if someone went into a grocery store and brought something with the assistance of the store clerk and the clerk knew that the product was defective, but sold it anyway hoping to get by without your ever finding out? Is that stealing?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality-- newer version

This is very interesting. It makes some very good points.

Stem cells ups and downs!!!

I am so happy that we are moving in the direction of using stem cell research to help save lives, but I am very afraid that someone will make or is right now making human clones using this same technology. Don't be surprised when this pops up because it will my people. Nadia the octa-mom wanted lots of children. She used modern science (embryos) and got what she wanted.

Some crazy out there wants to have an identical twin and will do just that or at least try.

We will see.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Did the White House know about the AIG bonuses?

The White House and the Treasury Secretary claim that until last week they did not know about AIG's plan to give away millions in bonuses. Is that true? I was under the impression that since they got the bailout money AIG was being closely monitored. Or did I get it wrong? If the White House and Treasury Secretary really didn't know does that mean we are in a much bigger mess by giving them so much money and we don't really know how it is being spent? What about Freddy Mac, Freddie Mae, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America? They did not know about them either? Do you think big companies like those are too hard to monitor and will continue to get away with major stuff that is damaging to our nation?

Obama has his eyes on the ball, but he needs all the help he can get. If Madoff got away with stealing millions for over thirty years, let me tell you there are others who are doing the same thing right now that might not get caught either. Please investigate carefully before putting your money into any stock company. You really don't know if it is a real company or a fraud. Can you truly know?

What about Obama doing too much at one time? I think a President should be able to do more than one thing at the same time. That shows leadership, don't you think so? Do you think that all what he is doing is related? I do. He can't fix one without fixing the other because they all depend on each other in some ways. Most of what he is doing will show effect in the long run, but those who already lost everything will still be without because their credit has been destroyed for a long, long time or even for the rest of their lives.

Our President is doing a good job. Lets keep giving our opinion. Tell him just how we feel. He said he will listen and that is a good thing. We might get half way up the ladder.

It will be more assuring if all of the other crooks who worked along in the dark with Madoff are caught. My people, they are out there living a very high life on the sweat and hard work of others. If you know of anyone, turn them in. Please.

Judge Andrew Puccinelli, what does Hughes have on you?

(Here is more on the subject of the previous post.)

Even Aaron Hughes' ex-wife does not want him out. What reputation as a police officer are they referring to? This man is one of the most corrupt law enforcement police officers in the country. He steals and lets friends off for major crimes just like the one he is accused of himself.

I guess the victim's family's well being and feelings do not count.

And he can leave Elko County with permission.

Judge Andrew Puccinelli, what does Hughes have on you? I am sure he has lots on others around there.

Washington needs to look into the Elko justice system.

Aaron Hughes released from jail

Well, it looks like the fix is in.

Former Elko police captain Aaron Hughes was released from jail Friday after posting bail reduced by more than half earlier in the week.

He faces charges of incest and producing child pornography, as well as an unrelated grand larceny charge. He was being held on $500,000 bail but Elko District Judge Andrew Puccinelli reduced that to $200,000 on Tuesday.

The good old boy network in Elko County is alive and well. This is no excuse for letting this man out of jail so easily given what he has been charged with. If that were you or I in that same situation they would have thrown us in jail and thrown away the key. But in the case of Hughes, he probably knows too much and they have to go easy on him to keep him from ratting on everybody else in that corrupt Elko County justice system.

The citizens of the Elko area need to be outraged over this. It's as bad or worse than the bailouts and million dollar bonuses that the fat cats on Wall Street are getting.

Hughes released on bail

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Octa-mom getting wealthy. Why we complaining that she is nuts!

The octa-mom mom is making millions by having eight babies and getting all the help she needs for free. Is she smart or what? Is she a bad example to our struggling mothers who need financial help? I hope not because you copy cat mothers or moms to be might start doing the same thing. Oh well, someone else will and wait and see. I hope not though.

Do you think she has any regrets for what she did? Hell no, she is enjoying every moment of this. She wanted lots of children and got not just that, but us to pay for it.

AIG CEO says it's not his fault

AIG's CEO has just been with AIG since last September. He says the bonus agreement was made before he got there. He has asked employees who got over $100.000 in bonuses to give it back. Why over $100,000? Do you think any one of those employees who caused this mess should get anything at all? How many other companies that have been bailed out are paying out bonuses that we don't know about and may never find out about? We're in serous trouble if our government is giving out trillions of dollars to failed companies who just don't get it when we don't know what these companies are doing with the funds other than paying themselves big bonuses.

The government should take some responsibility for what has happened and is still to come. This happened under their watch. We have heard hundreds of times that these funds were being monitored. Really?

What about the stock market? Is it safe to invest in it right now? How many other Bernard Madoff's are out there as you read this who are doing the same thing? It makes one wonder, huh.

Why did Madoff go down alone? Come on, there have got to be many others involved. Should we look at Chase Manhattan Bank regulators or their CEO? Madoff testified that he deposited the money into Chase Manhattan Bank. Come on, Wall Street knew that he was a big stock investor. No one up there knew that this money was not being used to purchase stocks? What about J P Morgan and Charles Schwab? No one there knew that this was a problem? And it went on for about thirty years? If it's investigated, you will be surprised at the names that would pop up. Really, do you think so? Do you think if you buy stocks now hoping for the best that in a few to twenty years or even more this same thing could happen again? You better bet on it.

Maybe if everything belonging Bernard Madoff and his family is taken away, he will turn in his partners in crime. Do you think the government's justice system should do all they can to find all of these crooks and make them too a celebrity? Huh, but the justice system itself is not straight. We're in serious trouble. We need to invest in something to help bring back our economy, but for whom, my people? Really, who will gain from it? You, your children, or your grandchildren?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

AIG executives say their hands are tied

Outrage at AIG bonuses

AIG's CEO knew about those big bonuses before they got the bailout money paid for by American taxpayers. They chose not to mention it. Why? They could have said something a few months ago. Instead they waited until they paid out $165 million in bonuses to the same ones who damaged our economy and thn say their hands are tied. I say again, "why?" It's simple because they too got big bonuses and they had to pay off the others.

AIG is too big as it is. It needs to be broken down into few a manageable smaller companies so it can be watched more closely.

AIG's CEO is no different than Bernard Madoff. Think about it. Stealing is stealing. It really doesn't matter how one does it, it still stealing.

I was just flabbergasted to learn that AIG would even think of doing this. They say they have to pay bonuses because they were instigated before the bailout deal. Lets see what happened here. AIG was having major financial problems and going bankrupt yet they were negotiating with high ranking employees to pay out to them millions in bonuses. What happened to we have to make sacrifices to get back on track? Does this mean that Main Street has to carry the whole load of wiping even the rims of their asses because they can't afford to buy soft toilet paper for those low down selfish greedy no brains who got us in this mess in the first place? And our government is going to allowed it. Come on my people, how much of this can American taxpayers take? How much?

Do you think that if these high ranking employees were doing what they were supposed to do in the first place we would be here? I mean working at least a six hour shift every day without long lunches, golfing and hanging out in the gym and having sex in their offices.

This will be a damn blow in the lower stomach if this is allowed. And the CEO says there is nothing they can do because they promised this before the bailout. Asshole CEO, you all should be fired if you guys made a deal to pay out millions in bonuses to employees who were doing a lousy job. Maybe you all haven't figured it out yet, but do you think that it is poor management that got AIG to where it is now? And would these employees leave their gravy train at AIG to go work somewhere else if they did not get their bonuses? Are you CEO's telling us that some other company would hire these brainless jerks to work them down into AIG's situation? Really, do they think that? And who are these companies that would pay these same idiots millions of dollars to do to the company what they did to AIG? This is a good one.

So who is supposed to work hard and make sacrifices to get us back to a fundamentally strong economy? Just the middle class, the poor, taxpayers?

I see.

Buy American - Save American jobs

With so many American jobs being lost to overseas competition, it's good to find a place that is selling quality American made clothing produced in a union shop. And their prices are competitive. It's called

So given the choice, why not buy American made clothes? Help save an American's job. It will make you feel good to do your part.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My people, this is how I see the last eight years!!!

Go to war because of weapons of mass destruction? Oh no, we were wrong, no weapons as such in Iraq. Lets spend billions of dollars that we don't have to free the Iraqis from their leader. OK, but Iraq has billions in a New Your bank account. Well, they may need it in the future. America can afford to go without.

Buy stock, save up to 21% of your income every pay period. So many big employers will match it, some even dollar for dollar.

Buy your dream home without any down payment, pay only interest for two years. You will be able to refinance without any problem.

You just don't need a land line phone. You need a cell phone and while you're at it get one for each one of your six children and don't forget about mom, dad and the grandparents.

Every home needs a computer these days. Oh, the kids have to do their home work on the computer. Get each child their own computer. The public library is just for show. The employees there show up to take naps.

Why listen to music with others anymore? Get your own iPod. Family time is not important anymore.

Why bother to cook healthy food at home for you and your family? It's best to take them out every night for dinner or order in pizza, or some other unhealthy fast food.

We all have bad hearts and we're as fat as overweight pigs. Lets go see the doctor. They can fix it. Buy all of these diet pills, do not exercise or if you have to, go to a gym three times a week so you can tell you friends or co-workers that you are a member of a gym. While at the gym make sure to wear expensive clothes and underwear to show off, but you are not gay.

Buy a car for all the teen-aged kids in your home and don't forget dad is middle aged and needs a show car. And for mom, go shopping every other day with hundreds of credit cards and show it off in the department stores.

Too busy to wash your car at home so you go to the car wash every weekend. I guess it saves you time. Huh.

Work at a McDonald's and throw an $80,000 wedding. Oh, the guests bring gift cards as gifts which are more than their weekly allowance.

Don't forget before going home after work, stop off at a bar for a few beers, because the one in your refrigerator at home does not taste the same.

Now you have lost your home, your car, maybe wife and your job. But no, the government is still telling you to buy stock and spend to keep the economy going so people like Bernard Madoff can go to prison at the age of seventy and keep all of what he stole so you can support him for the rest of his life while his wife, children and crooked regulators and crooked CEO's continue to plan and rip you off.

We are in a recession, but we always get out. Sure, but when we get out of it, where will you be? My people, you would have to spend all of your money buying from the wealthy, making them wealthier and you poorer.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe

The US economy is fundamentally stable?

I guess politicians like that big word. "Fundamentally." McCain used this same word during his run for the White House. Obama said that McCain was blind, but now Obama is using it too. Why? Do you think that Obama believes that we are fundamentally stable right now, or are we on our way? I have even heard that we might be back on our feet next year. Do you buy that? What about all of those who have lost everything they own? Will they be back to where they were in just a few months? Do you think that even when we do get back, which I think will be years from now, things will be like how things were a couple of year ago?

I am with Obama because I think he is doing what he thinks it right for our country. I also do not we should be trying to give hope. But I do not think anyone in their right mind should run out there and start spending what they really do not have. Save, save, save.

Do you think the Obama's are spending all of what they have? Who do you think is paying for their everyday needs? I think they are saving as much as they can or maybe even all of it. And then again they can afford to buy into the market and perhaps buy a foreclosed home. Can you buy back your home that you lost? What about your car, or could you get back your old nice job that you thought was safe? We are still far off my people. Save your money. Only spend as needed for what is needed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How many other Bernard Madoff's are there?

My people, do you think Bernard Madoff is the only one up there that has stolen from the public? Think again. I bet there are hundreds, maybe thousands. Things were just too good to be true. And where were the regulators? Are some of them part of this rip off? It is so hard to believe that no one caught on for over a decade. Do you think the government knows of others and is hush hush?

My people, we are in serious trouble. There are many other Bernard Madoff's that are still doing the same thing. And banks charging the unemployed to used their unemployment debit cards to get money out of ATM's? I thought taxpayers already paid for the unemployed to get this money? How more screwed up can our country get? My people, I am afraid for the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The octa-mom's doctor

Have you wondered who Nadia's doctor is? Really, who is this doctor? How come we are not hearing much about him? Could he be the father of her children? She did say he was a very close friend. Have you heard of a doctor who would use his own sperm to help women get pregnant? Do you think he needs to be investigated and made into a celebrity also? How many other women are there that this so-called doctor has helped in similar situations that we don't know about? Come on, there has got to be some major stuff in his coo coo closet.

Tell your stories women, or even men, who know about this human pest called a doctor. Do you think he is dangerous to our economic financial crisis? Think again!

Is the octa-mom a good parent?

Nadia the octa-mom and her doctor are crazy and should be punished for what they did. Or do you think mostly the doctor shouldn't be? Come on, she could not have done this without him.

Is she a good parent? From what I have seen on TV she is no worse than an all together mother who has just has one kid. Even with the 911 calls, I say she is just so-so for a parent. She is still crazy, but she is an okay parent.

Do you think if she had only one or two kids, she would be a great mom? It could be. Do you know any mom out there with just one kid who is a trashy parent that should not have gotten pregnant in the first place? I do.

A parent should do what they have to do to take care of their children. So when this coo coo woman whose vagina is a baby making machine does what she thinks is best to help her raise those fourteen children, we criticize her. Huh, wait a minute. Aren't we the same ones who have been complaining that the taxpayer was going to be the one to take care of these children because she (Nadia) is so irresponsible, and then when she tries to get a job, even if it's as a porn star or on a reality show, then we still complain. Can we look at it that she is nits of nuts city but is very smart in a way from making this so public? Do you think that she will be able to take care of her children without welfare? Maybe. Do you think this is why this man went on national TV said he could be the father? Do you think he figured it out long before we did, that this Nadia and babies are a gold mine? What about her father?

Maybe we should move on to something else and let her do her thing, because this woman is wealthy, my people. She can or will be able to care for those children without welfare. Hope, so huh. I say coo coo mom, way to go, take care of your babies. A true parent will do what they have to do to take care of their children.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Should banks go under?

My people, I have said from day one that we should not bail out banks and the big boys and girls on Wall Street. They are dead, dead as a door knob, and why should we keep wasting funds into a failed system? Do you think that they used up all of their crooked resources before going public? Or do you believe that any one of those in charge are hurting financially? Think again. They are still stealing the middle and poor classes blind.

Bailing out these banks and auto makers is like burying a loved one with all you got. Remember way back in the day when loved ones were buried with all of their gold, money and earthly possessions? Huh. This could be the same here. Lets bury big banks and auto makers and all of the big businesses that are dead.

What about AIG? I say cut them in half and bury the dead useless part just like if one has gangrene on a toe and the foot is cut off. The big bosses have drained them all dead and now expect the middle and poor classes to put them on life support for years to come.

This is crazy my people. Small businesses who fail are gone and others on the way will be gone too.

What about countries that were destroyed with most or everything gone? Do you know of one? Are they coming back alive? Think hard and you will come up with few. Burying these decaying banks and companies will hurt just as much as losing a loved one, but we manage to get over it somehow and we will. Thinking about it, we already lost those banks, auto dealers and other major companies. They just need burial and closure so life can go on.

My people, lets start over.

Children, why protect an abusive parent!!!

Why do children protect a parent who abuses the children's other parent? How come some silly children who are even women and men protect tell lies over and again to make the abusive parent into what they are not? Do they not love the other parent who was beaten, abused or even died because of their spouse's abuse to them? Should they be considered abusers themselves for pretending the so-called father or mother is all that or allowing a criminal to walk around free knowing what he or she did and that they could have already done it again? Should they be prosecuted? It's something to think about. Should they be considered very ungrateful to the parent who suffered the abuse? Oh maybe the apple did not fall far from the tree.

In a sense these children are paying for the parent's sins.

Rihanna and Chris!!!

Rihanna is back with Chris after he beat her? How many other times has he beat her that we do not know about? This is a very successful young lady, but she is man stupid. Do you agree with Oprah that he will do it again? Maybe.

Remember the true story I wrote about Mollie Willie Bemah? He too is a wife beater who got drunk and beat his wife. That wife is dead, and also her mother whom he tried to rape had a stoke and never recovered from it.

Mollie Willie Bemah is living in the New Jersey area and travels to Sacramento, CA and Liberia from time to time. He is a wife beater, a lair and a rapist who got away with it. He is still trying to fool others who will believe his lies but many know he caused his wife's death and attempted to rape his mother-in-law.

Rihanna, get the hell away from this man. He will not just destroy your career, but he could cause your death. This is serious business here. Ever heard before "There is more than one fish in the water?"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama promises what he can give

Do you think Obama is just another politician who would say just about anything to get his way? Maybe, but I don't think he is doing that. We have to remember that he took over after so many years of major waste and corruption. So why are we so impatient and why are we blaming him for what is happening? It beats me. My people, we all knew that we had this economic meltdown coming for the longest time.

Sometimes I could just not believe how people would spend money. Do you know anyone who has just about anything in their house and uses it? Lets try the bar groupie. Have you been out partying with friends and there is this friend or friends who would drink just a bit over a half a bottle of beer and then order another? What about a cocktail left to melt down with the ice and then they order another? What about leaving a half a plate of food? You would think their parents had taught them to put only on the plate what they can eat and go back for more if needed. Why does a bride need to buy three to four wedding dresses because they want to decide which one to wear just before the wedding?

Getting back to Obama, my people, you could think he is the savior, but even God gives us all choices and we all have to take serious responsibility for our actions and stop wasting and waiting for Obama to fix everything. He can only succeed if we all change our foolish spending habits.

Obama has said that we need to invest in the stock market. What do you think? Lets say you are fifty to fifty-five years old, should you? Do you know how long it would take for the market to come to what it was just last week? What about a decade? You think? What about your 401K? Well think hard here. Maybe it is for your children or grandchildren. What if you are in your early twenties? If I were in that age group I would put as much as I could into the stock market and a 401K. Could what is happening now happen again in twenty years from now? It's possible unless we all spend differently and save what is needed.

I attended a funeral service lately where the dead body's outfit was changed three times before burial. Why? Oh, maybe it helped to cleanse her sins and help her get into heaven. Or maybe it was just a show off by her loving survivors. I sure need to know what they did with the other two outfits that they decided weren't nice enough to bury her in. Maybe on Ebay, huh.

Stop spending on things you don't need. Save, save, save. My people you know Big Lots sells about anything these days. Go there and stop trying to impress your friends.

Now we all know who I am talking about, huh, stop looking around and look into the mirror.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How responsible is the octa-mom!!

That Nadia lady is as crazy as we all are. We all have something that we do almost anything to get, like what druggies would do to get drugs.

Do you know someone who steps on anyone to get a promotion at work, like telling lies, sleeping with the boss or even spending hours to make other employees look bad? What about those who need to have sex a few times a day? Oh yes, many are that way. Is that some form of addiction?

Do you have a friend that you have never seen without makeup who will do all in their power to make sure you see them all painted up every hour of the day, like Joan Rivers and Joan Collins? Do you think they are crazy some? What about those men who wear those ridiculous hair pieces? Do you think they are a bit coo coo not to expect that they are bald and think you can tell?

Nadia is coo coo crazy to want to have all those babies. I think her vagina needs to be glued together because she is not using it for pleasure but rather a baby making machine. And that doctor that took part should be banned from practicing medicine and even prosecuted. Do you think with his medical experience he should have known that he was helping bring in babies into this world that could have a difficult life with disability and life needs? I do. He also is coo coo crazy.

Oh well, just venting here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spend to kick the economy up!!!

Huh, isn't that what Americans have been doing for many, many years now? Oh, and what has happened? One should spend, but at least only buy what you need. It makes no sense at all to buy things because you want them or because some person has it or stupidly because it makes you stand out or fit in a crowd. Do you think that crowd that you wanted to look like is not hurting financially? Think again.

I have been hearing so much bad unsupported stuff about the octa-mom. Give me a break my people. Haven't we all been spending over our limit also? Oh, you think because you bought houses, clothes, or jewelry, or went out partying, it makes you any different than this sick lady? Think again my people, and why you are doing it? Look into the mirror. It's very sicking for her to choose babies, but most are just as sick as she is, just wanting material things like two or three cars.

Tell me, do you know any young couple who are barely making it without any children and have two cars? It's something to think about, especially if they both work in the same area. What about those who are even blessed with having to work at the same place and have the same schedule like at the post office for example? What about going out to eat everyday? True, the restaurants need to make money but if you went once a week or less they will be still be able to survive because their overhead would be less.

Back to thinking of owning two or three cars. My people, the only one who cares whether you own three cars or not is the auto dealer and the very vain ones. Do you think if you had one car and even took public transportation or walked sometimes things could be better? Maybe. We all will get richer slower but wouldn't be in this mess.

And the sad thing is who do you think the government wants to help first? How many have already lost their homes when the banks and stock market were being helped?

Stop spending on what you do don't need or even things that you really don't need because it is a waste.

Do you think there are many out there who wasted money on silly things who are homeless now and are spending their time thinking "if I had done things differently?" Yea. But do you think if things turn around for some of them they will change their lifestyle? Think again. People are so spoiled and just don't get it.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random thoughts

Why do we choose to believe a lie before the truth? Are we all a bunch of liars or is it that humans are just programmed that way?

Sometimes one can know something is bad or wrong, yet they choose to be a part of it. I just can't figure it out.

Can a person be your friend and be friends with someone else whom you do not get along with? Think about it.

What kind of friends just want to be around you when you are the one spending? Are they really your friends? Do you feel that you are buying company?

Some of these people are well educated, yet they act like they are brainless. Why?

Sometimes I think it has to do with all of those who got pushed to the next grade whether they passed or not. Huh..

Do you know high school graduates who are holding a high position in a company or even the government and can't even read or write properly? I do. Lots

Some are even school teachers or attorneys. This one is not funny because there are medical doctors like that giving out prescriptions and performing major operations.

Why can't these CEO's and other big boys and girls on the high understand that the whole world is in serious financial trouble and start doing the right thing by spending wisely? Are they so stupid to realize that if things don't get better they too will loose some or most of what they have also?

And my people, do you still see your friends who may have lost or could lose their jobs spending and partying like they have guaranteed money that will keep coming to them like it has it the near past? What's wrong with these people?

We all have to be there for ourselves and not depend on anyone else, especially the government. They too don't know what to do about this mess and let me tell you I don't think anyone really knows.

Do you think they saw this mess coming? Of course they did. That is why so much changed, like buying a house with bad credit and no payment down. Or like getting a car just by having a checking account. Banks and credit unions would let you automatically pay from your direct deposit. They hastened to sell some stocks and when they started giving out free money to help the economy, my people, they knew.

What about department stores allowing you to buy gift cards knowing they were in the red and would not be around much longer? Should that be a crime? I think so.

My people, I have been saying to you, "save save save." Stop spending money like it is something bad you have to get rid of.

I visited a few homes that were in foreclosure. They were beautiful homes and well kept with expensive things like what only millionaires should have. Huh, they left it all behind, even the children's toys and stuffed animals, not to mention the pets.

What's with this nonsense that we need everything that comes around? I know this well educated man whom brought eight cell phones just in the last fourteen months. And the reason is he got tired of the old one or saw someone with one that looked nicer than his.

This one I can't get. There is one woman with fourteen computers, all less that two years old. She made over $200,000 yearly for more than ten years. Come on, why is she homeless? Where are the friends she took out to party and gave expense gifts to? Where are they now? Do you think she deserve to be homeless? Huh...

Is this a lack of education or were we taught to spend, spend, spend?? Of course we were taught to spend everything we get because we are fools.

The stimulus bill will be sending out checks again..huh. What happened to the last few? What do you think most bought with it? Was it things that they really needed? Think again. Some spent it all up on booze and buying things they will never need or use.

Stop spending so much and save at least 21% of all of your income. And let me say I don't know if the bank is even a safe place to save. This mess is world wide my people, and no one knows how to fix it.

Please spend wisely.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I never knew that snakes could be this loud.


Sarah Palin is back in the news

This time she has to pay back thousands that she stole while running for VP. Some of the funds were used for her husband and kids to run around with her. Can you believe that this lady was telling us daily that she was a Washington outsider and not a money grabber who was abusing tax payer money and was doing just that?

Should there be some kind of law that would put this woman away for misleading the whole country while she was telling us she was the best one to be second in command? What a very loose diarrhea that we all want to get rid off. Sarah go away.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aaron Hughes: A piece of loose shit that one wants to stay away from!!

Judge Andrew Puccinelli says according to the Elko Daily Free Press that Aaron Hughes' bail is too high and should be reduced. And because Hughes' mother would bail him out that assures that Hughes wouldn't take off. Why didn't Judge Andrew Puccinelli just set the piece of shit loose so he can continue breaking the law, having sex with family members and making child porn, mistreating good citizens and helping friends like Joel and Janine Vega to steal from citizens?

Alina Kilpatrick, Hughes' Attorney, said that Hughes is of impeccable character. I am trying to figure out what does she mean because this man, Mike Smith, and many others of the Elko Police Department are like diarrhea. The good citizens of Elko just can't wait to have them exposed. Do Judge Puccinelli and this Alina Kilpatrick really believe what they are saying or are they being dishonest or what because this Hughes guy has done much more than what the public is being told.

My people of Elko, don't be fooled by these so-called lawmakers. They all have bags of incriminating information on each other, so they will seal their lips and look the other way because Aaron Hughes can bring them down to where he is at. And that is to let off all of his crooked buddies, like Chad Thompson, Gary Woodberry, Mike Smith, Sergent Daiz, Greg Corn, and don't forget Judge Memeo and Judge Kacin. The list goes on and on and they all need to be made into celebrities.

Oh, and former Chief of Police Bill Bogue testified on Hughes' behalf? Huh, wow, it makes one wonder. I guess these crimes are not crimes in the eyes of those who you think took the oath to provide justice to the residents of Elko, Nevada.

I must say I am very sorry for what Hughes' family is going through, but what about the families of all of those to whom Hughes and his many corrupt law enforcement partners have caused so much grief. The many unfolding lies, deceit and hurt that these sacks of diarrhea caused.... just can't wait to get it out of your asshole.

My people, do you think that any lawmaker who is for justice would be defending or testifying on Hughes' behalf? Why, what does Hughes have on them??? It makes you wonder, huh.

Mike Smith is a locksmith these days, Janine Vega was demoted to a janitor at the post office, and the list will get longer, you wait and see.

May the soul of Roy Molbert rest in peace.

Former Elko PD Captain Aaron Hughes bound over on sex charges